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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 10 Recap

Yu Qingluo patiently helped Ye Xiudu to administer medicine, and according to the dossier that Ye Xiudu took back, he formulated the medicine for understanding. It was all because of the Tianzhu flowers planted by the Prime Minister in the capital, and all of this may be related to Yu Zuo Lin. It is said that the rash of Tianzhu flower can infect parents and children, and Yu Qingluo also took this opportunity to help Nan Nan find his father.

Yuqing fell into the Fulong Inn to open a consultation, Ye Xiudu took the initiative to help, and Ye Haoran watched Jin Liuli to prevent him from stealing medical books. Jin Liuli took the jade pendant and showed it to all the patients to see who could recognize it. Princess Xiangxiang and Ran Ran came to the inn to prevent Yu Qingluo from successfully passing the test again, and Ran Ran had another plan in his heart.

On the other side, Princess Xiangxiang and the soldiers wanted to capture Yu Qingluo for the wrong diagnosis. Ye Xiu came forward to save Yu Qingluo, and bought more time for Yu Qingluo to diagnose her condition. Ye Xiudu guessed that there must be someone else behind Xiang Xiang. Ion Fan and Ye Xiudu decided to investigate together, and Qingluo started by grabbing medicine.

Everyone began to study the travel routes of patients with repeated symptoms, and learned that Qin Building must be weird. When the three of them came to Qin Building to investigate, they heard the sudden noise, and everyone hurriedly hid. Only then did they escape, and Ye Xiu alone I found itchy palms. It turned out that the water tank was mixed with eel clear seeds. This medicine conflicted with the medicine for consultation. According to the analysis of the medicinal properties, it must have been done by the people in Jiangnan, Mo Xian investigated and a luthier named Gu Yebai, Mo Xian and Ion Fan will investigate again.

As the time is approaching, everyone is worried that Yu Qingluo will fall into prison, while Qingluo and Jin Liuli are prepared for medicine with peace of mind. Ye Haoran was determined to help Jin Liuli “consider Liang”, so he followed Jin Liuli every day, observing the whereabouts of Jin Liuli, and watching Ye Haoran’s rogue appearance that haunted him, Jin Liuli kicked Ye Haoran away. Ion Fan didn’t catch the poisoner, Jin Liuli wanted to take Yu Qingluo to escape, but in order not to hurt others, Yu Qingluo decided to obey Faluo, and Jin Liuli and others would take care of Nan Nan.

Zhang Duwei came to the inn and Ion Fan reported the investigation results, but Xiang Xiang insisted on arresting people. Gu Yebai came in front of everyone at this time, and the person who pierced through the medicine was Princess Xiang Xiang’s subordinate. Ye Xiu alone brought the boss who sold the medicine to recognize the poisoner Leng Feng.

As a result, Leng Feng blew himself up as soon as he opened his mouth. Not accustomed to Xiangxiang being left out because of Yuqing’s fall, that’s why she took the lead for Princess Xiangxiang. Zhang Duwei took Leng Feng away, and the crisis was lifted. I saw Gu Yebai call out Han Jiangxue’s name. At that time, Yu Zuolin bought the guard and wanted to humiliate Han Jiangxue. Fortunately, Gu Yebai stopped everything from happening. Later, the two Qin Lou met and something happened overnight. Gu Yebai said that later Han Jiangxue told herself that she had a child, until Yu Zuolin framed Han Jiangxue.

Today, Gu Yebai saw Han Jiangxue again. Jin Liuli suspected that Gu Yebai’s story was too seamless, and Yu Qingluo also had such doubts, and then she placed Gu Yebai in the guest room. Jin Liuli is ready to bring a knife to force Gu Yebai to show his true face. Who knows that Gu Yebai broke Jin Liuli’s guard with a few words. To put it bluntly Jin Liuli’s loneliness, when Jin Liuli walks out of the room, only a touch is left. Sorrow. Before Ye Xiu took the shot, Nan Nan was about to walk into the guest room to meet this sudden man for a while.

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