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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 8 Recap

Zhao Xiaoqian took the medicine and gave Xie Xiaoman the medicine. Xie Xiaoman felt that what Madam Zhu said was wrong and refused to accept it. Zhao Xiaoqian said that going to school for a married woman would be a big problem in the world. Xie Xiaoman retorted that they had agreed that they had no other relationship after two years of marriage.

If she didn’t plan for herself now, it would be impossible for her to go to school two years later. Go from one back house to another back house. Zhao Xiaoqian was a little angry when Xie Xiaoman said that after two years, there was no other relationship, and told her not to go to the academy.

Brother Li came to see Ming Gu. He saw that Xie Xiaoman didn’t go to the academy today, expecting something happened, so he came to ask if he could help. On the day Xie Xiaoman got married, Aunt Ming sent someone to Xiao Zhangtai to deliver a letter to Senior Brother Li, but he still didn’t come. Now I know it’s not important. Xiao Man is married and has a lot of trouble now.

Biandu There was a mother who refused to let her study, and Mr. Liu had no choice but to ask Yang Shan to come forward. Brother Li asked Minggu to find a way to take Xiaoman to the school for the exam on the day of the exam. He would pass Xiaoman’s test paper to Yang Shanchang. Yang Shanchang was the great scholar of Wujiang Mansion and the King of Julu Jun was in the palace and he was guided by him. Who can cure Zhao Xiaoqian in the entire Wujiang Mansion is the only one.

Zhao Xiaoqian went to Shen Yan for help and fought with Shen Yan for a cricket. If he lost, he was willing to bet. Shen Yan did not want his sister to marry Zhao Xiaoqian and agreed to help. On the day Xie Xiaoman returned, he was taken to the academy by Ming Gu for the exam. A family member secretly followed when she saw her in the academy and went back to report. Zhao Xiaoqian found the academy. He had a quarrel with Senior Brother Li.

When Xie Xiaoman heard half of the questions he answered, he came out to stop the two of them. Zhao Xiaoqian wanted to take Xie Xiaoman back to the house. Mr. Liu came out and said that he had something to take with Xiao Man Jiang Xiaoman. Senior Brother Li handed Xie Xiaoman’s article to Shan Chang. The Shan Chang praised Xie Xiaoman but he said he would not interfere in this matter. Shan Chang changed hands and gave the article to him. The King of Julu County.

Mr. Liu and Xie Xiaoman are both willing to read and love to read, but they are trapped by the world’s obstruction and leaving messages. She feels that it is unfair. The two had a good conversation. Mr. Liu hoped that she would not stop studying. Only her thoughts can support her for a lifetime. Zhao Xiaoqian had to lead Shen Yan when he lost, but Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t have any expressions. Xie Xiaoman returned to her family, Zhao Xiaoqian was late, and a few people happily ate dinner.

Yan Boyang envied Zhao Xiaoqian’s daughter-in-law and said a few words in front of his mother that the Yan family and Xie family plan to let Yan Boyang and Xie Ruying get married. Zhao Xiaoqian was angry for several days and ignored Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman knew that Zhao Xiaoqian helped her, and she promised him to embroider him with a sachet to prevent mosquitoes. Mr. Xu said that he would take them to Tangjiao Village for two days to view the crops. Hearing that there is a Kunyanshan Temple there, Ming Gu suggested that Xie Xiaoman take Zhao Xiaoqian to play.

Zhao Xiaoqian went to the master, and the master asked him if he really didn’t join the Xiongjie Camp. Zhao Xiaoqian’s identity could not be on the battlefield at all. It was a pity that the master had taught Zhao Xiaoqian that he did not go to the battlefield for so long. The master knew that although he had been trapped in Wujiang Mansion for so many years, his skills in riding and shooting had never fallen.

People in Jingnv Pavilion talked about the viewing of crops this time. Lady Xue found that Xie Ruying was a little abnormal and asked him what was going on. Xie Ruying said that her father wanted her to marry Yan Boyang. She was unwilling to marry Yan Boyang and said that Yan Boyang was a straw bag. Quarreled with her. Xie Ruying said that even if she had shaved her hair, she would not marry Yan Boyang. She asked Lady Xue to help.

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