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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 20 Recap

Xing Tianming looked at Liu Wenjing and gently sang love songs to her, Liu Wenjing was immersed in it unknowingly. They took the money they earned and went to the buffet. Xing Tianming made fun of Liu Wenjing and said that she was going to bankrupt her boss. Liu Wenjing jealously responded to him, saying that the boss charge so expensive. After dinner, Xing Tianming took Liu Wenjing to KTV. They broke into an unknown box and sang and jumped. Liu Wenjing had never been so crazy before. Xing Tianming looked at her happy smiling face and was especially proud of her pranks.

Huahua was having an appointment with Weiwei, and seeing the video of Xing Tianming and Liu Wenjing singing on the street, she was so sad that she shed tears. She has always been devoted to Xing Tianming, but Xing Tianming treats him lukewarmly. She did not expect that Xing Tianming would be green eyes with Liu Wenjing, she was jealous and sad. Weiwei has always been dissatisfied with Liu Wenjing, seeing this situation, gloating on the sidelines.

Huahua and Weiwei went to see a star named by Weiwei Company-Yang Chaofan. Wang Chaofan admired Huahua’s planning ability very much and invited her to her studio. Huahua is very happy.

Liu Wenjing and Xing Tianming didn’t have a good time until dark. They bid farewell downstairs in the community where Xing Tianming lived. Liu Wenjing was very reluctant to say goodbye. Before the farewell words were finished, her eyes could not help but be filled with tears. Tears came out as soon as she turned around. She didn’t see Xing Tianming behind her eyes with a smile.

Huahua had been sitting on the sofa waiting for Liu Wenjing to come back. When she saw Liu Wenjing entering the door, she asked with all her head over her face. Liu Wenjing wanted to explain, but Huahua’s words were like a cannonball. She didn’t have a chance to interrupt.

Nana applied for suspension of pay for Xing Tianming on her own initiative. Xing Tianming was very angry. Nana felt that Xing Tianming was too stubborn and didn’t want to talk more, so she left.

Liu Wenjing and Su Xiaomao were dating. The fact that the house was washed away by floods caused Liu Wenjing’s headache. Su Xiaomao took the initiative to lend Liu Wenjing money when she saw it. Liu Wenjing had no other choice but to hesitate to borrow 30,000 yuan from him.

Nana was waiting for Xing Tianming’s appointment with her luggage. Xing Tianming rushed to her and told her that he would not go to the United States with her. When Nana was lost, she pointed out that Xing Tianming was too lack of courage, and she liked Liu Wenjing but did not dare to speak. After Nana left, Xing Tianming fell into reflection.

Liu Wenjing’s younger brother brought Wang Shanji to Shanghai to seek refuge in Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing took his younger brother to stay in the hotel and hurried back to school to review. The younger brother was dissatisfied with Liu Wenjing’s perfunctory attitude, but had to rely on his sister to live, so he could only give up temporarily.

Weiwei asked Ye Hui to help buy her own company. Ye Hui promised to introduce Boxun’s boss to her, but asked her to help inquire about the relationship between Liu Wenjing and Xing Tianming. Weiwei felt a little annoyed when Ye Hui was so caring about Liu Wenjing.

Su Xiaomao found Liu Wenjing’s school and gave her a box of mangoes. He happened to be bumped into by Ye Hui who came to look for Liu Wenjing. The two men pointed their needles to the wheat mang, and the air was full of the smell of banging gunpowder. Su Xiaomao left, and Ye Hui continued to stalk.

Xing Tianming called Liu Wenjing to come out, but Liu Wenjing refused. Huahua entangled Xing Tianming to accompany her to the exhibition. Xing Tianming’s refusal was invalid, and Huahua forced her to go.

Liu Wenjing’s brother pulled the pheasant and asked Liu Wenjing to invite them to dinner. Liu Wenjing took them to a noodle restaurant, and then hurriedly left. Huahua and Xing Tianming went to watch the comic show together. Xing Tianming was absent-minded, and didn’t stop until he saw the animation image of Liu Wenjing produced by Ye Hui Company.

There is no scenery nearby, and the wonderful scenery in his eyes is tied to her alone.

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