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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 19 Recap

Chenyue saw Long Yan’s hazy figure in her dream. When she woke up, she learned that Dongluo Prince Han Xiyun had led an army to attack the camp, so she gathered soldiers and personally led the army to attack the camp to fight the Dongluo people. On the other side, Prince Dongluo learned that Chenyue had led an attack on the camp, and he was about to come by surprise and personally take Chenyue’s head.

On the battlefield, Chenyue struggled to kill the enemy, she saw Han Xiyun’s figure, and fought with Han Xiyun on the field. The swords were merciless, and the two of them held each other mercilessly. Seeing that Chenyue was in danger, Long Yan stepped forward at the moment of crisis. He rescued Chenyue as a soldier dressed as a soldier, which attracted Chenyue’s attention.

Long Yan’s skill is not bad, and Chen Yue also refuses to let his eyebrows. The two work together to kill the enemy and retreat after successfully attacking the battalion. Luo Xiyun had left behind, he ordered the arrows to be released, and Long Yan secretly propped up the protective cover to protect Chenyue, Chenyue was unscathed.

Chenyue succeeded in attacking the camp. In her heart, she was always thinking about the little soldier with martial arts above her tonight, and she knew that the reason she was able to stay unscathed tonight was that Long Yan in her dream was protecting her in secret, and she had been looking forward to it in her heart. With the appearance of Long Yan. Qingqing heard the news that Chenyue had escaped unscathed from the ballista. She knew that Long Yan was secretly protecting Chenyue, so she came to look for Long Yan and found that the dignified Dragon King was actually a soldier in the army and was called around.

Long Yan didn’t care about these, he just wanted to protect Chenyue well. Privately intervening in the war violated the rules of heaven, and Long Yan was tortured by thunder for this reason. He asked Ge Xingjun to wonder why Long Yan had to suffer from thunder torture. He protected Chenyue on the battlefield again and again, and Long Yan was willing to do anything for Chenyue. . It’s just that he took the pill of Ming Ge Xingjun this time, although this medicine can restore him, but it prevents him from casting the magic to protect the dust and moon for 49 days.

Chenyue led her troops to counterattack Dongluo, capture the thieves first, capture the king, she captured Han Xiyun, forcing Han Xiyun to lay down the sword. In order to save his life, Han Xiyun pretended that he was willing to negotiate with Chenyue, and only hoped that Chenyue would give him a way out. Chenyue is not a murderous person, she also let Han Xiyun die, and only asked Han Xiyun to go with her to discuss the details of peace in her camp. Han Xiyun responded.

He followed Chenyue, but he turned back when Chenyue was unprepared. Chenyue reacted sensitively and avoided the hidden weapon, and the hidden weapon hit Han Xiyun’s eyes directly. Han Xiyun was ruined with a single eye. He issued an order to kill Chenyue. Long Yan stayed by Chenyue’s side. Although he escaped safely from Chenyue, he could not cast the spell again. In order to protect Chenyue, Long Yan forcibly replaced Chenyue. Blocked an arrow.

Long Yan woke up, but was still sleeping with his eyes closed. Chen Yue and Lu Zheng came to Long Yan and heard Chen Yue shouting Lu Zheng’s “Brother Zheng”. On the other side, Han Xiyun was very angry when he learned that his eyes were helpless. If the Chinese teacher had not come to the camp, he would have committed a murder. The national division came to convey the king’s meaning. The Dongluo king asked Han Xiyun to retreat. Han Xiyun hurt his eye. However, this time the Dongluo soldiers were shaken by the army and lack of food and grass. Han Xiyun must retreat.

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