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Moonlight 月光变奏曲 Episode 3 Recap

When Chu Li received the news, he immediately went to Shu Li Lai’s house. Unexpectedly, Chu Li said that the seal had not been found yet, so he asked Chu Li Lai to help and clean up the house by the way. Chuli hurriedly started looking for a seal, and Shirakawa asked her if she was in a relationship. Chuli absently said that she was too busy to work. Chuli found a book in Shirakawa’s family, and she once snatched it from Fox-kun. Gu Baizhi went to the thatched cottage three times to find Zhouchuan.

Chuli heard that he hurriedly said that Zhouchuan had signed a contract with her, so they could not have a chance, and they were very excited. Chuli was anxious to go back to work and hurried back, Shiuchuan felt abandoned. In the taxi, at the beginning of the week, I asked Du Qiu to help organize the library, and agreed to help her do the PPT.

Zhou Chuan’s mind is full of Chu Li, and Yu Yao heard that Chu Li went to help Zhou Chuan find a seal again, asking her not to go out to work for this reason in the future. Chuli stayed up all night and finished the PPT, and Lao Miao was very satisfied with Du Niaoyu’s PPT.

The two accidentally broke the computer, and Chuli ran over to give her a new computer. Lao Miao scolded her and asked her to do her own business. Chuli was very excited about meeting Jiang Yucheng, so he planned to hide and take pictures. He told Mr. Fox that he was jealous when he received the news, so he immediately called and asked Chuli to come home immediately, otherwise the contract would not be signed. .

When Chu Li left, she passed by Jiang Yucheng. Zhou Chuan said that the washing machine was broken and she wanted Chuli to help embroider, and she wanted her to continue cleaning. Chuli couldn’t help but broke out.

She was obviously very busy! After Chuli complained about these words, he reorganized his mood and said that he would come to clean him tomorrow, and Shirakawa had lingering fears because of Chuli’s anger. Lao Miao praised Du Niao Niao, Du Niao Niao and Chu Li’s probation period has passed more than half, and whoever stays in the end depends on the contract.

In the middle of the night, Shiukawa worried that Chuli was still angry and sent a message, and Chuli complained to Mr. Fox. Then Shirakawa called Chuli and said that she would not use it tomorrow. Gu Baizhi brought Jiang Yucheng to meet with Li Yu. Jiang Yucheng was a fan of Li Yu, and the two had a very happy chat. Gu Baizhi could drink it, Jiang Yucheng was obviously worried. He admired Li Yu’s work. That’s right, but it doesn’t mean he wants to cooperate with Li Yu. Gu Baizhi wanted Jiang Yucheng to come out of the bookstore and start again. Jiang Yucheng felt a little funny. Isn’t she the one who forced him to this situation?

Jiang Yucheng and Zhou Chuan played together. Jiang Yucheng refused to cooperate with Yuanyue Society, and specially posted a Weibo saying that Lao Miao and Du Niao sang and fooled him with some fairy-cultivating fantasy. Yu Yao was a little angry when he saw it, and Du Niaoyu quickly confessed that she didn’t write the PPT, but she asked Chuli to help change it. Lao Miao began to scold Chu Li, and Chu Li was very aggrieved. How could this be blamed on her. Editor-in-chief Xia called Jiang Yucheng and learned the real reason for Jiang Yucheng’s refusal. He immediately met to criticize Lao Miao. Lao Miao kept saying that it was for his own good. Editor Xia once again emphasized the need to respect the author.

Axiang came to help Chuli clean up the library, and advised her to keep a low profile and not offend the old seedlings. He is backed by Director Liang. It is rumored that Editor-in-Chief Xia is about to retire, and Director Liang will take over his work. Director Liang has a very close relationship with Lao Miao.

Director Liang is very dissatisfied with the management of Editor-in-Chief Xia. He also told Lao Miao that as soon as Editor-in-Chief Xia retires, the Yuanyue Society will follow his philosophy and let Lao Miao keep an eye on the editorial department. Director Liang also said that Yuedong had taken a look at Zhouchuan’s book to play a game, and asked him to sign Zhouchuan himself.

Lao Miao said that he was going to take over the affairs of Zhouchuan and that Chu Li was no longer in charge. Chu Li was taken aback. Didn’t this mean that she was letting her leave. Chuli couldn’t get through to Shirakawa’s phone and hurried to his house. It turned out that Shirakawa’s cold got worse. Chuli went to Zhouchuan’s house again, Lao Miao was very dissatisfied, but Axiang wanted to explain for her but it was too late.

Chuli found the thermometer, and helped Zhouchuan make porridge, so that he could drink a bowl of porridge before taking medicine. Zhou Chuan proudly said that he had no energy to drink, so Chu Li had to feed him. Chu Li felt that Chu Li hated him and started to be awkward, and Chu Li quickly said that he didn’t hate him anymore. Seeing that Zhou Chuan obediently drank the cold medicine, Chu Li made the intention, but he didn’t expect that Zhou Chuan was already asleep. Chuli put a stall on him, and looked at him quietly and sighed that it would be nice if he was always so behaved.

Lao Miao came to Yu Yao to tell her that she wanted to end her probation period ahead of time and try her best to train Du Niao Niao, and Yu Yao agreed. After Zhou Chuan woke up, he found the note left by Chu Li, and asked him to take his temperature first. There was still porridge in the pot. Du Niaoling contacted Hippo teacher, so he was left. Chuli was terminated the probation period ahead of schedule. Chuli wanted to call Jiuchuan to prove that Jiuchuan had the intention to cooperate with him, but he couldn’t get through.

At this time, Shirakawa specially came to deliver the contract. Chuli was very pleasantly surprised and quickly thanked him. If it weren’t for him, she would be fired. Turning around, Jiuchuan sent a message to Chuli again as a netizen. Chuli said that she had changed the remarks of Jiuchuan. It was not the actress but the benefactor.

Zhou Chuan went to the bookstore and seemed to be in a good mood. Jiang Yucheng said that he had made an appointment with his father for dinner, and Chu Gu Xuan was also there, so he wanted to let him go with him. Zhou Chuan said he would not go, but in the end he still came. Jiang Yucheng quickly reconciled the relationship between his father and son and asked him to pick vegetables for Zhou Guxuan.

However, Zhou Chuan said that he had no habit of picking vegetables for others. Zhou Guxuan criticized Zhou Chuan’s article, and Zhou Chuan hurriedly took a few mouthfuls and left with anger. When he got home, Chuli saw Chuli looking outside and hiding behind him, but Chuli knocked out his nosebleed.

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