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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 21 Recap

Ye Hui watched obsessively at the large poster modeled on Liu Wenjing made by his company. At this time, a subordinate came in and reported that the skin of Zhao Feiyan, which was modeled on Liu Wenjing, was well received and the sales volume was very impressive. Ye Hui was very happy and guided his subordinates to develop and sell this skin.

After Zhao Wenjing entrusted her younger brother to her cousin, she returned to school. Huahua forged the sweetness and happiness between herself and Xing Tianming to Liu Wenjing. Although Liu Wenjing was sour and envious, she still cheered up and blessed Huahua. She imagined the sweetness between Xing Tianming and Huahua in her mind, and her heart was as uncomfortable as being overwhelmed. Little did Huahua complain about Xing Tianming’s indifference to herself today in her room.

On the other side, Xing Tianming recalled the image of Liu Wenjing made by Ye Hui in the comic show today, and his sense of urgency increased. He was afraid that due to his delay, he would miss the beauty in his heart again. He called Liu Wenjing but was refused by Liu Wenjing, and the anxiety in his heart gradually spread like water waves.

Liu Wenjing, who had finished class the next day, was called to the office by Xing Tianming. Xing Tianming used her authority to let Liu Wenjing be his assistant teacher and took her to the stage play. Liu Wenjing was afraid of offending Huahua and wanted to call Huahua to replace herself, but was stopped by the professor. The stage performance began, and Liu Wenjing sank into it unknowingly. She also imagined that she and the professor were dancing on it, laughing from ear to ear. After the two watched the stage play and walked on the street, Liu Wenjing was attracted by the earrings of a girl on the side of the road. Xing Tianming took the initiative to praise her that she would look better when wearing them, and secretly remembered her preferences.

Liu Wenjing received a package with red earrings sent to her by Xing Tianming. She was secretly moved, not knowing what to do. Unexpectedly, when Huahua saw Liu Wenjing unpacking, she snatched the earrings, and assumed that Xing Tianming gave her the earrings. Seeing that Huahua was so happy, Liu Wenjing didn’t know how to tell the truth, she simply kept silent, leaving Huahua immersed in her imagination. Suddenly, a cell phone ringing broke the silence between the two of them. It was Ye Hui. Ye Hui asked Liu Wenjing to meet. Liu Wenjing promised to see him after school.

Ye Hui circled Liu Wenjing like a butterfly, and Liu Wenjing only focused on doing his homework. Ye Hui sat next to Liu Wenjing and gave her a pair of earrings by magic. It was a pair of black earrings of the same style as Xing Tianming. Ye Hui gently put it on for her. This scene happened to be seen by Xing Tianming. He turned and walked away with a dark face. Liu Wenjing saw Xing Tianming’s back and was upset. Ren Yehui put the remaining earring on her.

Qiao Haifeng saw Huahuafa’s circle of friends and thought that the girl Xing Tianming liked was Huahua, and had a temper with Xing Tianming. He didn’t expect Xing Tianming to tell himself that the person in his heart was Liu Wenjing. Qiao Haifeng was completely stunned.

Liu Wenjing came out to have dinner with Su Xiaomao, and was seen by his younger brother Liu Gen who lived nearby. Liu Gen’s eyes were low and he didn’t want to work in a rice noodle shop, but wanted to sit in a high position and make a lot of money. Su Xiaomao, who was watching, felt that he had finally found a chance to please Liu Wenjing, so he volunteered to take Liu Gen to take the driver’s license test, and promised to arrange for Liu Gen to work as a driver in his company. Liu Wenjing was very grateful, and Su Xiaomao was very helpful. Su Xiaomao took the opportunity to confess to Liu Wenjing that he was rejected by Liu Wenjing.

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