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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 19 Recap

During an interview, Song Ci was asked by the host about the ideal type of his future girlfriend, but Tang Xin had guesses based on his description. In addition, Song Ci always wears the same ring recently. At first, he thought he preferred this ring, but the longer the time, the more it aroused her suspicion. After all, it is neither a brand endorsement nor any special features.

Tang Xin carefully thought about the difference between the rings, and suddenly realized that this should be a couple ring. Uncle Jiang stood by and heard Tang Xin’s analysis, and he also paid attention to it. It happened that Song Ci lost his ring during the filming. Uncle Jiang stayed where he was, and he saw Song Ci hurried back to search for it. Facing Uncle Jiang’s questioning, Song Ci still wanted to lie about having obsessive-compulsive disorder, but he was debunked by Uncle Jiang on the spot. Seeing that he couldn’t hide it, Song Ci satirized Uncle Jiang in language.

Just because Song Ci was suspected of being in love, Tang Xin returned home in a desperate mood, facing her brother’s questioning, so angry that she went straight back to the room. On the contrary, Chen Mo was also in self-confidence, and couldn’t figure out why Xiao Mu was suddenly angry. Afterwards, Chen Mo helped Xiao Mu prepare clothes for the event and took over a variety show for her. He needed to record three days and two nights of rural life, provided that he would return to the show with Yao Meng.

Xiao Mu didn’t care about it, but Yao Menggui was very resistant. It was not until Uncle Jiang explained that the topic of sisterhood would attract a lot of enthusiasm, and then he reluctantly agreed. Song Ci went to Yao Menggui and found that the password had been changed, so he kept knocking on the door. Yao Menggui blamed Song Ci for being too specific in the interview, which aroused Uncle Jiang’s suspicion, so he asked Song Ci not to wear the ring anymore, let alone be too casual.

Before going to participate in the show, Xiao Mu received a call from Brother Xiao Lin and was ecstatic. Xiao Yuanshan explained to Chen Mo himself, claiming that these two were both childhood sweethearts and Xiao Mu’s first love since childhood. Hearing the origins of Brother Xiao Lin, Chen Mo felt a sense of crisis, so as an agent, he asked Xiao Mu to stop contacting Brother Xiao Lin.

The driver Peng Fei sent Xiao Mu to the shooting location, but when he saw Yao Menggui in a panic, he squatted down and pretended to tie his shoelaces to hide his emotions. Xiao Mu hadn’t noticed, and carried the luggage upstairs alone, but when he saw Yao Meng’s appearance that he couldn’t carry it, he simply helped her carry the luggage, no matter how cynic and sarcasm the other party was.

Yao Menggui was disgusted with the shooting location and only changed his face in front of the camera. Because the planned host was suddenly injured, Song Ci happened to be filming nearby, so he was willing to come over to act as the host and also wanted to be alone with Yao Menggui. However, the conversation between the two was overheard by Chen Mo and Xiao Mu, breaking their love affair.

Seeing this, Xiao Mu hurried away, while Chen Mo took advantage of the fire and even called Song Ci’s brother-in-law, asking him to give Xiao Mu more opportunities to perform. In exchange, he would keep the matter secret. During the filming, Yao Menggui could not see that Song Ci was called by Xiao Mu, and deliberately competed with her. Until that night, he was afraid of yelling because of cockroaches.

Song Ci and the others rushed over, and Xiao Mu helped catch the cockroaches. Considering that Yao Meng was timid, he lived in the same room with her. Xiao Mu was asleep, but Yao Menggui was not angry. Instead, he looked at his sister quietly, revealing a touch of gentleness that he had never felt before.

The two sisters were tasked to complete dinner for fifty people. Yao Menggui almost burned the kitchen. Xiao Mu was nervous and hurried to care. Chen Mo accompanied Xiao Mu to make a fish basket, seeing the heavy rain falling from the sky, pulling her to hide under the eaves. However, Xiao Mu talked about Brother Xiao Lin and spoiled the atmosphere. Seeing that Chen Mogan was jealous, he confessed that Xiao Lin had already married and had children.

Chen Mo was relieved when he heard this. At Xiao Mu’s request, he simply talked about his childhood experiences and the car accident that he will never forget. Originally, Father Chen could go to save people, but he was racing against time to take pictures. Everyone thought that Chen Mo’s biological parents were cheating on insurance, especially countless evidences were in front of them. It was precisely because Chen Mo could not refute, and at the same time he hated that he could not clean up his grievances for his parents. Fortunately, during those gloomy years, he was fortunate to know Xiao Mu. Thinking of this, Chen Mo officially confessed to Xiao Mu, and the two embraced and kissed.

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