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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 9 Recap

Xu Meiyi confessed to Sun Guangming that she did not pay for the car insurance and had to pay back the car’s monthly payment. There was really no money to pay for Sun Guangming’s repair costs. Sun Guangming gave her the facts and reasoned, and let her work to deduct it.

Zhao Xinlong was pissed and shut himself in the room for three days. Zhao Yushan was worried, so he asked Liu Fugui and Zhao Yuxi to knock on the door together. Zhao Xinlong ignored them, Zhao Yushan hurriedly opened the door and saw Zhao Xinlong’s eyes were dull, and his mouth kept talking nonsense. Xichun persuaded Zhao Yushan to give Zhao Xinlong something first.

Liu Fugui could see at a glance that Zhao Xinlong was suffering from severe depression. Zhao Yushan knelt down in front of the tablets of the ancestors of the Zhao family and confessed. He cried bitterly and regretted driving Zhao Xinlong crazy.

Xu Youyi bite the bullet and helped with the paint. She deliberately worked hard, and Sun Guangming gave her a serious warning. Liu Fugui and Zhao Yuxi persuaded Zhao Yushan to stand up and uphold justice, not to let Sun Guangming make random constructions in the village, let alone the villagers to seek refuge in Liu Haitang, Zhao Yushan was frustrated by Zhao Xinlong , He completely lost his spirit and didn’t want to care about these bad things.

Liu Fugui persuaded Zhao Yushan not to move, and turned around and started to seduce Zhao Yuxi to take over Zhao Yushan’s class and be the head of the old Zhao’s family. He could also compete with Li Jian’an for the village director. Zhao Yuxi had no confidence in being a family head, and he couldn’t even think about it. Dare to be the village director, Liu Fugui repeatedly claimed that he had already seen that Zhao Yuxi was the one doing big things. Zhao Yuxi was immediately moved.

He went home to tell his wife what Liu Fugui had said, and the wife advised him as soon as possible. Give up, and also revealed to him that Liu Haitang Pancake House did not get an order at the fair, and the grandmother heard clearly in the room.

Sun Guangming convened a meeting of the village committee early in the morning. Liu Haitang reported to Sun Guangming that the pancakes were unsalable, and blamed him on Sun Guangming. He blamed him for destroying the vegetables in the village publicly, which hindered the sale of pancakes. Sun Guangming felt that These two things have nothing to do. Xu Youyou stood up to defend Sun Guangming.

Liu Haitang turned his attention and complained that Xu Youyou’s image of Pancake was unattractive. Xu Youyou and Liu Haitang made a quarrel with each other. Sun Guangming Hurry to stop them both.

Members of the pancake club in several nearby villages came together to ask Liu Haitang to quit the club. Liu Haitang fully agreed, but there was no money in the account. They were reluctant and forced Liu Haitang to pay back the money immediately. Liu Haitang had to take them to find Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming persuaded them to figure out why the pancakes were unsalable. They insisted that it was all because of Sun Guangming’s destruction of vegetables. Sun Guangming promised in the name of the first secretary that he would not go wrong. Persuade them to go.

Sun Guangming learned from Liu Haitang that the pancake cooperative did not have a penny on the account. It was because the supermarket hadn’t paid the bill for half a year. Liu Haitang asked Sun Guangming to go to the supermarket to ask for the account. Sun Guangming couldn’t stand her entanglement and reluctantly. Promise to give it a try. When Sun Guangming came to the supermarket, the manager repeatedly explained that the pancakes were unsalable. Only 17 boxes of pancakes had been sold in half a year. He paid for the 17 boxes of pancakes on the spot. He left Sun Guangming on the excuse of being too busy with work.

Zhang Zihao took the initiative to come to Wu Lan to advertise for the Junzilan Hotel on her column. Naturally, Wu Lan couldn’t ask for it. At this moment, Sun Guangming called Yue Lan to meet. Zhang Zihao was on the side to make trouble. Yue Lan asked Sun Guangming to send him to locate him. Zhang Zihao begged to go with Yue Lan.

Zhang Zihao invited Yue Lan and Sun Guangming to the Junzilan Hotel for dinner. Sun Guangming insisted on going to a roadside stall with excellent taste. Yue Lan believed in Sun Guangming’s taste and Zhang Zihao had to go together. Sun Guangming took out a box of pancakes for Yue Lan and Zhang Zihao to taste. Both of them didn’t think they were delicious. They also asked Sun Guangming to taste it. Sun Guangming also felt the same as chewing wax, and secretly threw them aside. Xu Youyi came to the roadside stall for dinner, just in time to see Sun Guangming and the three of them hurried over to join in the fun.

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