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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 9 Recap

Yu Qingluo left with her back to Ye Xiudu, and Ye Xiudu also put down his hands feebly, holding back the red eyes. Although Yu Qingluo was hiding her emotions, Jin Liuli could still feel Yu Qingluo’s loss. Ye Xiudu vented all his loss into the training, and in the duel with Ye Haoran, Ye Xiudu was distracted again. Yu Qingluo thought that there was another key figure in this mysterious memory, that was Yu Zuolin. Just as I was thinking about how to lead to the appearance of Zuojin, Ion Sail came to send out the invitation to the Masters of the Four Nations Competition, Jin Liuli took the opportunity to propose a good way to make Qingluo close to Zuojin.

Ye Haoran’s narrow victory over Ye Xiudu today was because Ye Xiudu’s weakness was exposed. Ye Haoran reminded Ye Xiudu not to be affected by the fall of Yuqing, but Ye Xiudu was still very confident in his own strength.

Sure enough, on the next day, Yu Qingluo cheered Ye Xiu Duo, and Ye Xiu Duo won the oath of the Masters. Once the game was over, Ye Xiu Duo was looking for Yu Qingluo’s whereabouts. Unexpectedly, Ion Sail and Jin Liuli have already started to move. Jin Liuli and Ion Sail have turned away Ran Ran by adjusting the tiger away from the mountain, while Yu Qingluo uses Jin Liuli’s disguise technique to transform into Ran Ran, walks into the tent, and Yu Zuolin takes the initiative Yu Qingluo reluctantly agreed to propose two types of herbs for Ran Ran to prepare.

Yu Qingluo brought the topic to Han Jiangxue’s pregnancy, and Yu Zuolin refuted that he had never had an affair with Han Jiangxue. Half an hour has passed, Yu Qingluo’s imitation of sound has failed, and almost reveals his stuff, but fortunately, Ye Xiu Alone came to draw Yu Zuo Lin’s attention.

When Ran Ran came back, Yu Zuolin realized that he was in the middle of the game, and immediately sent someone to catch Jin Liuli. Ye Haoran found Jin Liuli surreptitiously, and then brought Jin Liuli into the tent. Ye Haoran always misunderstood that Jin Liuli was going to steal Yu Qingluo’s medical book, so Jin Liuli had no choice but to stun Ye Haoran again.

Yu Zuolin guessed that Han Jiangxue came to inquire about the news because he was suffering from loss of soul, and Ranran had already joined his father-in-law to help Yu Zuolin pharmaceutical, and now only Yuqingluo’s medical books can be made into five grass powder…on the other side, Yuqing Luo was questioned by Ye Xiudu, and it was too dangerous today, which made Ye Xiudu very worried.

Ye Xiudu couldn’t bear to let Yu Qingluo take risks. Ye Xiudu offered to help Yuqingluo on his own initiative. Even if he finds out his biological father in the future, Ye Xiudu will compete fairly. At this time, Luo Han Guo came to report that Nan Nan suffered from typhoid fever. Yuqing went to make medicine while Ion Fan and Ye Xiudu scrambled to take care of the sick Nan Nan until they fell asleep next to Nan Nan…

Ran Ran took out the Tianzhu flowers that were scanned. Now the city is full of typhoid patients. Yu Zuolin suggested that Yue Zhang should play. Yu Qingluo will deal with the matter. If Qingluo cannot be settled, the medical book will definitely be turned over. You can get medical books shortly.

After receiving the imperial decree, Yu Qingluo must treat the typhoid fever within three days. Jin Liuli felt that it was difficult to complete such a tight time, but Yu Qingluo gritted his teeth and accepted the imperial decree. Yu Qingluo found a rash on Nan Nan’s hand, but there were no examples in the medical books.

Ye Xiudu thought of the military book he had read, and the case of the soldier’s illness in it was exactly the same as today’s wind and cold. However, going to the library of the palace to check the military book is a serious crime, but for the sake of Yu Qinglu, Ye Xiudu still secretly ran to the study to search for it, and finally found the book. As soon as he opened the scroll, Ye Xiudu felt weak.

Qingluo walked in together, the mist was released from the book, Yu Qingluo and Ye Xiudu covered their mouths and noses, and avoided the soldiers from chasing them. Princess Xiangxiang’s men also saw Ye Xiudu’s figure and followed all the way. The soldiers outside showed movement, which distracted him. But Ye Xiudu kept feeling weightless in the fog, and fell on Yu Qingluo’s shoulders.

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