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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 11 Recap

Nan Nan walked into the room and was about to come to meet this Gu Yebai for a while. Looking at Nan Nan’s stubborn appearance, Gu Yebai started to paint a portrait of Nan Nan. The painting was a powerful hero. This time, Nan Nan was coaxed. Very happy. Gu Yebai took out her beautiful clothes again, and coaxed Nan Nan in two strokes. Ye Xiudu and Ion Fan realized that this lonely night was not a waiting person, and they decided to join forces to drive away the uninvited guest.

Ye Haoran tried to take Jin Liuli to “get out of the sea of ​​suffering” many times, but he was beaten and scolded by Jin Liuli many times. Faced with Yu Qingluo’s doubts, Jin Liuli told the story between the two. Jin Liuli received the task of stealing medical books. Only then did she get close to Ye Haoran as a dancer. Jin Liuli’s peculiar dance attracted Ye. Haoran, Ye Haoran paid a big price to save Jin Liuli. Jin Liuli used beauty tricks many times, but Ye Haoran still didn’t get confused.

Jin Liuli pretended to be scholars again, and the two became classmates. Ye Haoran personally handed in Jin Liuli to read and read. It was not until two months later that she truly became good friends with Ye Haoran and could freely enter and exit the Yewang Mansion. Later, he was caught in the agency and Ye Haoran saved the United States. Ye Haoran knew that Jin Liuli had another purpose when he approached him.

The parties behind the two were not at odds with each other. Ye Haoran advised Jin Liuli that sometimes the right to choose was in his own hands. After listening to the story of the two, Ye Xiudu and Yu Qingluo realized that the two of them were interesting to each other. Ye Xiudu suggested that Ye Haoran should continue to influence Jin Liuli to cultivate feelings, and Yu Qingluo also agreed that Jin Liuli would continue to be influenced. The state of Ye Haoran secretly elicited Ye Haoran’s attitude.

Ye Xiudu was not worried about Gu Yebai’s existence, so he went to investigate in the dark night, and saw Gu Yebai walked out of the room with a plate of mysterious objects. Nan Nan has only seen Gu Yebai once, but repeatedly mentions it and misses Gu Yebai’s paintings for him. Yu Qingluo finally coaxed him to sleep, and Gu Yebai walked in with the tonic he prepared. Unfortunately, Nannan was already asleep, and Gu Yebai brought Yuqingluo to the high mountain forest. Yuqingluo thought, At this, Ye Xiu confessed to Yu Qingluo alone, and gave out the jade pendant, Yu Qingluo smiled unknowingly. Ye Xiu Du and Gu Yebai, who followed behind, misunderstood. Gu Yebai directly wanted to date Yu Qingluo again, and the two contacted each other.

Ye Xiudu and Ion Fan both put on their camouflage. They were in the Qin Building, only to see Gu Yebai playing Feng Qiuhuang, Ion Fan and Ye Xiudu greeted each other with the sound of the piano, and the strings of Gu Yebai broke off. The guests on the side felt disappointed. Several people surrounded Gu Yebai and beaten him violently. Yu Qingluo was anxious. Ion Fan and Ye Xiudu watched indifferently. Under Yu Qingluo’s request, Ye Xiudu could only call Mo Xian, under Mo Xian’s persecution, the client said that Gu Yebai hired someone to beat him. Facing Yu Qingluo’s suspicious look, Gu Yebai confessed that she wanted to use this method to wake Yu Qingluo. memory.

Yu Qingluo helped Gu Yebai apply the medicine. When they walked out of the room, Ye Xiudu and Ion Fan grabbed Yu Qingluo and peeped outside the door, who knew that Gu Yebai had no intention of stealing medical books. Yu Qingluo had also suspected this before, but Gu Yebai had no intention of stealing the book at all. Yu Qingluo decided to arrange for father and son to recognize each other on Nannan’s birthday three days later. Ye Xiu saw that Yu Qingluo had made a decision alone, so he hurriedly left and entered his room, burying the case and writing something painstakingly. Under Ye Haoran’s questioning, it turned out that he was making the works taught by the sacred hand Meng Ban, and everything was carefully prepared for Nan Nan’s birthday.

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