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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 23 Recap

Liu Wenjing came to Ye Hui’s club to give him wine. Ye Hui was not satisfied with Liu Wenjing’s attitude of always doing business in business. He hoped that Liu Wenjing could devote more affection to herself. For this reason, he wanted to send a car to Liu Wenjing, hoping to please Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing rejected him. Ye Hui called Liu Wenjing to come this time, in fact, to say goodbye to her, because he was going to Europe for three months. Liu Wenjing was a little bit unwilling. After all, Ye Hui was her biggest customer of red wine. He would have no performance after he left, but she still smiled and sent Ye Hui away.

Huahua’s novel was suspected of plagiarism and was severely rectified. This incident affected her work in Yang Chaofan’s studio. For a while, she had nowhere to go, and she was so distressed that she didn’t know what to do.

Huahua called Liu Wenjing to ask her for help, and Liu Wenjing responded again and again. At this moment, Liu Wenjing received a call from home. Her mother’s condition deteriorated and urgently needed treatment. Liu Wenjing hurriedly arranged for her younger brother to go home and took her mother to Shanghai for treatment, but she rushed to the professor’s house and took out the money she had in Xing Tianming’s place in advance. She was exhausted, and entrusted Xing Tianming with the task of comforting Huahua. Xing Tianming’s eyes changed from the bright when he first saw her to the gray at this moment, and because of each other’s misunderstanding and concealment, they drifted away.

Liu Wenjing was running around in order to raise money. At this time, her younger brother called Liu Wenjing on the train. He said that Wangshan Chicken had a batch of seafood, and if he sold it within three days, he would make 200,000 yuan. Liu Wenjing Liushenwuzhu, she asked her brother to take a closer look, if she is reliable, she is willing to sell seafood.

Xing Tianming used the duplicate check software to reverse the trend of Huahua’s plagiarism. Huahua admired and moved, and embraced Xing Tianming’s neck with excitement. This move happened to be seen by Liu Wenjing, who went home. Liu Wenjing had mixed feelings in her heart, and Hua Hua still added fuel to the fire and told her that Xing Tianming was already with her. Liu Wenjing’s family feelings are not satisfactory, so she can only smile bitterly.

Xing Tianming madly called Liu Wenjing and was refused, because Liu Wenjing’s concerns at this time were all about the seafood business that Wang Shanji said, and her younger brother affirmed the reliability of the seafood business, which made Liu Wenjing strengthen her confidence in the transaction. Put all of his net worth on this business. Qiao Haifeng persuaded Xing Tianming to confess directly, Xing Tianming did not adopt his opinion, he decided to take it slowly.

Huahua and Weiwei get together, and the men they care about have a relationship with Liu Wenjing, especially Weiwei. Ye Hui has a heart on Liu Wenjing, turning a blind eye to her, making her the pride of heaven. The female Weiwei felt very uncomfortable in her heart. On the other hand, Huahua is immersed in the fantasy of falling in love with Xing Tianming, her face is like a peach blossom, and the spring breeze is proud.

Liu Wenjing’s seafood business failed, and all her savings were lost. She was in a daze and didn’t know where to go. Huahua gave her an idea to ask her to borrow money from Ye Hui. Liu Wenjing reluctantly adopted this opinion. She took a bottle of drunk and wandered down the street menacingly, and met Xing Tianming who was singing in the street. Xing Tianming grabbed Liu Wenjing, who was full of red eyes, and asked what had happened to her. Liu Wenjing did not want to say that she did not want to show weakness in front of the man she liked, not to mention that he already had a girlfriend.

Liu Wenjing’s family arrived in Shanghai. She hurried to the hospital and was surprised to find that Mei and Su Xiaomao were also there.

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