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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 5 Recap

An Xin worked overtime late at the company. At this time, Manager Du was so drunk. After seeing An Xin in the company, he lost control of his emotions. He grabbed An Xin and forced An Xin into the corner. An Xin hurriedly fled and hid in a closed room. In the room, facing Manager Du’s crazy smashing of the door outside, An Xin was very scared.

Recalling the bad experience as a child, suddenly her heartbeat speeded up and became unable to breathe. Seeing Manager Du was about to break in, An Xin was about to fall into a coma. Suddenly, something hit the back of Manager Du’s head. It turned out to be Ling Yue. Seeing An Xin was not coming home, he came to the company to look for her. An Xin felt relieved when he saw Ling Yuehou.

After An Xin woke up, Ling Yue told her that she would not let Manager Du go, but An Xin wondered how Ling Yue resisted herself. Ling Yue said that Didi Taxi paid with An Xin’s fingerprints, and An Xin immediately began to feel sorry for the money. When Ling Yue saw this, he knew that he was distressed about the money, and he seemed to be fine.

Early the next morning, Anxin went to work and saw that his colleagues were very abnormal, and Manager Du also packed up and left. It turned out that someone had reported that he had made false accounts and had been fired. As soon as An Xin opened her cabinet, it was filled with gifts, all of which were given by colleagues. Some people who didn’t even meet each other came to Xihan and asked Nuan to make An Xin very surprised.

After returning home, An Xin brought a large bag of things. Ling Yue also asked if she had given out a bonus, but An Xin said that it was more ridiculous than the bonus, so he recounted what happened in the morning. In fact, An Xin didn’t know. Ling Yue’s arrangement.

After getting up in the morning, An Xin accidentally picked up Ling Yue’s portfolio under the sofa, and two people snatched it away. At this moment, An Xin accidentally fell down and fell on Ling Yue’s body. It was very close, and the atmosphere rose slightly. Some feelings, An Xin flicked up immediately, Ling Yue said that An Xin could give him a hand, and suddenly Ling Yue pulled An Xin into his arms, touching his lips slightly, Ling Yue kissed it immediately, An Xin did not refuse. ,that’s all……

An Xin suddenly reacted and stopped immediately. Both of them were a little embarrassed. An Xin told him not to explain. She was also nervous and didn’t know what to say. She was already incoherent and talking nonsense. An Xin ran back to her room, quietly remembered Mimi, and then took two ice creams and went out.

Manager Du was looking for a job here, but he couldn’t find a job with his wonderful resume, and was taken advantage of by someone who wanted to use the opportunity to frame the blame. Youyou also found that An Xin had something wrong recently. After posting some words about love on Weibo, she called An Xin to inquire. An Xin finally admitted that she liked Lingyue a bit.

Manager Du suddenly appeared, and An Xin hung up. Ling Yue saw An Xin at home and started to call the company to inquire. It turned out that An Xin left work at six o’clock. Ling Yue just wanted to go out to find An Xin, his Secretary Ai Li suddenly appeared and said that Ling Fang had a meeting with several shareholder secretaries at 10 o’clock tonight, and then went together. Ling Yue was still uneasy on the way, so he went to find Anxin first.

When I was looking for it, I saw An Xin was being hurt by Manager Du, so he rushed to fight, and at the last moment, Ai Li appeared and drove them home. On the way, he asked Ai Li about their relationship with ease, and even saw that Ai Li was so good to him. Some were jealous, Ling Yue even teased whether Ai Li liked herself.

Although Xin’er’s new plan is novel, it has certain risks, so her father did not plan to invest in her project, and he advised her not to think about Lingyue anymore. There will be a lot of better than Lingyue. People chased her.

Ling Yue and Ai Li made an appointment to meet, but found that Ai Li was being followed, so they threw off the tail together. The two appeared at the hotel but were seen by An Xin. The security guards refused to let An Xin go up. An Xin could only watch them go up, but In fact, they were only discussing business matters. Tomorrow the company held a general meeting of shareholders. Ling Yue appeared on the scene and did not go back. He sent a message to An Xin that there was something to do, and went back when he was busy. Although An Xin had a lot of questions and wanted to ask, he didn’t have anything. Back.

The shareholders meeting was held. Seeing that Ling Fang always said that he would lead everyone to build the company together, someone suddenly appeared and said that he did not approve…

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