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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 10 Recap

Zhang Zihao deliberately asked Xu Youyou to try the pancakes. Xu Youyou had difficulty swallowing and threw it up on the spot. Zhang Zihao fanned the fire on the spot. Xu Youyou repeatedly claimed that the pigs could not eat it. Sun Guangming’s expression changed drastically. Xu Youyou guessed it. This was a pancake in Houshigou Village, and realized that she had made a mistake. She was so scared that she shut up quickly.

Manager Jin called and informed Liu Haitang that he wanted to return the pancakes all at once. Liu Haitang pleaded bitterly, and Manager Jin had to admit that he had already discussed with Sun Guangming. Early the next morning, Manager Jin sent someone to return all the pancakes, and Liu Haitang was angrily asked the employees to unload all the pancakes to the barn where Sun Guangming lived.

Sun Guangming and Xu Meiwei went back to the village early in the morning and saw that the barn was full of pancakes. Sun Guangming hurriedly came to Liu Haitang for the theory. Liu Haitang insisted on putting it in the barn on the excuse that the cooperative had no place. Sun Guangming was not allowed to move around. It was troublesome to sell, Sun Guangming could only swallow concessions, and Xu Youyou yelled with anger.

Sun Guangming did not rush to prepare dinner, and ate in the cracks of the pancake box. Xu Youyou couldn’t help complaining, but Sun Guangming persuaded her to be more optimistic. At night, Xu only found a mouse in the room. She hurried out to ask Sun Guangming for help. Sun Guangming could only bite the bullet and help catch the mouse. He threw the mouse into the trash can at the door and saw Zhao Yushan standing by the door watching the fun, Sun Guangming. Just greeted Zhao Yushan, he closed the door and went home without saying a word.

Xu Meiyi came to Liu Haitang to inquire about the guilt and forced her to move the pancake away. The two of them had a disagreement and quarreled into a quarrel. Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui rushed to watch the excitement when they heard the news. They both blamed Liu with one word and one word. Haitang, Liu Haitang fought hard with them. Sun Guangming came in time to persuade Xu Youyou to go home, or somehow persuaded the onlookers to leave.

Sun Guangming explained to Liu Haitang about the pancake unsalable situation, and persuaded her to find the reason on the pancakes. Sun Guangming analyzed that the quality of the pancake flour was too poor and the temperature was not well controlled. Liu Haitang excused that he could not supervise the pancake production process in other villages. The quality is uneven, and promised to find out as soon as possible.

Sun Guangming meticulously boiled white fungus and lily porridge, so that Xu Youyi defeated the fire. Xu Youyi was still angry, and Sun Guangming was kind to her. Liu Haitang went home and confessed to Li Jianan that she had to buy cheap flour in order to gain more profit. Unexpectedly, the quality of pancakes was greatly reduced, so Li Jianan decided to seek help from Zhang Zihao.

Li Jianan came to Zhang Zihao with his hometown specialty products and explained his intentions straight to the point. He asked Zhang Zihao to help sell pancakes. He also pushed the reason for the unsalable pancakes to the destruction of pesticides and vegetables last time. Zhang Zihao looked for various reasons to excuse him. , Li Jianan had no choice but to leave angrily. Zhang Zihao remembered his grandfather’s scolding, and suddenly changed his mind. He sent an assistant to call Li Jian’an back and promised to spend half a million to buy all the pancakes. On the condition that the ceremony be a little more serious, Li Jian’an fully agreed.

Sun Guangming opposes selling pancakes to Zhang Zihao, suspecting that his purpose is impure, and wants to take this opportunity to make himself famous and establish a public image. Yimin, Li Jianan and Liu Haitang are all dissatisfied with Sun Guangming, but Sun Guangming Just not giving in, they walked away one by one, leaving Sun Guangming and Xu Youyou in the village committee. Xu Youyi mistakenly believed that Sun Guangming did not accept Zhang Zihao’s help because of Yue Lan. Sun Guangming didn’t want to accompany Zhang Zihao on a show, let alone ruin the chance of a comeback for the pancake industry in Houshigou Village.

Sun Guangming came directly to Zhang Zihao for a showdown and suspected Zhang Zihao’s intention to buy pancakes. Zhang Zihao claimed that it was for the sake of the people. Sun Guangming took the opportunity to ask him to take out half a million to help the village. Zhang Zihao flatly refused, Sun Guangming insisted that he wanted to sensationalize and persuaded him to think carefully. Zhang Zihao didn’t listen at all. He insisted on going his own way, and Sun Guangming angered the villagers not to perform rituals for him.

Zhang Zihao called Li Jian’an and told Sun Guangming’s decision 15-10. Li Jian’an and Liu Haitang were very angry. They separately contacted the village committee members and called them to have a small meeting at 9 o’clock tonight. Explain to keep Sun Guangming. Feng Jinbao didn’t want to be a traitor, but he couldn’t bear to lie to Sun Guangming. He took a bag of snacks in the supermarket and came to Xu Youyou overnight. Xu Youyou dragged him into the house for a chat. Feng Jinbao didn’t dare to see Sun Guangming. Xu Youyou thought he was There was something wrong, and Feng Jinbao was so frightened that he ran away.

As soon as it was nine o’clock, Yimin, Guilan, and Li Jian’an came to the village committee on time. Feng Jinbao was late, and Li Jian’an didn’t ask much, so they discussed with them about the ceremony for Zhang Zihao, Xu Youwei Later, she hid outside the window, holding her mobile phone to broadcast the whole process of their secret meeting. Liu Haitang felt that Sun Guangming was not worthy to be the first secretary.

From destroying pesticides and vegetables to direct selling pancakes, she vented her grievances against Sun Guangming one by one. Li Jianan forced Yimin, Guilan and Feng Jinbao to speak one by one, and they simply said it. A few words, in the end, Li Jianan called on everyone to jointly remove Sun Guangming and let everyone show their hands to vote. The others couldn’t stand the coercion of Li Jianan and Liu Haitang, and they were forced to show their hands to agree.

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