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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 7 Recap

Shirakawa refused to answer that she should use Cocoon as a painter. Anyone but her could be used, but Chuli really couldn’t find another candidate. Axiang said that Du Niao Niao took sick leave in the afternoon and asked Chu Li to help sign the bill. On the phone, Hiukawa talked about the dark history of Cocoon. Chu Li was still busy signing the bill and didn’t hear him at all.

Hikawa was so angry. hang up the phone. Jiang Yucheng was still writing manuscripts in the bookstore, and Chu Li didn’t bother passing by. The next day, Chu Li saw Jiang Yucheng asleep in the shop and left his breakfast. Jiang Yucheng hurriedly chased it out after seeing Jiang Yucheng asleep. Chu Li vigorously made a cheering gesture. Yu Yao said that there was a problem with Huali’s peripheral count.

This was Du Niao Niao’s order, but it was signed by Chu Li. Lao Miao naturally maintained Du Niao Niao. Yu Yao decided to pay all the fines for the two parts. Chu Li was crying. , After calculating an account, found that he had lost five hundred yuan. But at this time, the landlord came and said that the refrigerator door could not be closed, and that his son was about to get married and asked Chuli to move out. Otherwise, the rent would be increased by five hundred next month, and Chuli would collapse again.

In desperation, Chu Li called his father. Dad said that his mother was not too opposed to Chu Li’s behavior, but his small vault was confiscated. Chu Li could only swallow the money back into his stomach. But my father knew that Chuli must be in trouble, and was anxious to give her some money, but her mother refused. Only then can Chuli go home. If he is determined not to go home, he will make a name for himself outside. Yu Yao urged Chuli to order the painter of the Luohe Book of Gods.

When Zhouchuan was seeing Ergou, he received a call from Chuli. Chuli begged him to fix the painter. Zhouchuan said that he was in the hospital to let her come over. Say. Chuli cruelly took a taxi to the hospital, and couldn’t meet Jiang Yucheng to discuss the manuscript. Jiang Yucheng fell in love with a scented candle while shopping, and Gu Baizhi took the initiative to calculate it on her account. She didn’t understand why Jiang Yucheng gave the bookmark to Chuli.

Chuli rushed to the hospital and wore the shoes upside down. Shirakawa said that Ergou had a fight with a German Shepherd, but Chuli was concerned about whether the Ergou had won. Chuli talked about his current situation like a complaint. After a miserable sale, Hikawa finally replied that he used Cocoon as a painter, and Chuli was jumping happily.

Zhou Guxuan called and said that Zhou Chuan was torturing him by putting the two dogs in the pet shop, and that Zhou Chuan was speechless. Next week, the Writers Association will hold a meeting. Zhou Guxuan asks Zhou Chuan and Jiang Yucheng to participate, and also brings the two dogs back for him to raise. Shiu Chuan refuses to attend the meeting and refuses to give the two dogs to Zhou Gu Xuan, so he hung up .

Jiang Yucheng bought two cups of coffee and handed the other cup to Gu Baizhi. Gu Baizhi didn’t understand why Jiang Yucheng chose Chuli. Jiang Yucheng said that she was different from Gu Baizhi. Chuli knew how to respect the work of others. As an author, he would not choose an editor who betrayed him. Jiuchuan also paid for the medical expenses of the German shepherd. Chuli saw the more than 4,000 bills and was eager for the two dogs to bite him.

Chuli persuaded Shirakawa to go to the Writers Association meeting, but Shirakawa said it was boring. Zhou Chuan sent Chuli home, and when he saw the living environment of her home, he proposed to let Chuli live in his own home. He happened to need a person to take care of the two dogs. The rent was free. Chuli looked like he took advantage of it. accepted. According to Chuli’s habit, Zhou Chuan went to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities and customized a wardrobe.

Axiang heard that Chuli had found a new house and was very happy for her, and the two went to Cocoon to discuss cooperation. Yu said that it was too urgent to publish at the end of the year, and there was no chance even if he added money. However, when he learned that it was Hiukawa’s new book this time, he changed his mind. Chuli added that it was Hiukawa’s strong request, and Yuu immediately agreed, but he wanted Talking with Zhou Chuan in person, Chuli had to agree first.

Chuli came to Hiukawa’s house with large bags and small bags of luggage. Hiukawa took out 30 tenancy rules to memorize her, and the two looked like they were fond of each other. Seeing the look of processing running into the house with the two dogs, Shirakawa felt a little warmer, and suddenly said, the moonlight is so beautiful tonight.

That sentence kept reverberating in Chu Li’s mind, and she quickly asked Mr Fox what it means if a person and a girl say that the night is so beautiful tonight. Shirakawa was a little upset when he received the news, but he just blurted it out all of a sudden. Hiukawa asked Churei, do you think he was talking about the weather or did he like you like Natsume Soseki said?

Chuli was taken aback by this thought, and Mr. Fox said that intuition is the most true answer. Chuli checked the weather and found that tonight was the night of the full moon. He took it for granted that Shirakawa was talking about the weather, and he was a single-celled creature and it was impossible to say that.

Chuli hurried to find Jiang Yucheng, Jiang Yucheng gave her a small gift, and said it was to give back to the readers. Chuli asked if there was any way to make Hikawa do things she didn’t want to do, such as having a meal with someone she hated, and Hikawa said not to tell him who was going directly. So Chuli returned home and invited Shirakawa to have dinner together. Some doglegs were acting cute and cute, so Shirakawa had to agree.

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