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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 8 Recap

Hiukawa saw Yuu on the opposite side of the table, her face stiff, and Chuli beside her was restless. Yuu thought that she and Hiukawa admired each other and that this cooperation would be very pleasant. Hiukawa looked at Chuli and was speechless again. Yu said that she has a close relationship with Shirakawa. When she was a small painter, there was a writing written by Xiaorouchuan on the forum, but the writing style was far from that of Shirakawa.

Zhou Chuan didn’t know what it meant, so he quickly called Chuli to find an excuse and left. Chuli and Jiuchuan went to the supermarket together. Jiuchuan was screaming that he was hungry. Chuli did not forget to send a message to the fox to complain about ungratefulness. It turns out that Xiaojiuchuan is Jiuchuan, and she wouldn’t know how to write a text to Cocoon. fire.

Looking at the news, Jiuchuan didn’t respond, and urged Chuli to go home and cook. The two met by chance that Yu Yao was still working on the phone with the child, and quickly stepped forward to help her coax the child. Yu Yao still had some things, so I asked Chuli to help bring her son. Chuli and Jiuchuan came to eat with the ball. Qiuqi thought that they were boy and girl friends, and the grandmother came to pick up the ball. Only then did Chuli realize that Yu Yao is usually very hard.

Chuli put the purchased items in the refrigerator. It was already the fifth time that Cocoon added Shurikawa. Chuli refused to let him add it, but Shuri had already added it. Chuli was a little angry. Fortunately, Shuli was teasing her. of. Chuli said that Yu Yu said bad things about her friends in front of her, and confessed that Xiao Zhouchuan was her friend and very talented, so Zhou Chuan complained about her in her heart. Gu Baizhi came to look for Cocoon to paint the cover. I heard that she and Yuanyueshe had also reached a cooperation. I hope she can give priority to her cooperation and give more favorable conditions. Chu Li discovered that the distribution plan had reached 350,000 copies.

This number was a bit too exaggerated. Yu Yao said that this book is the most important book of the January Society this year and hoped that she would win it anyway. Yu said that he would hand in the design sketch today. Chuli has contacted many times and there is no news. It was mentioned that Yuu Chuan showed up that the file was damaged, and he would give it to her before going to work tomorrow. Of course, Chuli knew that Cocoon was dragging the manuscript, so he could only agree with a smile.

When Gu Baizhi saw Yunfei reading a book when he was running, he hurried up to remind the manuscript. When Zhou Chuan found out that the two dogs were presenting Chu Li at the Pallajiang River, he ran to Jiang Yucheng and asked him why he cared so much about Chu Li. The two of them entered the restaurant while arguing, and met Gu Baizhi and Yun Fei. . Gu Yunfei likes Jiang Yucheng very much, and chases after him to toast. He is about to publish a new book. He will be online with Jiang Yucheng’s book. The atmosphere between the four is a little strange.

Many years ago, Jiang Yucheng’s book collided with Yun Fei, and the setting of his new book only talked to Gu Baizhi. Jiang Yucheng thought that Gu Baizhi had betrayed him, and angrily proposed to break up. Recalling this past, Jiang Yucheng was very broken. After he was drunk, Hiukawa took him back to his home. Upon seeing this, Chuli hurriedly came up to show concern and asked if Hiukawa had stolen his gift.

Hiukawa said yes. Ergou ran in and dismantled it. He also asked Chu Li to pay attention to Jiang Yucheng tomorrow morning. He was too lazy to explain, but Jiang Yucheng suddenly got up. Zhou Chuan quickly took Chu Li to the side and let her go upstairs to sleep. Fortunately, Jiang Yucheng only had the memory of fish when he was drunk.

Early the next morning, Jiang Yucheng had already gotten up. Zhou Chuan was taken aback. Jiang Yucheng said that he had dreamed of Chu Li last night. Chuli liked Yujiao’s sketch very much, and he quickly sent it to Shirakawa. Axiang reminded her that it did not meet the requirements, and someone posted the sketch, and Chuli was crying without tears. Jiang Yucheng made an appointment with Chuli and said that Shirakawa and him were going to participate in the Writers Association, so they had a meeting in advance.

Zhou Chuan was about to leave. I heard that Chu Li learned through Jiang Yucheng that he was going to participate in the Writers Association. There was a problem with the cover of Cocoon. Hiukawa was satisfied when he saw Chuli’s regretful expression. Then Chuli showed a dogleg expression, which was rejected by Hiukawa decisively. Hiukawa hurriedly found his ID card before leaving.

The calligraphy master Jiang Bohai wrote a set of calligraphy for Zhou Gu Xuan. The two are good friends and make the cover for Zhou Chuan. Editor-in-Chief Xia called Chuli to take a look, and told her to work hard to make achievements. When Zhou Chuan’s message was boring, Mr. Monkey sent a message, and Jiang Yucheng scrambled to read it when he saw it. In the evening, Chuli cried and called Shirakawa to ask him to find his ID card, and asked Cocoon in the group.

Hiukawa had to do it, and Chuli was very grateful. Zhou Gu Xuan came, and Zhou Chuan hung up the phone. Although the painting of Cocoon is good, the areas that need to be modified have not been changed at all, and Jiang Bohai’s words are not used at all. Chuli asked Yuu to revise the manuscript, but Yuu had to talk to Shirakawa in person, and felt that she was preventing herself from meeting Yuu. Chuli threatened to reject the manuscript, and Yuu was very angry.

When Zhouchuan was about to go out to eat, he was stopped by Zhou Guxuan, saying that he had called some friends to eat with him, but Zhou Chuan refused. Zhou Guxuan felt that Zhou Chuan refused to go because he remembered his hatred that his seniors were unwilling to publish his Virgo, and he pricked his painful spot. When Chuli took a bath, the water pipe burst and immediately called the property. The property said that it would only be there before, so Zhou Chuan suddenly rushed back and turned off the water valve.

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