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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 6 Recap

Yan Boyang and Shen Yan lost all their money in a bet, and finally wanted to use Zhong Ziyan’s money to bet. Minggu saw him, and Minggu was protecting the purse. Shen Yan stopped changing the bet. Whoever lost took off his clothes and jumped into the lake for a swim. The people around him all coaxed him to agree, and Ming Gu couldn’t stop him, so he had to stand aside and direct him to play chess and win. The chess game.

Shen Yan took off Yan Boyang’s clothes and threw them into the lake. Zhao Xiaoqian and Zhong Ziyan arrived as soon as they were ready to do it. Several people fought and attracted Liu Gong, who angrily scolded them. Xie Xiaoman drank a few glasses of wine and got a little drunk. He came in to admit Zhao Xiaoqian’s mistake when he heard the movement by the door. Senior Brother Li suggested that the two book boys and the masters of each generation fined three cups of wine.

After the fine of drinking, Liu Gong left. Zhao Xiaoqian and others started to make trouble again. Brother Li cared about Xie Xiaoman but found that he was a little alienated. After Xie Xiaoman was drunk, he was taken away by Zhao Xiaoqian. Zhao Xiaoqian sent Xie Xiaoman home, but Xu Shu was driving the carriage. Xu Shu drove the carriage out of the city and took the horse away.

Xie Xiaoman was gone, and the family was very worried. Zhong Ziyan found that Zhao Xiaoqian was missing and took the soldiers out to find him. They found Xie Xiaoman and the others only after dawn, and both Xie Xiaoman woke up. In order to prevent Xie Xiaoman’s reputation from being damaged, Zhao Xiaoqian asked her to hide in the carriage and find a place where there was no one to get out of the car, but the news was still spread.

Zhao Xiaoqian wanted to throw Xu Shu into prison with the death row inmates. Yan Boyang was shocked that he was going to punish Xu Shu to death, and Shen Yan would definitely have trouble with them. Zhao Xiaoqian said, let’s see if it’s Mr. Shen’s grandfather or the King of Julu’s, let Zhong Ziyan do as he said, and Shen Yan will also stare at the next post for Shen Yan. He wants to talk to Shen Yan. Endlessly. Zhong Ziyan suggested to accept Xie Xiaoman as a concubine, and Zhao Xiaoqian said he had to think about it. Zhong Ziyan asked Liangji to prepare some beauties to go to Su Zhai to propose marriage, so that he could enter through the front door with great fanfare.

Xie Xiaoman’s relatives were worried while sitting in Su Mansion. When her father heard that the county mansion wanted to accept Xie Xiaoman as a concubine, he was very angry and took the broom to drive people away. Xie Xiaoman went out after hearing this. His father asked Liang Ji to tell Zhao Xiaoqian that their Xiaoman’s innocent girl was going to be a good lady for others in the future, and let Zhao Xiaoqian dream by being a concubine.

The father was very distressed, and there were tears in his eyes. The old lady of Su Mansion also said that Xiaoman would not be a concubine. The old lady said that the more they were at this time, the more they wanted to behave upright, and after Xiaoman had done the ceremony, they would avoid the limelight in Yuyang.

Five days later, the affairs of Wujiang Mansion spread to the princess. The princess was so angry that she would take a concubine before marrying his wife. He complained about Zhao Xiaoqian and didn’t want to think about how much they spent on the marriage between him and the Shen family. Since no one in Biandu City knows the most important style of the Shen family, if he accepts his concubine, this marriage will not be possible. Madam Zhu felt that the county prince had been in Wujiang Mansion for a long time. The princess asked Mother Zhu to visit. The princess said that Xie Xiaoman was a girl who climbed the dragon and attached the phoenix. It was not enough to be afraid. This time, she asked Mother Zhu to take Zhao Xiaoqian. come back.

Zhao Xiaoqian talked to Xie Xiaoman and asked her what she thought. Xiaoman said that after a few days she would leave Wujiang Mansion and let him forget her. Zhao Xiaoqian couldn’t forget Xie Xiaoman, and he didn’t want to force her. He finally asked her if she would marry him, but Xie Xiaoman refused. Zhong Ziyan forced Zhao Xiaoqian to accept Xie Xiaoman as a concubine. He asked Yan Boyang to help seal Su Changji, and Xie Xiaoman’s father was also arrested by the government.

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