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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 18 Recap

After Li Dongxian and Wang Qianqian had been flying for a night, Wang Qianqian put on clothes and left early the next morning. Li Dongxian also expressed his responsibility to Wang Qianqian, but Wang Qianqian did not comment. After this incident, Li Dongxian did not want to continue to confront Jiang Wenchi, thinking that Jiang Wenchi is a villain, and it is better not to provoke a villain, but Gu Renqi confirmed that some dogs will bite at any time when they are crazy. .

Lu Xian knew that it was Shuangjiao who had been trapped at home by a hero, and took the initiative to bring Shuangjiao out. He also asked Gu Renqi in advance to wait there. On the way to find Gu Renqi, Lu Xian will general Gu Renqi’s current reality The situation is told to be Shuangjiao, I hope Shuangjiao can clearly realize that Gu Renqi needs help. I also hope that Shuangjiao can persevere and take Gu Renqi to see the most beautiful scenery, and Lu Xian also said that he will pursue the scenery that belongs to him. Fulfilled.

It was Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi who were dating together, and they also recorded the sound of cell phone alarms for each other. Gu Renqi’s recording is I love you. Hearing three words means Shuangjiao gets up. Regarding the fact that Grandpa Gu went to find a hero, thinking that he could understand it was a reflection of the hero, and whoever put it on him would be angry. Gu Renqi promised to persuade grandpa to accept it as a double pride.

Lu Xian has been waiting for Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao to come back. When he was alone, Lu Xian told Gu Renqi what he said in his heart. In fact, he didn’t want Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao to be together, but his love was double arrogance. Pride, hope is the happiness of the double pride, and he will support it if it is the choice of the double pride.

It was Shuangjiao who had been trapped at home by his father and unable to go to work. Gu Renqi and Li Dongxian folded the stars in the office to make a wish, hoping that Shuangjiao could go back to work soon so that the two could be together often. On the other side, Lu Xian also said a lot of Gu Renqi’s good things to the hero, and hoped that the hero can respect the choice of Shuangjiao, so that it is Shuangjiao happy, and the hero finally wants to open it. If it is let go, Shuangjiao will leave. To work.

Later, Lu Xian investigated the reason why Shuangjiao’s mother had a car accident. The perpetrator Liu Xiaowei received two million in remittances, but was quickly taken away by Liu Xiaowei’s son, but it is unknown who hired Liu Xiaowei in the first place. , But when investigating, it was discovered that a group of people were also investigating this matter.

It was Shuangjiao’s return to work that made Gu Renqi overjoyed. He also gave those little stars to Shuangjiao. Shuangjiao was very happy and officially notified Gu Renqi’s father that the level had passed.

Li Dongxian bought flowers for Wang Qianqian to pick her up, but Wang Qianqian was not happy, but said that he couldn’t buy what she wanted to buy. The internet speed was too slow. Unreasonable Li Dongxian simply bought a router and delivered it. Wang Qianqian was so angry that Li Dongxian was a wood who didn’t understand style. Li Dongxian was a little puzzled when he saw Wang Qianqian still unhappy, but Hu You reminded Li Dongxian to give away what he wanted, and Li Dongxian suddenly realized that since the internet speed was not good, he lined up to buy Wang Qianqian the cosmetics she needed. Wang Qianqian is happy.

Grandpa always objected to the matter of Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi, which also made Gu’s mother a little troubled, so he could only find Shuangjiao. He told the relationship between Gu Renqi and Grandpa that it was Shuangjiao, and hoped that Shuangjiao could ease it. The relationship between grandpa and Gu Renqi.

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