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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 8 Recap

Feng Jinbao reported that Li Jian’an and Liu Haitang went to Zhao Yushan’s house to make trouble, and added a lot of fuel and jealousy to say a lot of bad things about Li Jian’an. Sun Guangming hurriedly followed Feng Jinbao to Zhao Yushan’s house and learned the ins and outs of the incident in detail.

Sun Guangming asked Li Jian’an to take him tomorrow. Xichun went to the town police station to reissue an ID card. Xichun fell on her knees in fright and admitted that she was from Sichuan and had no ID card at all. Zhao Yushan insisted that Xichun was his daughter.

Sun Guangming persuaded Li Jian’an and Liu Haitang to leave, and then he persuaded Zhao Yushan not to force Li Qinghe and Zhao Xinlong to divorce. Zhao Yushan interrupted him before he finished speaking, and did not allow Sun Guangming to interfere with their family affairs, and then returned in anger. The house is gone, let Sun Guangming aside.

The next day, Xichun packed up his things and left the Zhao family. Last night, Xichun said farewell to Zhao Yushan, not wanting to cause trouble to their family, so Zhao Yushan struggled to stay. It turned out that when Xichun worked as a nurse at Xihai Hospital, she took care of Zhao Yushan’s wife. Zhao Yushan thought she was very good, and promised to accept her as a goddaughter, and planned for her future. Xichun felt bitter in her heart. , Had no choice but to leave without saying goodbye to Zhao Yushan.

Li Jianan drove back to the village early in the morning and saw Xichun hang himself under a big locust tree from a distance. He hurried to rescue Xichun. Xichun burst into tears and told about her experience. She fled from her hometown in Sichuan to work in Xihai, and later met Zhao Yushan in the hospital. Zhao Yushan recognized her as a goddaughter.

She didn’t want to apply for an ID card, but she had nowhere to go. As a last resort, he went to a dead end. Li Jianan was sighed at her experience. Xichun never thought of destroying the marriage of Li Qinghe and Zhao Xinlong. Li Jianan kindly persuaded her and promised to let her stay at Zhao Yushan’s house and reminded her not to talk about her hanging. After going out, Xichun bowed deeply to express his gratitude to Li Jian’an.

Xichun met Feng Jinbao at the door of her home. Feng Jinbao learned that Li Jian’an had agreed to her stay in Zhao’s house, so she whispered to Zhao Yushan. When Xichun returned home, she had a showdown with Zhao Yushan. She did not want to separate Li Qinghe and Zhao Xinlong. Zhao Yushan believed that Li Jianan forced Xichun. Li Qinghe tried his best to defend Li Jianan.

Zhao Yushan did not listen. He suddenly fell on his knees and begged Li Qinghe to leave Zhao Xinlong. In order to let Zhao Xinlong succeed the Zhao family, Li Qinghe asked Zhao Xinlong to express her attitude. Zhao Xinlong squatted on the ground without saying a word. Li Qinghe was completely disappointed and she left the Zhao family without looking back.

Li Qinghe packed her luggage early in the morning and wanted to go to work in Shenzhen. He met Sun Guangming halfway, and Sun Guangming promised to take her for a while. Li Qinghe had already written a divorce agreement and kept it at home. Sun Guangming felt that she and Zhao Xinlong would not be easily separated, and advised her to think twice. Li Qinghe admitted that he had feelings for Zhao Xinlong, but he couldn’t understand his acceptance of Zhao Yushan. Sun Guangming happened to go to Haiqing Village to search for old furniture, and wanted to take Li Qinghe to relax.

Sun Guangming brought Li Qinghe to Haiqing Village to find Aunt Mei. Aunt Mei learned that Li Qinghe was Zhao Xinlong’s wife and asked about their marital status. Li Qinghe hurriedly found an excuse to turn the topic off. She was very familiar with Aunt Mei’s hand-made tea. Interested. Sun Guangming explained his intentions to Aunt Mei, only to realize that the old furniture had been moved to Haiqing Post.

He and Li Qinghe followed Aunt Mei to Haiqing Post. The old man guarding the post gave a detailed account of the origin of Haiqing Post and indicated that the old furniture was at the door. The plaque was written by Su Dongpo. Aunt Mei asked Sun Guangming to pick it up by herself, and then went to her house for dinner.

Sun Guangming and Li Qinghe came to the old inn and saw that it was full of old furniture. Sun Guangming liked it very much. They decided to take away some small objects first. After the barn was renovated, they would find a truck to take them away. Li Qinghe teased the statue of Sun Guangming. Tomb thief. Sun Guangming brought Li Qinghe to Aunt Mei’s house for dinner.

He was full of praise for Aunt Mei’s farm dishes. He took out a sum of money to buy those old furniture, and promised to distribute dividends to Aunt Mei and the elderly in the village after the hotel opened. Li Qinghe liked the sea very much. In the quietness of the green village, Sun Guangming persuaded her to stay, and Aunt Mei promised to teach her tea-making techniques, and Li Qinghe naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Zhao Xinlong was angry and locked himself in the room without eating or drinking. He tore up the divorce agreement written by Li Qinghe and threw it into the trash can. Xichun put it away while cleaning, and hurriedly handed it to Zhao Yushan. Zhao Yushan guessed that Li Qinghe was gone. , I feel so happy. Sun Guangming started to work with the decoration master early in the morning. Xu Youyou was awakened. She came down to find Sun Guangming for theory, but Sun Guangming complained that she did not contribute money or effort.

Sun Guangming gave Xu Youyi the detailed list of car repairs and asked her to go to the insurance company to settle the claim. Xu Youyou saw that the cost was as high as more than 38,000, and went to bed with the excuse of a headache. Sun Guangming suspected that she was not covered by insurance.

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