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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 4 Recap

An Xin went back to the room and drew the scenes that just happened. The room suddenly went out of power. An Xin yelled. Ling Yue suddenly ran in and asked if it turned out to be a power outage. What’s all the fuss about, but An Xin said that the power went out for a long time. The comics drawn have not been saved yet…

Gu Xin’er and Xiao Sheng went home together. Gu’s mother looked very pleased. Xiao Sheng was well-behaved and sensible, clever and filial. Gu’s mother invited him home to do something. Xin’er gave him a look, but he refused. But Gu Ma told Xin’er not to worry about the person whose life or death was unknown. If you want to achieve something, you must grasp the man’s heart. The gift Xiaosheng gave to Xin’er was also Ling Yue’s favorite when she was a child, which shows that Xin’er likes Ling Yue in her heart.

At this moment, An Xin is working overtime. Her colleague asked the manager to send her a ride. The manager agreed and asked An Xin if she wanted to go back together. An Xin resolutely refused, saying that her home is very close. An Xin had to go back after working overtime late. At this time, Ling Yue saw that An Xin hadn’t returned so late, so he looked at the window, An Xin walked to a small road with no people, and there was not even a street light.

An Xin has been frightened and afraid of being behind. When someone followed her, she turned her head frequently, and suddenly Ling Yue came out from behind. Although she was shocked at first, she was very happy to see Ling Yue after she calmed down, and her heart relaxed a lot. She asked him to accompany her to pick up the courier. The more I agreed, he said that he was following, no, An Xin wanted to push him along.

After returning home, An Xin still complained that it was better to take it easily. An Xin bought a second-hand mobile phone for Ling Yue. Although Ling Yue was very disgusted, he still accepted it. After a while, An Xin’s stomach was grumbled with hunger. Yue said that he was hungry and insisted on cooking. An Xin still didn’t believe the food he cooked. Unexpectedly, An Xin ate the whole pot.

Tomorrow Ling Yue called Dr. Xiao to borrow 300,000, and asked his secretary to deliver it in person. Ling Yue replaced Anxin’s home equipment with new ones, and there was still 200,000 left. He gave it to Anxin, Anxin. very happy. An Xin’s colleagues talked about her private life at work and said that they would go to An Xin’s home to verify it. An Xin had no reason to refuse, so she agreed. In the car, An Xin secretly sent a message to Ling Yue to hide him.

Unexpectedly, when he got home, Ling Yue not only did not hide, but also hired a foreign chef to cook at home, play the violin, pretend to be An Xin’s foreign boyfriend, and give it to An Xin’s colleagues. A gift for one person convinced An Xin’s colleagues. After they left, An Xin realized that it was Hua Lingyue who gave her the 200,000 yuan, and she was still a little angry.

Tomorrow after Anxin went to work, an unknown woman came to the house. Ling Yue sneaked up and tied her up and took pictures and sent them to An Xin. An Xin looked at this, isn’t it my girlfriend, it turned out to be a misunderstanding. She explained the ins and outs of this to her girlfriend, but she wanted to persuade Ling Yue to help pretend to be her fake boyfriend. Ling Yue readily agreed. An Xin was still a little jealous. After meeting the parents, the three of them went to dinner together. An Xin drank a lot of wine and got drunk, still yelling that Ling Yue is hers, Ling Yue put An Xin in his arms, and his girlfriend pushed him back home, so drunk An Xin seemed to speak out about herself. For Ling Yue’s feelings, the best friend looked at these two people in surprise.

The next day An Xin woke up and found that Youyou had sent a message to herself and had already left. At this time, she saw that the time was eleven o’clock, and she hurriedly packed up and went to work. As soon as she left the room, she found that Ling Yue had already prepared the meal and was waiting for her. , And told her not to go to work, and had already asked her for leave.

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