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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 20 Recap

As it was still raining outside, seeing that Xiao Mu had not returned home, Yao Menggui was worried about his sister’s safety and insisted on going out to look for it. Right in front of the camera next to him, Yao Menggui showed an anxious look and reprimanded Xiao Mu for running out of the shower at night. She would be worried if anything unexpected happened.

Xiao Mu was very moved when he saw that his sister cared about him so much, and the conflicts that had existed before disappeared, and the two sisters were completely reconciled. On the other hand, Chen Mo couldn’t help being jealous, thinking that Xiao Mu’s happiness was because of his confession, but the result was more from Yao Menggui. In the following filming process, Yao Menggui and Xiao Mu cooperated tacitly. Not only did they work together to complete the meals for fifty people, they even cooked each other’s favorite food, and the relationship was far better than ever.

Xiaowen confirmed the itinerary with Yao Menggui, because the day after tomorrow he had to promote the program posters with Xiao Mu, but Yao Menggui discovered that the 22nd of the day after tomorrow was Xiao Mu’s birthday. At the same time, Xiao Mu plans to go out tomorrow morning to buy gifts for Yao Menggui, and at the same time is annoyed at why he had been so obsessed with competition before, which almost caused the sisters to fratricide. Fortunately, things have passed. Xiao Mu cherished this recombination very much. Although Chen Mo had some doubts about Yao Menggui, he accompanied Xiao Mu to the small commodity market and bought a music box with a piano.

After visiting the commodity market, Xiao Mu personally went to the orphanage to visit Dean Gao. He not only shared the good news about love with her, but also mentioned his sister Yao Menggui. Chen Mo lied that he wanted to make a work call and leave first. After a while, he pushed a whole car of marshmallows to appear and distributed them to the children in the orphanage.

Seeing the smile on the child’s face, Xiao Mu was very moved, because for her, it was the best gift to receive. However, before the gift Chen Mo really prepared, Xiao Mu closed his eyes. At first, Xiao Mu thought that Chen Mo was going to kiss himself, but he unexpectedly took out a rabbit toy with incomprehension, and there was a necklace left by Chen’s mother hidden in it, hoping that through this gift, she would let her know how much he valued this passage. emotion.

In the evening, Yao Menggui and Xiao Mu made a group of sisters’ promotional videos, and specially asked the retoucher to make the photos of Xiao Mu look better. After explaining the work, Yao Menggui took Xiao Mu to the dressing room with cakes on the table, celebrating Xiao Mu’s birthday.

Yao Menggui has never done such a thing, but she still barely completed the process and sang a birthday song. Xiao Mu was moved and prepared gifts for Yao Menggui. Yueyue was busy answering the phone and asked Peng Fei to help take the gifts in. When Yao Menggui saw Peng Fei’s shoes, he instantly remembered the scene of his car accident. Peng Fei limped when he walked with the same shoes.

Peng Fei realized that Yao Menggui’s eyes were wrong, and immediately ran out. Yao Menggui did not catch up with him, so he misunderstood. He directly knocked out the cake in Xiao Mu’s hand, rushed to pinch her neck fiercely, and even wanted to hold the glass shards. past. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Yao Menggui stopped in time, but she still couldn’t quell the hatred in her heart, so she asked Xiao Mu when she wanted to occupy the magpie’s nest and smashed the music box gift on the spot.

Facing Yao Menggui’s accusation, Xiao Mu was both sad and angry, and accused her sister of taking her life away from her. Yao Menggui’s adoptive parents came to the orphanage back then, originally wanting to adopt his sister Xiao Mu, but Yao Menggui was unwilling to miss this opportunity, so she tricked Xiao Mu into the grove, and she pretended to be a younger sister and followed the adoptive parents to leave. However, Yao Menggui didn’t take it seriously, and even felt that Xiao Mu was using this method to humiliate himself, and his hatred was deeper.

Although Xiao Mu was disappointed with Yao Menggui, she decided to clarify Peng Fei’s affairs, so she inquired about Peng Fei’s residence everywhere and came to ask questions in person. Peng Fei said that everything he did was for Xiao Mu, but when Xiao Mu broke into the door with doubts, he found that Peng Fei had already jumped out of the window and escaped. The room was covered with posters and photos of her.

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