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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 9 Recap

Zhou Chuan went home suddenly, Chu Li was a little puzzled, wouldn’t he be back in seven or eight days? Chuli saw Chuli running around the world in her pajamas. Chuli was a little broken. He ignored her and went back to sleep. If someone asked him, he would say he was not there, especially Jiang Yucheng. Chuli worried that Shiuchuan was in a bad mood and called Jiang Yucheng. Jiang Yucheng guessed that he had a quarrel with his family.

The next morning, Chuli was ready to go to work with breakfast, and Ah Xiang suddenly said that Cocoon called on the painters to boycott the Yuanyue Society, saying that their editors could not communicate. Chuli hurriedly went to Director Liang to beg him for help, saying that he could use traditional ink and wash calligraphy as the cover, and change the display method, which was eye-catching.

Cocoon waited arrogantly for Chu Li to come to her to apologize. But Chu Li came with the contract from the Legal Department and wanted to terminate the contract. However, if the manuscript was not returned, he would pay twice the fine. Cocoon knew that he was wrong, and Chu Li was articulate , Proposed the second method, not to reject the manuscript, but to sign a compensation agreement to allow the manuscript to be an inside page. Chuli said that Cocoon’s abilities are indeed outstanding, but her character is just that.

She was young and ignorant and actually liked her. Cocoon ran to ask Gu Baizhi for help, and Gu Baizhi came up with a solution. Cocoon issued a statement stating that everyone had misunderstood this matter, and that this matter has nothing to do with the editor of Yuanyue News Agency. The cover work was done. Editor Xia praised that the cover was done well. This was Chuli’s idea, but Axiang did it. Editor Xia was very satisfied.

Chuli went home and found that breakfast didn’t move and hurriedly knocked on Hiukawa’s door. Hiukawa was in a bad mood. Chuli had to make dinner and call him out, but Hiukawa still ignored it. Early the next morning, Chu Li grieved to put breakfast at the door, and it was still there when he came back in the evening. Chuli decided that he couldn’t let Hiukawa go on like this anymore, and finally forced Hiukawa to open the door, but he accidentally threw himself on Hiukawa.

Chuli asked what happened to Shirakawa. Shirakawa said that he just wanted to rest for two days, but Chuli insisted that he go out to eat with him. Seeing Chuli’s departure, Shirakawa suddenly became excited and posted a Weibo saying that I was tempted by the light. Hiukawa dressed up carefully, ready to go to dinner with Chuli. Yun Fei was pursuing Gu Baizhi, but Gu Baizhi said that he did not fall in love with the author.

Zhou Chuan said that he did not miss his school days at all, and told Chuli his story. His Virgo was written from the first year of high school. After seeing it, Zhou Guxuan scolded his manuscript as incomprehensible, without any social significance, only self-righteous wit, which cannot be true literature. As a result, the father and son quarreled.

Zhou Gu Xuan scolded these things as rubbish, and Zhou Chuan tore up the manuscript with anger. Chuli was surprised when she heard these things, but she didn’t forget to flatter her. -Chuli encouraged Zhou Chuan to wait for the publication of the Luohe Book of God and he would stand in front of those who questioned him and say that he did it. Chuli looked at her in a trance. Chuli bought an ice cream and said that he should eat ice cream when he is in a bad mood.

Chuan arrogantly refused to eat, and Chu Li had to eat it himself. Unexpectedly, Zhou Chuan turned his head and bite it. The two were embarrassed and ambiguous. Yun Fei chased Gu Baizhi to go out with her. Gu Baizhi went to see a teacher Liu and mentioned Jiang Yucheng. The disappearing amusement park serialized a few chapters and caused great repercussions, and Axiang and Chuli felt that he would definitely become popular this time.

Yuyao gave everyone two movie tickets as benefits, and the disappeared playground publishing contract came out. However, the guarantee amount is the same as that of Shirakawa. I hope Chuli will find a way. Yun Fei was very curious about who Teacher Liu was. That dictionary was the hard work of Teacher Liu for half a lifetime. After the cancellation of the publication, she could not accept it and was hospitalized. It turned out that Teacher Liu was Gu Baizhi’s teacher.

Yu Yao met Zhou Chuan in the bookstore. Speaking of the two movie tickets issued by the club, if Chu Li asked him to give him face, Shiu Chuan reluctantly agreed. In fact, Shirakawa was very impatient and went home immediately to choose clothes for the date. When Chuli came home, seeing that Shirakawa was wearing a handsome manner, she was a little puzzled, and quickly got up to cook. He also explained that he was going to give Jiang Yucheng a contract to watch a movie tomorrow.

Chuli was very angry when he heard that, but Chuli didn’t realize it at all. Zhou Chuan was angry that he was planning to go to the movie, and felt wronged that one of the two movie tickets should belong to him, but he did not expect that Jiang Yucheng had already agreed to go to the movie with Chuli. Chuli’s head was so big that he could only decide to buy a movie ticket out of his pocket to accompany them to watch.

The next day, Chuli had lunch with Jiang Yucheng and Jiuchuan. The atmosphere was very embarrassing. Jiang Yucheng and Jiuchuan attacked each other’s clothes, and Chuli gradually grew bigger. Coming to the movie theater, Jiang Yucheng bought popcorn for Chuli, and Jiuchuan kept complaining about it. After watching the movie, Hiukawa had to follow them to the dinner. Chuli suggested that they go back to their homes. Hiukawa showed off that someone in his family was cooking for him. Jiang Yucheng began to wonder who was so unlucky to become his girlfriend.

Chuli hurriedly Remind Shirakawa to pay attention to the wording. After Chuli walked home from the Jiuchuan branch, he discussed the publishing contract with Jiang Yucheng. Jiang Yucheng was not satisfied with the guaranteed amount. He couldn’t afford to lose, but he would give Chuli a chance, Luohe. The book queen hoped that Chuli would give him a satisfactory figure to prove his value as an editor. Jiang Yucheng is not the same as Zhouchuan. Of course Chuli understands that they only take what they need, not high or low, and commercial authors are not so unbearable.

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