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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 23 Recap

Xiaozhen and Chenyue recounted their old days at the inn. The two did not reveal each other’s identities, so they agreed to see each other at the inn at noon tomorrow. On the other side, Han Xiyun came to the Holy Spirit to celebrate his birthday. For this, he prepared a big gift Qibao Scimitar. The Qibao Scimitar won the favor of the Holy Master. The Holy Master decided to hold a welcome banquet for Han Xiyun to seal Chenyuezeng. Xiyun glanced at the severe typhoid fever, so the sage also approved Chen Yue not to attend the banquet.

Chen Yue came to see Concubine Rui. She saw the Rubik’s Cube lock she gave to Concubine Rui in the past. She was very surprised that Concubine Rui had become Concubine Rui’s maid, and Xiao Jue was coming back at this time. She saw Chen Yue. The costume of Chen Yue was also shocked that Chen Yue became the general who defeated Dong Luo. Chenyue believes that the identities of the two are not enough to affect their friendship, but Xiaojue is mostly for Chenyue, knowing that she and Chenyue are no longer in their childhood.

Xiao Jue returned to the room. She was depressed and sad because of Chenyue’s identity, and she became ill early. The pain of Xiaozhen when he was onset was unbearable. Han Xiyun came to Xiaozhen’s room. He gave Xiaozhen an antidote and also reminded Xiaozhen loudly that Fengjia was the one who killed Xiaozhen’s father, and his purpose was also Feng Jia, Feng Jia and Xiao Jue have antagonisms.

This time he will stay in Fengdu for a few more days at the sacred birthday feast, so he asks Xiao Jue to cooperate with him to seize the token of sealing the family. Although Xiaozhen and Chenyue had a childhood friendship, Han Xiyun reminded her of her hatred again and again. She only burned the Rubik’s Cube locks and decided to do what Han Xiyun said in order to avenge her family. .

According to Han Xiyun’s instructions, Xiao Jue asked Concubine Rui to invite Chen Yue to come to the palace for tea, delaying Chen Yue’s time in the palace, while Han Xiyun sent someone to Feng Mansion to steal the token. In order to keep Chenyue in the palace for a long time, Xiaojue asked her maid to scald Chenyue deliberately. She came to give Chenyue medicine. Chenyue knew that Xiaojue’s father was a general of Dongluo. She didn’t understand why Xiaojue became a maid, Xiaojue.

Very unfamiliar with Chenyue, except that her father has died in battle, how can her identity remain unchanged. After taking the medicine, Xiao Jue changed clothes for Chen Yue. Chen Yue gave Xiao Jue a token to seal the mansion. With the token Xiao Jue could enter and leave the General Mansion at will. Xiao Jue only refused Chen Yue. Why would she need to go in and out of a servant girl? General House.

Chenyue brought Qingqing’s favorite pastry from the palace, but Qingqing was depressed because of the search for Xueqian. Chenyue enlightened Qingqing. She didn’t know that Qingqing asked her about her children’s love, so she only told Qingqing with war skills. , Let Qingqing have a long pain rather than a short one.

Han Xiyun stole the Fengjiajun token. He directed and acted in a scene where the guard was killed and the tribute Qibao scimitar was stolen. The saint asked Lord Guo from the Criminal Department to thoroughly investigate the case. He was accompanied by Chenyue I came to inspect the corpse in person, and the only clue that the Criminal Department found was that the deceased had a token of the Feng Family Army hidden in his body. Both Han Xiyun and the Xing Department insisted that the murderer was the seal of the family. Chen Yue only smiled after receiving the token, saying that the card was not a military token, and she also believed that someone had stolen the card to lay the blame on the seal of the house.

In order to prove her innocence, Chen Yue asked everyone to move to the general mansion. She found out the fake token hidden in the mansion and proved her innocence. She also said that she had inspected the hall. She concluded from the traces on the scene that it was stolen. The scimitar is still hidden in the hall.

Qingqing thought that Chenyue’s long-term pain was better than short-term pain. She hurt herself on the meteor mark and wanted to go to this mark. Xue Qianxun was able to sense everything about Qingqing. He learned of Qingqing’s accident in Luofeng Pavilion, and hurried to Qingqing’s side, and asked Bing Xing to thoroughly investigate the person who hurt Qingqing in a radius of ten miles. Afterwards, Xue Qianxun hugged Qingqing back to her room, and it happened that Chenyue came to look for Qingqing. When she saw Xueqianxun’s figure, she only shouted angrily.

Long Yan quickly stopped Chenyue and said that the two had met recently. The two love each other, and Xue Qianxun is healing Qingqing. Chenyue came to Qingqing, and it happened that Qingqing also woke up. She asked Xueqianxun to leave first. She had Chenyue to take care of, and Xueqianxun got up and told Chenyue to take care of Qingqing, but Chenyue looked like a baby guard. , Protecting Qingqing, so that Xueqian can’t take advantage of Qingqing.

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