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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 22 Recap

Weiwei and Ye Hui’s parents had a dinner together. The two of them sneaked out to breathe. Weiwei saw a telescope. Ye Hui stood behind her and hugged her. Weiwei’s heart was beating.

Weiwei poked and Ye Hui confessed that she wanted to be the one who accompanies Ye Hui to watch the stars every day, but Ye Hui wisely rejected her, and Weiwei felt very disappointed.

Su Xiaomao arranged for Liu Gen to work as a driver. Unexpectedly, Liu Gen was not doing his job properly. He went to dinner with Wang Shanji during work and missed the pick-up by an important company customer. The employees of the company asked for Liu Gen to be expelled. Su Xiaomao knew that if Liu Gen was not expelled, he would find it difficult to convince the public in future work. He found Liu Wenjing in embarrassment and told her about Liu Gen’s performance in the company. Liu Wenjing was very embarrassed and could only lead her brother away.

After the younger brother was expelled, he went to find Wangshanji. He originally wanted to take refuge in Wangshanji, but he didn’t expect that Wangshanji was also expelled because of trouble. Two difficult brothers got together and came up with some bad ideas. Wang Shanji urged Liu Gen to ask Liu Wenjing to buy them a car. They wanted to make money by driving a black car. The two hit it off and went to the cabin where Liu Wenjing and Huahua rented together.

Under the coercion and lure, Liu Wenjing had to agree. Huahua was very speechless to Liu Gen, thinking that he was just gnawing his sister, but Liu Wenjing was subject to environmental education and felt that she should help her younger brother. Although she didn’t want to be a helper demon, her sense of responsibility did not allow herself to completely ignore her brother.

Ye Hui asked Liu Wenjing to come out with her to watch the stars and eat ice cream. Liu Wenjing asked Ye Hui to help her find a second-hand car. Ye Hui readily asked Liu Wenjing to lend her car. Just as Liu Wenjing was about to refuse, Wang Shanji rushed out and asked Liu Wenjing to agree to Ye Hui’s car. Liu Wenjing drove Wang Shanji away in embarrassment. After Ye Hui asked Liu Wenjing what Liu Wenjing wanted a second-hand car to do, he seriously told Liu Wenjing that driving a black car was illegal and asked her not to indulge her brother too much. Liu Wenjing thinks it makes sense.

Huahua and Liu Wenjing were chatting together. Huahua was very distressed by Xing Tianming’s attitude towards herself. Xing Tianming always refused her any approach and never accepted her favors. Huahua didn’t know how to continue her pursuit of love. Liu Wenjing comforted her that Xing Tianming was someone who didn’t know how to express her feelings. In order to relieve her emotional crisis, Huahua forced Liu Wenjing to pair up with Ye Hui Lalang. She also pretended that Liu Wenjing was interested in Ye Hui, and she couldn’t listen to how Liu Wenjing denied her. Moreover, Huahua asked Liu Wenjing to make a lunch for herself, so that she could give Xing Tianming a courtship, and Liu Wenjing reluctantly agreed.

As soon as Xing Tianming tasted the bento sent by Huahua, he knew that it was made by Liu Wenjing. He saw Huahua’s earrings and was very sure that Huahua was passionate. Although this hindered his pursuit of Liu Wenjing, he still did not explain. , Let Huahua misunderstand.

Xing Tianming returned the bento box to Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing wanted to explain the earrings. However, Xing Tianming directly said that the earrings were given to Huahua. Liu Wenjing felt sour. At this time, Ye Hui called and said that the club would order a box of red wine, and Liu Wenjing hurried to deliver the wine. Xing Tianming wandered on the road to the campus alone, thinking of the difficulty of pursuing the girl he really loved, and he couldn’t help but feel sad.

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