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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 17 Recap

In Gu Renqi’s office, Gu Renqi couldn’t help but want to kiss when he saw Shuangjiao coming in. Hu You happened to break in and meet him. The two hurriedly separated. At that time, he blushed and became unresponsive Hu You. They easily believed the explanation of the blushing by the two of them. The two lied that they were drinking, and Hu You also felt a little questioned afterwards. After all, he didn’t smell the wine after drinking, so Hu You went to ask Li Dongxian for inquiries, but Li Dongxian Did not tell Hu You.

It was Shuangjiao who always thought that Gu Renqi had changed, but Lu Xian accidentally discovered that Gu Renqi sent Shuangjiao back and drove away. He still wiped the handlebars with sterile tissues. After asking the master, he learned that this might be a patient. There was no recovery at all, just pretending to recover, and the situation was serious, which made Lu Xian very worried.

In order to avoid everyone’s random speculation, Gu Renqi directly announced his relationship with Shuangjiao in the company, and everyone was very envious. Gu Renqi’s grandfather and a hero caused a quarrel because the two were in love. The grandpa went to find a hero. The irony was that Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi were greedy for money, and he thought that the status of Shuangjiao was very low.

It ruined the reputation of Gu’s family, but the hero did not show weakness. It was okay to insult him, but he insulted his daughter. It was the hero who reminded his grandfather to discipline Gu Renqi. It is Gu Renqi who pursues the double pride first and rests on him. After eating at home, my grandpa was so angry that he left home.

Although the hero ran on Gu Renqi’s grandfather, he knew in his heart that the Gu family despised them and was unwilling to let Shuangjiao and Gu Ren together. Therefore, he knew that Gu Renqi would go out to dinner with Shuangjiao. Pretending to be sick, Shuangjiao had to stay at home to accompany his father. It was the hero who was going to be taken to the doctor, so he didn’t hide it at all. It directly showed that he didn’t want Shuangjiao and Gu Ren to be together.

It’s Junjie who is in charge of the school’s face value, the famous school grass, performing singing shows in the school, is crazy sought after by the girls, but in Junjie’s eyes, only Zhu Yan looks tenderly, in front of everyone. Noodles took Zhu Yan’s hand and left, which made Zhu Yan feel the love from Junjie.

Li Dongxian didn’t want to hurt Wang Qianqian. When he saw Wang Qianqian coming to see her grandma in the hospital, she immediately drove Wang Qianqian away. Grandma didn’t know the whole story. Seeing this, she felt a little sorry to persuade Li Dongxian to chase after Wang Qianqian, but Li Dongxian told her grandma that he and Wang Qianqian were not. People along the way are not a good match.

It’s the hero who has always looked at her as a double pride. He just didn’t let her go on a date with Gu Renqi. Gu Renqi couldn’t bear to come to visit but was pushed out by the hero, but he never thought of falling down suddenly. Pride is locked in the room, and Gu Renqi, who is obsessed with cleanliness, can’t reach out to help him as a hero. It just so happened that Lu Xian came and helped him to be a hero. The hero couldn’t help but blame Gu Renqi. He didn’t believe in Gu Renqi’s explanation that he had a cleanliness addiction. He also told Gu Renqi about Grandpa Gu’s arrival at home. And said that the two are inappropriate.

After Gu Renqi understood the situation, he called to make an appointment with Junjie to find a way. At the same time, it was Shuangjiao who also called Zhu Yan over, and privately discussed that it was a heroic way to deal with it. Rather, Shuangjiao also discussed with Lu Xian to get Grandpa Gu’s approval. Lu Xian asked about the car accident of Shuangjiao’s mother, but learned that the other party had to pay two million yuan, but his father refused.

Wang Qianqian was sad because she had been rejected by Li Dongxian. After getting drunk, she called Li Dongxian. Li Dongxian was distressed when she heard the voice on the phone, and worried that Wang Qianqian had an accident and hurried over and sent her back. Wang Qianqian expressed his love for Li Dongxian, holding his hand and refused to let go. Li Dongxian’s last line of defense was successfully crushed, and also expressed his love to Wang Qianqian, and the two kissed.

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