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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 4 Recap

When he was in a bad mood and wanted to drink, Chuli picked up the wine and ran away. He couldn’t drink because he caught a cold, and he couldn’t laugh or cry. After returning home, Zhou Guxuan complained that Shiuchuan was an enemy. His mother knew that they must have quarreled. Zhou Guxuan felt that the Xiuxian fantasy written by Zhouchuan was meaningless. Lao Miao asked Du Niao Niao to take charge of the third trial process, and once the book was handed over to her, the book had nothing to do with Chu Li. Lao Miao said that this was a deliberate decision he made.

Such an important book cannot be handed over to Chu Li Lai. Responsible, Yu Yao also decided to follow Lao Miao’s ideas, and Chu Li was a bit wronged. Chuli finds Yu Yao and wants to fight for it, but Yu Yao reminds her that Lao Miao is her immediate supervisor, and what Chuli has to do is to find a way to make Lao Miao recognize her ability to work, and hope she will not let herself down. Even so, Chu Li is still inevitably disappointed, everyone’s sadness can only be swallowed silently.

After returning home depressed, Mr. Fox came to her to chat. Chuli was upset because of today’s affairs and had no appetite. Fox-kun sent a voice chat. Hiukawa used his voice to disguise himself. Chuli complained that he had finally signed the contract but let someone else take charge. He was very sad. The two dogs barked, and Hiukawa quickly changed the subject and said that Yuanyue Society did not want to cooperate with Hiukawa, but Chuli felt that even if Hiukawa knew about it, he would not help her. Ah Xiang also persuaded Chu Li to talk to Zhou Chuan. After all, Chu Li chose her between her and Lao Miao, but Chu Li knew that there was no hope, so he decided to submit the review comments before going to work tomorrow.

The next day, Chuli showed Lao Miao the preliminary opinions he had read all night. Lao Miao had no interest. After seeing it, Yu Yao looked through it carefully and decided to ask Zhou Chuan to make his own decision. When Ah Xiang and Chu Li had a meal, they found that Lao Miao sent a circle of friends and said that Zhou Chuan took the initiative to invite him to meet, and Chu Li hurried back to Yuanyue Society. The old Miao thought that Zhouchuan wanted to get close to himself, and he hurriedly gave him a treat.

He didn’t expect that Zhouchuan would sit in the position of Chuli and ask questions about the first trial and the editor. Lao Miao hurriedly introduced Du Niao Niao, saying that she was the most appropriate to take charge of the preliminary review. After all, such an important project could not be left to Chu Li to do. Hiukawa is obviously dissatisfied. There is an unwritten rule in this line that whoever signs the book is responsible for the editor.

As for the scholarly family that Du Niao said, Hiukawa is even more dissatisfied, saying that the editor of this book can only be the first gift. Not negotiable. Chuli rushed back to Yuanyueshe under the rain, and happened to meet Shiu Chuan. Chu Li asked Shiu Chuan to edit the book of Luohe God to her. She really wanted to be the editor of this book, but Shiu Chuan teased her on purpose and said she wanted to. Thinking about it, Chuli hurriedly went upstairs and took out his proofreading draft. As a result, Shirakawa was gone, leaving only an umbrella.

Yu Yao announced that Chuli was in charge of reviewing the manuscript in the group, and would take her personally. She was also the editor in charge of this book, and Chuli was very happy. As soon as Hiukawa returned home, Monkey King sent a message saying that he had taken back the right to edit, and the biggest reward for Hiukawa was to sell his books!

In order to complete the work, Chuli began to work overtime to review the manuscript day and night. Chu Li and Du Niao became normal, and everyone celebrated. Editor-in-Chief Xia praised the two. Lao Miao obviously didn’t like Chu Li, saying that Du Niao had more potential, and he almost fought with Yu Yao.

Jiang Yucheng and Li Yu talked about cooperation again. Li Yu asked him to change his background and add emotional lines. Jiang Yucheng directly refused to cooperate. Chu Lilai returned the umbrella, but Zhou Chuan said that the umbrella was not lent to her, but to Lao Miao. Chu Li obviously didn’t believe it. Chuli said that the volume of his novel is seriously exceeding the standard. Please ask him to delete one hundred thousand characters.

Of course, Chuli disagrees, and Chuli has to chase him every day. Chuli drew a big red cross on the manuscript, and also drew a yawning villain. He painstakingly found many reasons to persuade him to delete some content, but Shirakawa refused again. Chuli sent a message to Mr. Fox in a gloomy manner. After seeing this, Shiukawa became even more angry and threatened not to delete it!

Having said that, Shirakawa took out the proofreading manuscript sent by Chuli and checked it carefully until the day. Zhou Chuan had already deleted some content, and Chu Li was very satisfied, and sent a message to Mr. Fox but found that he had blacked himself out. Chuli went to a convenience store to drink in depression and met Jiang Yucheng. Chuli complained that the relationship between people is so fragile, saying that it would be irresponsible to lose contact. Jiang Yucheng was also a little sad, and some things didn’t go well. Jiang Yucheng asked Chuli what to do if Jiang Yucheng didn’t write novels in the future, but Chuli thought that he would definitely come back.

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