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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 52 Recap

Concubine Yan called the imperial physician to treat the emperor. After reviewing the pulse, she said that the emperor was weak and could not use violent medicine. She could only take medicine to replenish the emperor’s vitality. Concubine Yan took the opportunity to let the emperor fall asleep for a period of time. Stimulating the emperor to wake up, and refused to let the concubines see the emperor, Li Baolin saw that the situation was not good, so he asked the maid to find someone to go out of the palace to pass a letter to Fu Rou, so that Fu Rou must stay in the Ci’en Temple and never return to the palace.

Here Cao’s servant intercepted the emperor’s secret edict and dedicated it to Concubine Yan. Only then did Yan Fei know that the emperor was ready to take off from King Zhou. When King Zhou learned that the emperor had a sudden illness, he went to Concubine Yan and asked if Concubine Yan did it. Yes, Yan Fei became aggrieved, saying how could she be so cruel with the emperor for decades.

In the evening, Fu Rou and his party set up camp outside Chang’an City, and they could return to Chang’an the next day. Jun Hui rushed to the camp and sent a message from Li Baolin. After learning about the situation in the palace, Fu Rou did not intend to escape, and decided to return to the palace. Performing his responsibilities, Sheng Chumu worried about Fu Rou’s comfort and didn’t want Fu Rou to go back. Fu Rou patiently persuaded him that Sheng Chumu had also done things for the sake of responsibility regardless of his own safety.

Under Fu Rou’s persuasion, Sheng Chumu could only agree to Fu Rou’s return to the palace. General Dugu also learned about the situation in Chang’an and agreed to Fu Rou’s return to the palace to find out the truth. General Dugu said that he was in charge of the imperial army. If someone used swordsmen in the palace, he would definitely protect Fu Rou.

Fu Rou knew that there was danger in the palace, so instead of asking King Qin to return to the palace with herself, she asked them to pretend to be King Qin. General Dugu wanted to follow into the palace, but was stopped by Cao Nei’s attendant with Zhou Wang’s hand-instruction, but General Dugu took out the emperor’s edict and said that he only listened to the emperor’s edict. He also rejected Zhou Wang’s handwriting and refused to disband Baiqi.

On the other side, as soon as Fu Rou returned to the palace, Yan Fei took Wei Song and executed Wei Song in front of everyone. Fu Rou hurried forward to speak for Wei Song, but could not produce evidence that Wei Song was innocent. Yan Fei insisted. To kill Wei Song and Liwei, Fu Rou had no choice but to rescue Wei Song with the word of forgiveness given by the first queen.

Although Yan Fei is now covering the sky, she can’t ignore the rules of the first queen and can only let Fu Rou save Wei Song. After rescuing Wei Song, Fu Rou returned to the Give Gifts Bureau and punished He Sizan. He Sizan had just flattered that Concubine Yan was going to Wei Song to die and accepted bribes in private. Fu Rou imprisoned He Sizan according to the law. .

After the servant found out that the fake King Qin was missing, the servant Jade searched for the king of Qin in the palaces by searching for the missing Ruyi. Fortunately, with the cooperation of General Dugu, the palaces had little loss.

Sheng Chumu took Dr. He to see Fang Xiang. With the help of Fang Xiang and General Dugu, Concubine Yan agreed to give the emperor acupuncture and moxibustion. The emperor finally regained consciousness, but the jade servant on the other side asked Zhou Wang to general Fang Xiang. After being demoted from Chang’an, Zhou Wang was a little angry, saying that he had transferred his troops because the emperor was seriously ill, and now he was going to move the minister of the court. He told the jade servant that he had done something or not.

Ma Haihu overheard the conversation between Yan Zifang and Fu Shui. Fu Shui asked Yan Zifang to find someone named Shu Ziqi. Yan Zifang was very dissatisfied that Fu Shui killed Lian Yan’er and wanted to give Ma Haihu a high-ranking official. Ma Haihu learned that Lian Yan’er was The damage caused by the covered water was very accidental. After the covered water was gone, Ma Haihu kept following the covered water secretly, but the covered water’s men grabbed it, and the covered water directly killed Ma Haihu.

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