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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 5 Recap

Zhou Chuan watched the monkey-kun’s homepage for a whole night, and did not release her from the blacklist. Jiang Yucheng met Gu Baizhi on the side of the road and accidentally slapped her foot, so he drove her home. Zhou Chuan Da couldn’t sleep at night and came to Jiang Yucheng. He complained that Chu Lifei asked him to delete things. The key point was that he deleted Monkey King, so he was wondering whether to delete some content. Jiang Yucheng saw that Jun Chuan regretted deleting Mr. Monkey, and persuaded him to add him back brazenly.

Anyway, she didn’t know Mr. Fox was Jun Chuan. After finding the reason, Jun Chuan immediately added Mr. Monkey back. Jiang Yucheng refused to cooperate because Li Yu let himself be stunned, and Gu Baizhi had chased him out to persuade him, what has Zhouchuan been like in the past three years. Jiang Yucheng sarcastically said how they broke up three years ago, didn’t Gu Baizhi know it? Hearing that Shirakawa was very angry about this incident, the creators are most afraid of plagiarism and stubbornness.

Chuli was still working overtime in the middle of the night. Shirakawa called and said he had a cold. In desperation, Chuli could only agree to cook porridge for him in an hour. After all, it was difficult to crowd the bus during the evening peak. Zhou Chuan-oh hung up the phone and went to pick her up. Chuli thought he was really hungry, and started cooking for him as soon as he got home. Zhou Chuan wanted to find a topic to chat with her, but Chu Li was anxious to finish reviewing the manuscript, so he drove him out.

Zhou Chuan was lying on the sofa and Jiang Yucheng showed off that a little girl was cooking for him, and he actually felt life. Chuli made the porridge, and received news that water and electricity were cut off after half an hour after the road was repaired at the door of his house. Chuli planned to go to the Internet cafe for one night. However, Jiu Chuan had to take Chu Li to open the room. The hotel and his family chose one. Chu Li completely rejected the hotel. Chu Li asked her to go to the door to buy some personal clothes and stay in the study for the night.

Chuli flipped through the book curiously in the study, Shirakawa quietly appeared behind her and took away the Natsume Soseki, saying that the heart to defend against others is indispensable, but in fact there is the paper he gave to Monkey King in this book. Tiao, thought she could not find a job and decided to send it to her hometown. Chuli received an application from a friend from Mr. Fox, but Tsundere refused. Shirakawa said that she didn’t know how to be grateful, and the two finally started talking again. Chuli said that she was reading the manuscript in the Internet cafe, and Monkey King teased her that she was hiding in the man’s house, and Chuli was taken aback.

President Luo came to Gu Baizhi for a drink and asked her to reflect on whether Jiang Yucheng did her best in this matter. People will have weaknesses and desires, and Jiang Yucheng does. As an editor, Gu Baizhi couldn’t persuade his writer to dissolve the stalks. When Chu Li was reviewing the manuscript, he found a lot of inconsistencies. Hiukawa quickly took the pen and corrected it. Chu Li was caught in his arms and his heart beat quickly. After taking a shower, Churi was already asleep on the table. Hiukawa couldn’t hold her, so he had to carefully put a blanket on her.

The next day, Chuli woke up and found that Shirakawa was asleep on the sofa. He took a photo with a guilty pleasure and helped him approve the blanket, thanking him for helping him read the rest of the manuscript. Chuli was handed in for the first review, editing and proofreading, and Yu Yao asked her and Du Niaoniao to continue to take charge of the work of Moonlight. Axiang told Chuli that this matter was for friendship creation and almost no money, so she was worried about whether Chuli could find the author. Chuli only knew Shirakawa, so he called and asked his opinion. Shirakawa refused without looking back, and turned around to persuade Monkey King to try again as Fox King. Chuli quickly called Shirakawa again, but Shirakawa refused again.

Even so, Zhou Chuan went to Jiang Yucheng and asked him if he had time to help write something. After all, she was a reader of Jiang Yucheng. Only then did Jiang Yucheng realize that his old readers are netizens and editors of Zhouchuan, who are also the first gifts to the bookstore, and he agreed to help. Jiang Yucheng sent the manuscript to Chuli. After reading the manuscript, Yu Yao praised it and asked Lao Miao to give it to a separate page.

Editor-in-Chief Xia was very serious about proofreading, but most of what he said were the manuscripts that Du Niao was responsible for. Instead, he called Chu Li to the office. Chuli thought that there was a problem with the manuscript of the Luohe Book of Gods. Editor Xia said that she did a good job and encouraged her to continue to work hard to guard against arrogance and rashness. Editor-in-chief Xia took out the manuscripts of his authors in the Yuanyue Society for decades, and let Chuli see if he could photograph them and upload them to the computer so that they would not be lost. Chuli wondered if there were Jiang Yucheng’s manuscripts in it. .

When Zhou Chuan saw Jiang Yucheng’s introductory remarks, he felt a little weird that it was too exciting, and Jiang Yucheng quickly denied it. The two originally planned to go out to play, but Zhou Chuan said that he suddenly remembered that something had caused Jiang Yucheng to stop. Chuli came to buy the magazine early and was very happy to see her name appear. When he returned to Yuanyueshe and found that Zhouchuan was here, he was going out to relax and see the progress of the Luohe Book of God.

Chuli quickly introduced Axiang to Shirakawa, saying that she would be responsible for the art work. Shirakawa proposed a small and fresh western style, and Axiang quickly agreed. Zhou Chuan said that he was going out for a week, but Chu Li was not worried at all. After all, Jiang Yucheng was there. Hikawa selected the covers in the library, and the styles were not matched one by one. Chuli was a little speechless. The two approached again in the narrow aisle, the atmosphere was ambiguous.

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