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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 54 Recap

Someone placed a sachet covered with Sheng Chumu’s blood outside Fu Rou’s door. After receiving the sachet, Fu Rou collapsed and asked Zhou Wang what they did to Sheng Chumu. Zhou Wang said that he didn’t know anything. Fu Rou was anxious and slapped Zhou Wang. Fu Rou ran to ask Yan Zifang for the news, but Yan Zifang said that Fu Rou would only be sad if she knew it. It would be better to consider King Zhou.

Fu Rou had to leave when she saw no news. She went to visit Wei Song, and she happened to see Mr. Huang, so she asked If Huang Naibu sees something suspicious, tell himself. At night, Mr. Huang saw Mr. Cao and someone sneaky. After Fu Rou heard the news, she went to Fu Xilang. In order to prevent Mr. Cao from snatching the jade seal, Mr. Fu Xilang handed the jade seal to Fu Rou’s protection. . After the attendant Cao learned that Fu Rou had arrived, he led the guard to search Fu Rou carefully.

Fu Rou had already escaped, but she was a little worried when she learned that the imperial army had searched Qiao’s place, because she had planned the suspended animation of Princess Xinnan before, and asked Qiao Bian to take in Princess Xinnan, and she was worried that Princess Xinnan would be found out. , She went to Chau Biong’s palace and led away the forbidden army. She was caught by the forbidden army before she ran very far. Yunei’s servants threatened Fu Rou with the lives of the maids and asked her to surrender Yuxi. After Fu Rou was locked up, she saw Yang Bai.

Passing by, I begged him to report to the Lu State Palace. Yang Bai was a little unwilling, but Fu Rou said that this was a good opportunity for Yang Bai to make merits. Yang Bai worried that if he went there, the people in Lu State Government would not believe him. Fu Rou said that Yuxi was buried under the big pomegranate tree next to the lake’s pavilion, and asked Yang Bai to take Yuxi to find people at the Lu Kingdom’s mansion.

As a result, Yang Bai immediately told Cao’s attendant about Yuxi’s whereabouts, and Yang Bai still hated him. The queen killed his brother first, so he chose to help King Zhou, and Fu Rou was very disappointed. Fu Rou trusted Yang Bai and informed Yu Xi’s whereabouts. When she was worried about self-blame, Huang Nei waiter appeared outside the window and persuaded Fu Rou to think of a solution.

After Yan Fei took charge of the harem, she deliberately wanted to starve the prince and the king to death in jail. The jailer only gave the prince and king a half bowl of porridge every day, and wanted them to fight with their brothers. This day, the two pretended to fight and cooperate to get stunned. After the jailer, the two escaped. King Han wanted to go to the Shangshi Bureau to eat a full meal, but the crown prince said he wanted to see the sick emperor. Only then did King Han remember that the emperor was still sick, and the two struggled to get rid of the chasing soldiers. Go to Ganlu Temple to visit the emperor.

Sheng Chumu ordered to escape from the cliff. He first went to Sheng Chuling. Sheng Chuling was very happy to see that Sheng Chumu was not dead, and said that he wanted to avenge Princess Xinnan. Sheng Chumu said that Princess Xinnan was not dead, and the two went The forbidden garden summoned Baiqi, ready to kill the evil spirits in the palace.

The servant Yu was about to assassinate the emperor, and planned to push all the charges on King Zhou. Concubine Yan quietly gave King Zhou something to let him save the emperor. King Zhou went to Ganlu Palace and suddenly drew his sword and killed the imperial army that followed him, King Zhou When entering the Ganlu Temple, the prince and King Han hid. Hearing that King Zhou wanted to protect the emperor, the prince rescued King Zhou.

The three of them carried the emperor on their backs and ran away. After a short time, they were chased by the forbidden army. The servant gave an order to kill King Zhou after catching Zhou. Yan Fei begged hard, but the servant Yu strangled Yan Fei with excitement.

The three of them resisted the chasers all the way and led the emperor to flee. The emperor woke up midway. Just as a few people were at the end of their journey, Sheng Chumu led Baiqi to rescue a few people, and learned that Fang Xiang they were locked up in the hall. Fushui wanted to kill a group of ministers, and Sheng Chumu hurriedly took people to the hall.

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