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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 12 Recap

Jiang Yucheng began to question whether Chuli and Jiang Yucheng were in a relationship. Chuli quickly denied that the two were in a relationship. After Zhouchuan explained the ins and outs, Jiang Yucheng smiled. It seems that he still has a chance. Jiang Yucheng suddenly held Chuli’s watch, Baidao I like you. Chuli hadn’t had time to react, and Shirakawa had collapsed. Jiang Yucheng Dao Chuli was just an editor for Jiang Yucheng, but he hoped that Chuli Become your own girlfriend. Chu Li lowered his head, Jiang Yucheng touched her head and said that he didn’t need to rush to reply to himself.

The battle of Luohe God Book was very beautiful. His publishing contract can be signed tomorrow. Chu Li is very happy. , Zhou Chuan couldn’t help kicking Jiang Yucheng out of the house, warning Chuli and Jiang Yucheng that it was impossible. After returning to the room, Chuli began to feel depressed, why not him. Zhou Chuan was also depressed why Jiang Yucheng liked Chu Li, and quickly changed the password at home.

Chuli and Jiang Yucheng talked about the contract, and Hiukawa came in disguised and quietly inquired. Jiang Yucheng knew that he must be looking at them in the bookstore. Jiang Yucheng said that what he said yesterday was serious, but Chuli still said sorry and persuaded Jiang Yucheng to give up. Gu Baizhi took Teacher Liu for a walk in the yard. Teacher Liu mentioned her and Jiang Yucheng again.

People always regret after losing. Therefore, Gu Baizhi should not be too strong when encountering things, and he must think clearly about everything before making a decision. After Chu Li and Jiang Yucheng signed the contract and returned with the gifts Jiang Yucheng bought for everyone, the old Miao was still very upset.

Seeing that Ah Xiangfa’s circle of friends Tucaojiang Yucheng is despicable, he quickly called Chuli to ask her to stay away from the Macaron. Chuli did not come back late at night, and when Shirkawa was jealous, Ergou had already picked up the dog pot and looked at Chuli pitifully. After Chuli added the dog food and hurried to cook, Zhou Chuan asked her how things were going on with Jiang Yucheng, Chuli said that he had made it clear.

When I went to work the next day, Xianyu also came. This time the Luohe Book of God sold such a good bonus. Chu Li has only been here for more than half a year and has become the ace editor of Yuanyue Society, which is very fortunate. A girl came to find Lao Miao, she was Suo Heng, and Chu Li has always liked her work. When Lao Miao heard that Suo Heng was waiting for him, he directly said that it would be useless to modify Suo Heng’s current state many times, and he was too lazy to say. Suo Heng was discouraged and left in a hurry. When leaving, Suo Heng and Yu Yao met at the corner, and both of them had unclear meaning in their eyes.

Gu Baizhi couldn’t get in touch with Yun Fei and had to find someone in person, and Yun Fei played in the old place. Yun Fei was annoyed by Gu Baizhi and Jiang Yucheng’s affairs. He had the title of Xiaojiang and Cheng, so he was very uncomfortable. He was not Xiaojiang and Cheng. Gu Baizhi said that no one regards him as a substitute. His most important thing now is to write a book. He must win Jiang Yucheng to get rid of this title. The excellent book of the Fox King Kwaluo River also said that the Monkey King had poor eyesight, and asked her how she was in choosing a mate.

Does she like white lotus flowers? Chuli accidentally sent one in the past, and Hiukawa immediately put on a stinky face, playing harder than usual. Zhou Chuan didn’t plan to tell Chuli that they were netizens. Jiang Yucheng thoughtfully. That day Chuli and he confessed that the person he liked was a netizen named Fox Jun. Jiang Yucheng was dumbfounded. Shirakawa violently warns Jiang Yucheng not to provoke Chuli, they are not suitable.

The sales volume of Luohe Book of Gods reached 349,000 copies, creating the best result of the Yuanyue Club in five years. Director Liang bought coffee for everyone. There was only one thousand copies to three hundred and fifty thousand, and Chu Li felt a little puzzled, but Lao Miao was arrogant. Ah Xiang felt that they were also working hard, but all the bonuses were given to the distribution department.

He was a little unhappy. Lao Miao still satirized Chu Li and said that Jiuchuan had his own fans, and it was nothing to sell well. It had nothing to do with ability but good life. Chuli couldn’t help fighting back, and it was her ability to sign Hiukawa. The editorial department did not receive the award. Editor-in-chief Xia encouraged everyone not to be discouraged. The Huazhi Award is about to start judging. Editor-in-chief Xia also plans to recommend the Luohe Book of Gods and let Chuli be responsible.

Chuli called Shirakawa to talk about the Huazhi Award, but Shirakawa directly refused to say that it was impossible. Chuli became depressed, and she didn’t understand why Shirakawa resisted honor so much. Axiang said that this matter is still related to Editor-in-Chief Xia. There was an accident between Editor-in-Chief Xia and Zhou Guxuan’s book and they were not submitted for comment.

This is Editor-in-Chief Xia’s regret. This may be the retirement of Editor-in-Chief Xia. Last chance before. Gu Baizhi went to the bookstore and said that he was here to talk about work. Gu Baizhi invited Jiang Yucheng to the Xindun Reading Club, but Jiang Yucheng was very resistant. Yu Yao went to Suo Heng’s house, tangled the doorbell and didn’t dare to meet.

The sales volume of Luohe Book of Gods actually exceeded 350,000. Director Liang changed the figure and encouraged Lao Miao to go up again. If he were the editor-in-chief, no one in Yuanyue Society would dare to bully him. Yu Yao was pulled by Editor-in-Chief Xia, and Lao Miao didn’t know how to surpass her. Director Liang suggested that Yu Yao is a good sister of Suo Heng, so he asked Lao Miao and Suo Heng to terminate the contract, so that Yu Yao would work against Mr. Yang.

Axiang asked Chuli to act like a baby with Shuli. Chuli was moved, pretending to have a stomachache, crying and shouting to go home to look for Shuli, but there was no response. When Chuli saw that he was not there, he put on help. Suddenly, Zhou Chuan appeared, watching Chu Li’s upper body and reluctant to agree to the Huazhi Award.

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