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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 14 Recap

When the brokerage contract expired, Yao Menggui unilaterally announced the termination, and mocked Chang Ming’s greed for having made a lot of money on her in the previous years. Because Chang Ming lost Yao Menggui’s fortune tree, he planned to find Xiao Mu and offered an acting agency contract.

Because when Xiao Yuanshan had a heart attack, Chang Ming happened to witness everything not far from the set, so through investigation, it was concluded that Xiao Mu was pretending to be Yao Menggui to play under the first snow. Even though Xiao Mu decisively refused, Chang Ming still did not give up, even hinting that she should pay attention to Xiao Yuanshan’s body.

Yao Menggui led the team to join Uncle Jiang’s company. When he left, he met Song Ci, and he still had a lukewarm attitude towards him. However, since Yao Menggui’s return, Song Ci suddenly felt that she was significantly different from the previous one through the following days of getting along. In order to confirm his inner guess, he simply took Yao Menggui to the restaurant he had visited.

Sure enough, Yao Menggui had no impression of this, and it made Song Ci believe that the Yao Menggui he had been in contact with some time ago was actually someone else pretending to be. Although the warm person had already left, Song Ci was still very pleased that the person deep in his heart returned to him. On the other hand, Yao Menggui, who was showing his feet, complained privately about Song Ci’s forgetting herself. She had just entered the entertainment circle to participate in various wine bureaus, and thus had a relationship with Song Ci and even received help from the other party.

In the days that followed, Xiao Yuanshan was marketed by the media, and public opinion grew. Xiao Mu called Yao Menggui to understand the situation, and could only wait for the enthusiasm of the matter to decrease. Chen Mo left Chen’s father’s company, submitted his resume for interview in the industry, and finally got a job in Jiayuan Film and Television.

After the shooting under the first snow was completed, Yao Menggui and Song Ci often participated in various shows to speculate on topics. Everyone has stepped into the normal life of life. Even Xiao Mu lived peacefully and peacefully in the small mountain village. Only occasionally remembered the episode of the crew. Time. A few months later, Tian Sisi met Chen Mo while rehearsing the drama and couldn’t help mentioning Yao Menggui and Xiao Mu.

Through his own efforts, Chen Mo raised his salary and was promoted, and soon took charge of the company’s large and small affairs, and contacted the film and television. Taking advantage of his rest, Banana took the initiative to call to meet and eat. The two brothers talked a lot, but on the way back, they saw unscrupulous customers making things difficult for the female takeaway. Seeing this scene, Chen Mo thought of Xiao Mu, so he couldn’t help but rushed to knock the customers to the ground. When they came out of the police station, it was midnight.

Yao Menggui quit his assistant and driver, and took over the program that recorded daily life. Xiao Mu saw Yao Menggui on TV. Because he was worried that his sister would not be able to take care of him, he simply called her to tell her about various matters. At this time, Tian Sisi came from afar, and Xiao Mu was full of emotion when he saw this good girlfriend who had turned an enemy into a friend.

Even if Xiao Mu repeatedly denied that she was Yao Menggui, Tian Sisi didn’t believe it at all. Instead, she joked that she had not improved her acting skills after several months in the crew. Just as the two were arguing about this, they didn’t expect Xiao Yuanshan to have a heart attack, so Tian Sisi hurriedly drove him and Xiao Mu to the hospital in the city.

When she came to the entrance of the hospital, Tian Sisi took the mouthpiece to Xiao Mu and stayed with her outside the operating room. Considering that she still had a lot of work in her hands, Tian Sisi left the hospital first. Xiao Mu learned that there were no beds in the hospital and needed to be transferred. He originally wanted to contact Yao Menggui, but he was afraid of trouble, so she asked Chang Ming for help.

Chang Ming made a special trip to deal with the matter and reminded Xiao Mu to consider his proposal, whether he wants to be an actor or not, he must save money to treat Xiao Yuanshan’s illness. After all, the patient now needs stent surgery. Xiao Mu didn’t immediately agree, but when he saw that Carly’s deposit was not enough to pay the hospitalization fee, he hesitated immediately. The nurse told someone that he had already paid, Xiao Mu seemed to have thought of something, and hurriedly chased it out, and he saw Chen Mo leaving behind.

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