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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 20 Recap

The Dongluo king sent envoys to negotiate a peace. Chenyue finally fulfilled his father’s last wish and repelled the invading Dongluo soldiers. This war finally ended. In the Dongluo camp, Han Xiyun relieved his sorrows by drinking wine. He couldn’t swallow this breath and would never return to Dongluo easily, so he ordered his confidant Xiao Jue to deal with Chenyue, so that Chenyue could experience his pain.

Lu Zheng came to thank Long Yan for saving Chenyue. He told Long Yan that he liked Chenyue. This time, the military envoy came for Chenyue. He will marry Chenyue one day. Afterwards, the army held a celebration banquet. Chenyue rewarded the three armies. Watching Chenyue’s bold toast, Lu Zheng stepped forward to block the wine for Chenyue. Everyone could see his admiration for Chenyue. Long Yan listened to the soldiers. Talking about the appearance of the two men and women is very uncomfortable in my heart.

The next day, Lu Zheng sent a good horse to Chen Yue. Chen Yue knew that it was a good horse, but did not accept Lu Zheng’s horse. Instead, he gave it to Uncle Zhao. After that, Lu Zheng showed great hospitality to Chenyue. He found that Chenyue’s draft paper had dragons painted on them. He thought that Chenyue liked dragons, so he came to find Longyan. Lu Zheng told Long Yan that Chenyue likes dragons, and he wants to do what he likes and win Chenyue’s favor.

Lu Zheng sent the Chenyuelong kite. Chenyue mistakenly thought that Lu Zheng was suggesting her that he was the Yuchi brother in her dream, but Chenyue didn’t have that feeling for Lu Zheng. The two went outside to fly a kite together. Watching the interaction between them, Long Yan became jealous. He turned into a dragon, rolled up a gust of wind, and forced Lu Zheng away. Chen Yue also accidentally saw the white dragon flying in the sky.

She chased to go out, thinking that Lu Zheng must be the Dragon King. When Chenyue came to the camp, she happily called Lu Zheng “Brother Yuchi”. Lu Zheng could not understand Chenyue’s words and mistakenly thought that Chenyue was talking about the rebellious King Long. The two talked with the duck, Chenyue Knowing that Lu Zheng is not her Dragon King, disappointed in my heart.

Long Yan was so jealous, soaring in the sky, and was seen by Xue Qianxun and Qingqing. Qingqing laughed at Long Yan’s jealousy. Hearing Qingqing’s laughter, Xue Qianxun’s mind came up with another laughter. , I just feel that laughter is both familiar and unfamiliar.

Han Xiyun knew that to deal with Chenyue, he would have to buy Fengdu officials. King Dongluo had sent Princess Xiaorui to Fengdu to marry him. Han Xiyun asked Xiaojue to accompany the princess to marry him. After Chenyue returned to Fengdu, Xiao Jue can stab in secret. On the other hand, the saint was prepared to give rewards because of the great victory of the Fengjiajun, but because he was worried that the Fengjiajun would be frivolous and arrogant, he ordered the Fengdu to be sealed within the tenth day of Fengchen month to test Fengchen. Month of loyalty.

In the harem, Concubine Rui listened to Xiao Jue’s instructions. In the harem, she deliberately mentioned the arrogance of Chenyue’s ability to summon Feng Jiajun. Therefore, the queen is going to call Chenyue into the palace and teach Chenyue the rules.

Chen Yue came to Long Yan, and she tried a few tricks with Long Yan, letting Long Yan be her head of bodyguard, and accompany her to return to Fengdu. Long Yan refused Chenyue, but Chenyue asked Long Yan to think about it and give him a reply tomorrow. At this moment, Lu Zheng came to look for Chenyue, Long Yan left first, he heard Lu Zheng and Chenyue’s conversation not far away, this time when the wind returned, Chenyue was very dangerous, and Long Yan could not let Chenyue leave her alone.

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