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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 15 Recap

Xiao Mu took the initiative to express his gratitude to Chen Mo and promised to repay the money sooner or later, but Chen Mo didn’t care about this, so he gave her a note and left. However, the content of the note reminds Xiao Mu that she should pay attention to the surveillance at home. Xiao Mu didn’t believe it at first, but seeing photos of her father’s hospitalization posted online, coupled with satirical comments from netizens, she couldn’t help entering the surveillance password. , I saw that it was all archived videos about her.

Xiao Mu was shocked when she learned that Yao Menggui had deliberately passed Xiao Yuanshan’s incident to the media. She had never thought that her kind sister would do such a thing. However, Yao Menggui in turn accused Xiao Mu of accepting Chang Ming’s contract, and even began to turn over old accounts, whether it was acting in the limelight or having a meal with Song Ci.

Despite Xiao Mu’s repeated explanations, however, Yao Menggui had a deep grudge against her, and said that the reason why he changed the monitoring password to the day of adoption was nothing more than missing the day of leaving the orphanage and completely getting rid of Xiao Mu’s burden. Xiao Mu was completely disappointed when she heard Yao Menggui’s ruthless words. She returned the bank card and walked out of the apartment in despair.

Coming to the side of the road, Xiao Mu repeatedly considered and decided to dial the usual number and formally sign the brokerage contract. Compared to Xiao Mu’s heartbroken, Yao Menggui didn’t care whether the sisters’ relationship broke down, because she was afraid that Xiao Mu’s shadow would not last long, and sooner or later would wait for an opportunity to replace herself. The previous car accident experience has caused Yao Menggui to bear too much, especially witnessing Xiao Mu’s outstanding role in the crew and the glory of the stars holding the moon, which eventually made her jealous and devour her conscience, secretly planning everything, and betraying the Xiao family information.

Chen Mo took the initiative to visit Xiao Yuanshan in the hospital and was relieved to see that he was in a good condition. Xiao Yuanshan knew that his daughter liked acting, so he urged Chen Mo to help Chen Mo, no matter what his status, but it was enough to show the importance of being in Xiao Mu’s heart. At the same time, Chang Ming sponsored Xiao Mu to participate in shopping mall exhibition promotion, but he did not realize that these so-called facial masks were all three-no products, which had already aroused the anger of the victims.

Seeing the victim push Xiao Mu down and end the activity in embarrassment, Chen Mo felt uncomfortable. Xiao Mu moved into the new house under Chang Ming’s arrangement and posted Weibo as soon as possible, but was humiliated by netizens. Because Xiao Mu’s acting skills under the first snow are good, and the interaction between her and Song Ci is very sweet, before the crew releases the premiere, Jiang Shu intends to take the opportunity to overheat the CP topic of Yao Menggui and Song Ci.

Regarding Uncle Jiang’s proposal, Yao Menggui believes that both her and Song Ci are in a period of rising careers, and there is no need for excessive publicity. As long as the characters in the movie are enough to impress people, I believe the audience will buy it. It happened that Song Ci came back from the outside and deliberately mentioned Xiao Mu’s affairs. Obviously, it was known that the two sisters had exchanged identities. Yao Menggui neither denied nor admitted, and quarreled a few words by the way.

Xiao Mu took over the role of a web drama produced at a small cost. Even though she played the role seriously, it is a pity that the director is a second gangster who doesn’t take it seriously. Everything is done by fooling. Chen Mo came over on behalf of the Jiayuan platform and couldn’t help asking why Xiao Mu chose such a bad scene, but Xiao Mu didn’t appreciate it at all and insisted on arguing with the director to remake the scene. In the end, the director accused Sang Huai and looked down on her secretly. As a stand-in for Yao Menggui.

Director Zhao is about to prepare the sister chapter under the first snow, and even Zhang Junzhuo is also the producer of this drama. Uncle Jiang took Yao Menggui to accompany Director Zhao, hoping to win the position of the heroine, but Yao Menggui had no interest in this. He just wanted to let Xiaowen inquire about Xiao Mu’s news. Knowing that his sister was bullied, he would continue to be on fire. Pour oil.

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