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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 16 Recap

After several days of treatment, Xiao Yuanshan was finally discharged from the hospital. Just as Xiao Mu was helping him pack his things, he suddenly saw Chen Mo with the little girl Yang Yang from the back, so he followed all the way to the convenience store. Yang Yang deliberately called Chen Mo’s father, which caused Xiao Mu’s misunderstanding, and he regarded him as a scum man with a family. Seeing that Xiao Mu didn’t listen to any explanation, and walked away, Chen Mo was very depressed. It was not until Yang Yang said a word that he woke him up, and found that the reason why Xiao Mu was angry was simply because he was jealous.

Xiao Mu participated in the interview for the Sisters under Chu Xuexia, only to see Zhang Junzhuo, who is also an examiner. Due to Xiao Mu’s good performance, he was appreciated by Director Zhao, Zhang Junzhuo recognized her identity through the scar on her left hand, but did not say clearly. After signing the filming contract, Xiao Mu was about to leave when he ran into Yao Menggui coming from the opposite side. Although Yao Menggui claimed that she had come to meet with the creative team to make sure that she was in a special role, Xiao Mu knew very well that she was here to grab a role.

Chang Ming was dissatisfied with Xiao Mu’s unauthorized decision, so he didn’t send a driver to pick him up. Chen Mo drove her home when she saw it, and introduced a good audition. At this time, Chang Ming called Xiao Mu to inform Xiao Mu to attend the dinner. Xiao Mu rejected Chen Mo’s kindness. He didn’t know that Chen Mo had asked all the crew for her to win this opportunity.

Since the premiere under the first snow is imminent, Chang Ming suggested that Xiao Mu take the opportunity to show his face and definitely get acquainted with directors and producers in the circle. Xiao Mu thought twice and agreed to go to the premiere and carefully selected evening dresses. It happened that Chen Mo was also there. When Yao Menggui saw Xiao Mu’s appearance, he pretended to be a good sister. As a result, when the sisters were on the red carpet, the surrounding reporters talked a lot, all mocking Xiao Mu for having a similar face, but actually rubbing Yao Menggui’s enthusiasm. .

Seeing this, Li Jin deliberately stepped on Xiao Mu’s evening dress, causing her to fall on the red carpet and embarrassed on the spot. Yao Menggui pretended to help Xiao Mu in front of the camera, and only changed her face when she came backstage. Tian Sisi fights the injustice for Xiao Mu, but is stopped by Xiao Mu. Chen Mo asks the staff to send her a shawl to cover the torn neckline of the evening dress.

Yao Meng on the premiere stage talked about the money and took the initiative to talk about her childhood dreams, but every word she said, in fact, came from Xiao Mu’s mouth, and now it has become a way of whitewashing her own words. Xiao Mu squatted at the entrance of the hall alone, watching the insulting words on the phone, which were completely different from the lively atmosphere in the hall, which seemed particularly ironic.

Because of this, Xiao Mu no longer succumbed to this humiliation. She was angry with her biological sister’s squeeze, and even the deception of the person she trusted the most. At the same time, she understood that only by learning to fight back could she better protect herself. Chen Mo was aware of Xiao Mu’s change, but he had no way to stop it.

Banana’s work was not going well. In order to get the first-hand information, he simply went to talk to Chang Ming and even revealed to him that Chen Mo liked Xiao Mu, which was considered a match for good buddies. For Chang Ming, Xiao Mu had a solid family background and strong ability. He was both the eldest son of the Chen Group and the director of the Jiayuan platform. If Xiao Mu were to follow this big man, he would not worry about resources in the future.

However, Chen Mo found out that Banana had known Xiao Mu’s identity, and he was rather helpless about it. But what made him even more headache was that Xiao Mu went uncharacteristically and tolerated Chang Ming’s miserable listing of Xiao Mu’s life experience on the Internet. Xiao Mu and Yao Menggui participated in a variety show together. She deliberately played a sisterly relationship with Yao Menggui in front of the camera, and fell and broke her leg in the game.

At first, Chen Mo thought Xiao Mu was injured by an accident, but he didn’t expect that she was meticulously designing everything, and was shocked. Yao Menggui saw Xiao Mu’s drama, and then sneered. She and her sister are now destined to be incompatible.

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