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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 21 Recap

Long Yan decided to return to Fengdu together with Chen Yue. Looking at Long Yan’s eyes, Chen Yue was only quite familiar. At night, Chenyue dreamed of the Dragon King again. She had been searching for the figure she was familiar with among the thousands of soldiers, and finally saw the face of Long Yan clearly in the crowd. Recognizing him is what she has been thinking about. Brother Yuchi I’m looking for.

Concubine Rui asked for a five-horse map for Xiao Jue from the sage. In the past, Xiao Jue once gave her a Rubik’s Cube lock, but she could not solve the Rubik’s Cube lock, so she only asked Xiao Jue to unlock it for her. Xiaoyue gave it to herself, Xiaoyue couldn’t help but think of Xiaoyue, wanting to know Xiaoyue’s current whereabouts.

Chenyue, Qingqing and Long Yan set off to return to Fengdu City. Although Chenyue was able to return to Fengdu City in nine days, she delayed and neglected all the way, preparing to wait until the tenth day before entering Fengdu City. The ten-day period has come, and Chenyue entered the palace and was awarded the title of heroine general. She showed her weakness to the saint and reduced her edge. After the seal was granted, the queen summoned Chenyue, but gave Chenyue a disarm, letting Fengyue a dignified general guard her, but at this time Long Yan was waiting outside the palace alone, seeing that Chenyue had not returned.

Long Yan wanted to break into the palace to find Chenyue. The gatekeeper stopped Long Yan. Hearing that Long Yan wanted to know about Feng Chenyue, a heavenly general went to help Long Yan check it out. Long Yan learned that Xue Qianxun had been helping him secretly. Qianxun released the news, as long as someone can persuade the Dragon King not to enter the palace, in the future, if he wants to go down to the world, he won’t drink eight tears.

Long Yan learned that Chenyue was a guard in the palace. It was raining heavily outside. Long Yan wanted to cast a spell to stop the rain, but he was restrained by drugs and couldn’t cast spells. In the palace, Chenyue thought purely to guard the queen. Xiaozhen learned that Chenyue was getting wet outside. She couldn’t help but hold the injustice for Chenyue. Although Chenyue is her enemy, she thinks that Chenyue is worthy of respect. They Can deceive Chenyue, but Fengdu themselves should not treat Chenyue this way.

Long Yan’s heart is Chenyue, he disregarded the advice of Master Ge Xing, forcibly transformed into a dragon body with spiritual power, and blocked the rain for Chenyue on the top of Chenyue. At this time, Master Ge Xing happened to be drinking tea at the Rain God. The Rain God learned of Long Yan’s actions. He wanted the thunderstorm to give Long Yan a warning. He ordered Master Ge Xing to persuade the Rain God. He had fallen to Fan Lei instead of Tian Lei couldn’t hurt Long Yan at all. After stopping the rain god, Ming Ge Xingjun sighed in his heart, fearing that even Fan Lei would not be able to bear Long Yan’s current body.

When Chenyue left the palace, she saw Xingxuanyun in the sky, all she wanted to know was Long Yan who had just blocked her from the rain. Long Yan abused his spiritual power and was beaten back. He was suffering from spiritual backlash in Longyin Tianchi. Qingqing anxiously persuaded Long Yan not to abuse his spiritual power anymore, and Chen Yue would take good care of her.

Xiao Jue gave the Five Horse Map to Master Guo in the middle of the court. Master Guo had an antagonism with Feng’s family. Xiao Jue gave Master Guo a benefit, and only asked Master Guo to help her remove Chenyue’s eyes. Chenyue grew up on the border since she was a child. She was unfettered when she returned to the wind. Long Yan wanted to make Chenyue happy. He bought Chenyue’s sugar-fried chestnuts for Chenyue. Chenyue couldn’t help thinking that she had experienced similar things before. Chenyue and Long Yan peeled off chestnuts together.

Chenyue peeled off a chestnut and fed it into Long Yan’s mouth. She stood up and opened her mouth, letting Long Yan also feed her a chestnut, and Long Yan gave her a mouthful of Chenyue. chestnut. After eating the chestnuts, Chenyue stopped Long Yan. She fed Long Yan a chestnut again, but she felt like molesting a good woman in her heart. Long Yan couldn’t help but be puzzled. It was obvious that Ayu had drunk eight tears. But Chenyue’s behavior is very similar to that of Ayu.

On the night of the full moon, the poison on Xiao Jue’s body broke out. Han Xiyun fed Xiao Jue an antidote and asked Xiao Jue to take Chenyue’s eyes first. He wanted to torment Chenyue’s life slowly. Xiao Jue’s heart is very painful. She only thinks of her family being ruined and killed when she was a child. She fainted and woke up with unbearable pain. She was rescued by Han Xiyun’s Anming pills. Since then, she has followed Han Xiyun and accepted Han Xiyun. All the hatred instilled in her.

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