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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 7 Recap

Xie Xiaoman rushed home to ask what was going on. He hadn’t resolved his father’s affairs. Some heard that his uncle was arrested and Su Changji was also blocked. Zhao Xiaoqian asked to see Xie Xiaoman in Taiping Building, and Xie Xiaoman went to the appointment. Xie Xiaoman didn’t see Zhao Xiaoqian and only saw Zhong Ziyan when he came to Taipinglou. Xie Xiaoman learned from Zhong Ziyan that the things she designed with Zhao Xiaoqian and her father were all done by Shen Yan to destroy the marriage between Zhao and Chen’s family.

Zhong Ziyan did everything about her uncle. Zhong Ziyan told Xie Xiaoman that although the county palace was not a peaceful place, it could protect them. As long as she married Zhao Xiaoqian, she could help them. If she didn’t want to, their future would be gone. Zhao Xiaoqian rushed to say that everything was done by him because he took advantage of her. Zhao Xiaoqian wanted to sign a contract with Xie Xiaoman and gave him two years.

He ordered her father and uncle to be released. Two years later, she was freed and given to her. Baiyin Erbai Sangtian also gave her back, Xie Xiaoman slapped him and promised him. When Ming Gu learned that Xie Xiaoman had promised to marry Zhao Xiaoqian as a concubine, she asked Zhong Ziyan why, and Zhong Ziyan was also sad that he was a little drunk.

Xie Xiaoman married to the prefectural palace, Zhao Xiaoqian was a little nervous and went to find Zhong Ziyan and played several games of chess. When Zhao Xiaoqian came to the wedding room, Liang Ji and the three eavesdropped on the inside. Mother Zhu, who was sent by the princess, arrived, and immediately reprimanded Liangji for not understanding the rules and asked him to inform.

Zhong Ziyan came to speak loudly, and the two in the wedding room naturally heard it. Zhao Xiaoqian and Xie Xiaoman went out, Mother Zhu made things difficult to thank Xiaoman, Zhao Xiaoqian defended her and let Mother Zhu have something to go to him, Mother Zhu wanted Xie Xiaoman to get up at three minutes the next day and follow her to learn the rules, Xie Xiaoman retorted that she wanted to go to school , Madam Zhu was forced to step by step, and even Zhao Xiaoqian couldn’t help her.

Zhao Xiaoqian asked Zhong Ziyan to guess what Mother Zhu was doing. Zhong Ziyan felt that the palace had not given up the marriage of Zhao Xiaoqian and Shen’s daughter. They wanted to drive Xie Xiaoman away, and wanted Zhao Xiaoqian to marry Shen Zhaowen. Zhong Ziyan asked Zhao Xiaoqian what he planned to do. Zhao Xiaoqian said that he shouldn’t get rid of the trouble, he has his own way. Aunt Ming came to ask about this. Zhao Xiaoqian said that it was an old woman sent by his mother from the Pu Palace and said that Xie Xiaoman would break the rules after entering the gate of the Prince’s Palace. It was sent by his mother to deal with him.

Zhong Ziyan also said that Mother Zhu was Princess Pu’s wet nurse, the most respectable old slave in the family, let alone Zhao Xiaoqian, and that King Pu and the princess would respect her for three points. She didn’t mean to disobey her clearly. Zhao Xiaoqian asked Ming Gu to accompany Xie Xiaoman, saying that the old slave was not easy to deal with.

Brother Li didn’t see Xie Xiaoman when he returned to the academy, and everyone was a little weird. Only when Brother Li asked his husband did he know about Xie Xiaoman. Mother Zhu stared at Xie Xiaoman for some tea. She said that ordering tea was a boudoir. Basically, Xie Xiaoman was clumsy in skill. Minggu came to see Xie Xiaoman, and Xie Xiaoman wanted to go to school, so the two of them worked out together. Minggu suggested to ask Mr. Liu for help. Mr. Liu asked a question today. Two days later, it was the Dragon Boat Festival. She asked them to take a quiz on Qu Yuan’s Fu. Minggu asked Xie Xiaoman to prepare an article at home. She helped. She brought it to Mr. Liu and asked Mr. Liu to help intercede.

Xie Xiaoman had some tea until she wanted to sleep, and Mother Zhu held a ruler and stood by to supervise her. When the three of Zhao Xiaoqian passed by, Xie Xiaoman was stunned for a while, and Mother Zhu wanted to hit Xie Xiaoman’s hand. Seeing Xie Xiaoman being beaten by Mother Zhu, Zhao Xiaoqian felt distressed and wanted to come forward and was stopped by Zhong Ziyan.

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