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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 22 Recap

Chenyue prepares to go to the queen’s tea banquet, Qingqing puts on the women’s clothing for Chenyue, and teaches Chenyue some etiquette in the palace. Chenyue grew up on the border since she was a child, and she only felt very restrained and uncomfortable about all this. At this moment, Long Yan came to Chenyue’s side. Chenyue put on a red outfit. She walked towards Long Yan slowly. Long Yan seemed to see the scene when Ayu was running towards him.

He stayed in a daze and watched. Chen Yue walked towards him step by step. Before Chenyue could speak with Long Yan, a group of assassins came towards Chenyue. The assassin’s intention was not to take Chenyue’s life, but the sword was forced towards Chenyue’s face. Chenyue and Longyan cooperated. Although the two succeeded in escape, they also let the killer escape.

Chenyue was about to go to a banquet, her clothes were torn in the fight, Qingqing had a clue, she knew the space to the two people, let Long Yan help Chenyue put on a belt. Long Yan took a big red belt, and he tied it around Chenyue’s waist. The two were very close. Long Yan couldn’t help but remember the scene where Ayu had repaired his clothes. The two were so close at the time, and now they are standing. In front of him is the dusty moon of this life.

Chenyue recalled the killer’s tricks in the carriage. She guessed that the killer came to take her eyes, but she didn’t think about Han Xiyun for a while. When Chen Yue came to the Queen’s banquet, the concubines in the harem all talked about the saint’s desire to accept Chen Yue as a concubine, so they didn’t give Chen Yue a good face, and the queen was even more embarrassed by the bad ones who came. At this time, the saint also came to the tea banquet. He was quite surprised by Chenyue who put on his daughter’s costume. He did not expect that Chenyue’s appearance would not lose to his harem concubine.

The holy admirer gave Chenyue to him. She obviously has a good impression of Chenyue. Chenyue didn’t want to enter the palace as a concubine. She deliberately showed a vulgar appearance in front of the holy. The queen and the holy party both sneered at him, and the holy also dismissed it. Thinking of Na Chenyue as a concubine.

Xueqianxun brought the cakes made by Yuegong Xuannu to Qingqing. Qingqing praised the rabbit cakes as she ate. She asked why Xueqianxun received the cakes made by Yuegong Xuannu. Xueqianxun stood up. Close to Qingqing, he didn’t know what Yue Gong Xuannv thought of him, and he only cared about Qingqing in his heart. When the two got very close, Qingqing’s words “I am not a random bird” made some hazy figures in his mind.

At the time, he was being tortured in the heavenly court, but he was hoarse and wanted to protect the other person, but he I haven’t been able to see that person’s face. Seeing Qingqing’s meteor trail, Xue Qianxun never understood who the person in his mind was. He was upset and left first. Qing Qing watched Xue Qianxun’s sudden disappearance, but was sad that Xue Qianxun disliked her. Meteor marks. Back to Luofeng Pavilion, Xue Qianxun stood in front of the floating pipa, his lost memories kept in his mind, and he didn’t understand the relationship between the figure in his mind and Qingqing.

Chenyue brought Long Yan to the city wall. She personally told Long Yan that she had seen the most beautiful fireworks on the city wall, and wondered if Long Yan had also seen the most beautiful fireworks here. Long Yan only told Chenyue that he had never been here in the future, and he didn’t like to watch fireworks. Chenyue was disappointed in her heart. She only thought that she had admitted the wrong person. After she returned to the house, she ordered Long Yan to move out of the main courtyard. There will be no order from her in the future. , Are not allowed to enter the hospital.

At night, Chen Yue dreamed of Long Yan again in her dream. She embraced and kissed Long Yan, and sat on Long Yan soaring in the air, but fell down in the air. She only wanted to find her Dragon King brother. At the same time, Long Yan was also suffering. He loved Chenyue, but he could not stay with Chenyue for a lifetime. He could only watch her forgetting himself again and again.

Xiao Jue was molested by Guangping Hou Shizi on the street. Xiao Jue took a lesson. Seeing Xiao Jue had a ruthless hand, Chen Yue stepped forward to stop him. Guangping Hou Shizi had a special body. If he was injured on the street, he would definitely It’s not good. Chenyue and Xiaoyan were friends when they were young, and they fought each other. Even though many years have passed, their tactics have not changed, and they have recognized each other.

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