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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 18 Recap

Yao Menggui’s acting skills are too blunt, not only loses the guest role, but also makes Uncle Jiang scold. Precisely because she couldn’t explain the reason, and because of her guilty conscience, she could only be trained silently. But the storytelling thinks that Yao Menggui will use all his energy to deal with Xiao Mu, especially the video that Dean Gao has come forward to clarify that the situation has been reversed, so she warns her to be safe, otherwise as an agent, she can be both praised and killed.

Since the two officially established a romantic relationship, Song Ci and Yao Menggui are almost like glue, but the idol star can’t open the romance openly. After Yao Menggui was scolded by Uncle Jiang, he listed his current path in the office. Song Ci immediately went to comfort him when he learned of this.

Even though Yao Menggui is very useful, she still voluntarily mentioned the issue of love news if she broke the news in the future, and even said that if there is no guest starring, she will just pack and leave. In order to make Yao Menggui feel at ease, Song Ci petted her head and promised to protect Yao Menggui’s safety and prevent her from being hurt.

Song Ci carefully selected the couple’s ring and gave it to Yao Menggui. However, Yao Menggui felt very naive and declared in advance that he would never wear it. At the same time, Xiao Mu was depressed all day because of the Internet. Fortunately, Chen Mo has become her agent, and usually helps with crisis public relations matters. Even though Xiao Mu’s temper was getting bigger and bigger, she always showed a little bit of obedience to Chen Mo when she faced Chen Mo, and sometimes she complained to him unconsciously.

Especially with the broadcast of variety shows, Xiao Mu saw the unsatisfactory response on the Internet, so he thought that he had become a gadget that anyone could criticize and abuse. Xiao Mu asked Chen Mo if he found that he was treating people around him badly, but Xiao Mu persuaded her not to think too much, pretending to be angry and got up to leave, Xiao Mu hurriedly pulled him to act like a baby when he saw it, preventing him from looking for his “daughter” Yang Yang.

Chen Mo once again explained Yang Yang’s identity and talked about the affair between him and Yang Yang. Unfortunately, no matter how to make up for it, it was irretrievable. Xiao Mu felt distressed about Chen Mo’s experience, and at the same time agreed to his request to return to be an agent by his side.

At this time, Xiao Mu received a call from Zhang Junzhuo and learned that he could play the sister chapter under Chu Xuexia. He was suddenly excited and hugged Chen Mo. Yao Meng was furious when he heard the news, and Song Ci confessed again to comfort her. Tian Sisi had a conflict with her mother, and she simply sought refuge at Xiao Mu’s house. Regarding the sudden appearance of Chen Mo, she couldn’t help but gossiping that they had developed to the point of cohabiting together.

Tian Sisi complained to Xiao Mu, complaining that her mother would always restrict her freedom and do things she didn’t like. Xiao Mu fully supported Tian Sisi, so he would personally support her in her debut drama. The next day, Yao Menggui and Song Ci attended together and lied that Xiao Mu could not come because of something. As soon as his voice fell, Xiao Mu actually appeared behind Tian Sisi, and the two happily hugged each other.

Taking into account that the box office is pretty good under the first snow, Jiang Shu suggested that Yao Menggui hit the iron while it was hot, so he helped her pick up a new drama. Tian’s mother couldn’t help coming to watch her daughter’s performance, and she was afraid that her daughter would be unhappy. Just as he was about to leave, Xiao Mu hurriedly pulled Tian’s mother, Tian Sisi on the stage was deeply moved.

Xiaobai met Tang Xin who came for an internship at the company, and the two greeted each other. Song resigned from the studio to visit Yao Menggui, but unfortunately it made the other party unhappy, and even proposed to terminate the relationship early. However, after work was over, Yao Menggui saw Song Ci in the car and was very surprised. Song Ci found that Yao Menggui had worn the ring as a necklace and hung it around his neck. He was finally relieved and the two kissed lingeringly in the car.

Xiao Mu and Zhang Junzhuo met, they talked about the characters in this play, and felt that Zhang Junzhuo saw through his identity. But to protect Yao Menggui, Xiao Mu remained silent. According to online gossip rumors about Song Ci and Yao Menggui’s love, the two met to avoid suspicion and showed their dislikes. Through observation in recent days, Tang Xin determined that the online rumors were untrue.

Tian Sisi heard that Chen Mo asked Xiao Mu to eat in a western restaurant, and guessed that he wanted to confess his marriage. Originally, Xiao Mu was delighted and dressed up, but it was unexpected that the person who proposed the marriage was at the next table, and Chen Mo’s real intention was to follow him. She talks about work. Seeing Chen Mo’s disappointment, Xiao Mu turned and left with anger.

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