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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 19 Recap

Grandma Fushun said that she didn’t know about secret roads. Jiang Coke was a little broken. She said that she had come all the way to hear these three words. Grandma Fushun wentssiping about the progress between Jiang Coke and Lu Xiao. , Jiang Coke was fainted by Grandma Fushun, and said that she would go back and ask Lu Xiao about their relationship. Grandma Fushun grabbed Jiang Coke and asked if she had thought about how to fall in love with Lu Xiao, and whether she had thought about bringing it.

When Lu Xiao went to the outside world to play together, Jiang Coke was a little excited, saying that he understood, he would confirm the relationship with Lu Xiao, and then take him out to play. Jiang Coke sighed, thinking that secret road was for her love. built.

Jiang Coke called out the virtual Lu Xiao, broke up with the virtual Lu Xiao, and thanked him for his company over the past year, allowing her to come out of the trough of broken love, making her feel that she is worthy of love, and she is now I want to bid farewell to the virtual Lu Xiao and start a real relationship in real life.

The virtual Lu Xiao was a little sad. Seeing that Jiang Coke had made a decision, I wished her happiness and asked Jiang Coke to remember that I was only for her. People exist, if Jiang Coke is sad, you can come back to see him, Jiang Coke agreed. Jiang Coke made up his mind to return to real life, and after taking off his glasses, he threw away the game glasses case.

Early the next morning, Jiang Coke was about to confess to Lu Xiao, and she also prepared to put some makeup on. She didn’t have any cosmetics, so she ran to Guan Qianya’s room. Guan Qianya learned that Jiang Cole was going to confess to Lu Xiao, so she took out her new The cosmetics I bought helped Jiang Coke put on makeup. Jiang Coke carefully dressed up.

When she went to work in the secret garden, she was praised by everyone. Just as she was expecting to confess to Lu Xiao, Grandma Fushun called Jiang Coke. , Said Lu Xiao’s mother passed away. Lu Xiao and Jiang Coke hurried to the nursing home. Lu Xiao’s mother’s room was empty.

Grandma Fushun showed up and told Lu Xiao that since Lu Xiao was adopted by Xu Guanghan, she would go to the welfare home to tell Lu Xiao’s mother Lu Xiao every year. Let her not worry about the recent situation. This made Lu Xiao’s mother stop looking for Lu Xiao. She could see Lu Xiao again in the last days of her life. Lu Xiao’s mother had no regrets anymore. Lu Xiao was extremely sad and turned back to the secret garden alone. , I want to be alone.

Lu Xiao shut himself in the room for a whole page, and refused to go out to eat the next day. Jiang Coke comforted a few words at the door of the room, and then stood by the door to accompany Lu Xiao. No matter how Jiang Coke persuaded, Lu Xiao still refused. Eating or drinking, and refusing to speak, Su Lie and Luo could get sick for Lu Xiao, so they wanted to call Rena over. Jiang Coke hurriedly said that Rena had been here, and Rena asked them not to disturb Lu Xiao and let Lu Xiao take care of it. After resting for a few days, the two of them gave up.

At night, Lu Xiao finally left the room. Seeing that Jiang Coke had fallen asleep at the door of his room, he hurriedly took Jiang Coke to the sofa to rest, and covered her with a blanket. Jiang Coke hadn’t come home yet, Guan Qianya Send a message to ask Xu Nian. Xu Nian went out to check and found Jiang Coke. Jiang Coke also woke up. He quickly went to Lu Xiao to check and found that Lu Xiao was missing.

Several people searched for a while, only to find that Lu Xiao had gone to the orphanage alone. drink. When Xu Nian and Guan Qianya saw this, they left Jiang Coke to accompany Lu Xiao. Lu Xiao was still blaming himself for leaving his mother. Jiang Coke patiently persuaded him not to blame himself, and said to take him to a place.

Guan Qianya asked about Xu Nian’s parents. Xu Nian said that she didn’t know who her parents were. Xu Guanghan said that his mother was a very irresponsible person, so he didn’t want to look for it. Later, he wondered if Xu Guanghan was lying to him. So planning to wait for the secret garden to find the truth by herself. Guan Qianya was very happy when she learned that Xu Nian had decided to leave the secret garden, but Xu Nian said that it is not a good time. When Lu Xiao is in a better mood, she will discuss the matter with Lu Xiao. .

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