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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 5 Recap

Zhao Xiaoqian came out and asked Brother Li under what name he had detained Xie Xiaoman. Zhao Xiaoqian took out the signed private agreement, and Brother Li couldn’t manage it anymore. Brother Li decided to leave a note to send Xiaoman back to his home early in the morning, and Mr. Chang and others left. Xie Xiaoman still did not admit his mistake. It is very important to her uncle today. He is the prince of the county who has the right and she is a commoner.

The common people can’t say anything. Since he ruined her reputation, she said she hated him for disrespect for others and thought it was wanton Trample other people’s dignity, she will work hard in the future, but they have nothing to say. Zhao Xiaoqian was even more angry and punished her to kneel in the Zhuiyuantang, Xie Xiaoman left angrily, and Zhong Ziyan caught up. Zhong Ziyan told Xie Xiaoman about Zhao Xiaoqian’s childhood. When he was five years old, he was taken into the palace together with his brother. His name was adopted as the Donggong. His brother died in the Donggong when he was seven.

After guarding the elder brother’s body, he was discovered by the palace staff for a day and night. Later, the official family had the current Eastern Palace, and his position in the palace plummeted. He was sent out of the palace. The brothers and sisters in the family were not harmonious and were left out by his parents. He came to Wujiang. The mansion is just to avoid those messy things. Zhong Ziyan hoped that Xie Xiaoman would not be offended. Xie Xiaoman was a little moved in his heart, but how could he embarrass others because of his own difficulties.

When her mother learned about this, she came to Xie Xiaoman to settle the account. Her mother told her to stop studying and stay home to prepare for marriage. Xie Xiaoman argued against disagreeing with the marriage. Zhao Xiaoqian came to Xie Xiaoman to apologize and have dinner together. The two of them settled their suspicions. Xie Xiaoman asked him to help him get the Liugong folding fan. When Shen Yan received a letter from Biandu, Julu Junwang refused to return to Bian and gave the Shen family a shame. He decided that tomorrow, if Zhao Xiaoqian had a good night with Na Zhu, his marriage to his sister would be natural. Give up back.

The next day, Xie Xiaoman followed him as Zhao Xiaoqian’s book boy, and Zhong Ziyan left after preparing them for them. Yan Boyang went out to recite poems, but was mocked by Stoudemire when he was in a bad mood and took the things back and left. Zhao Xiaoqian chased after him. Yan Boyang felt that he was using himself as a book boy, and said that Xie Xiaoman wanted to give a fan to Li Su.

Zhao Xiaoqian was very angry and went back to question Xie Xiaoman, and left without listening to her explanation. Xie Xiaoman wanted to catch up and explain, but it was a pity to leave. Minggu said she would go after and help her explain clearly. Xu Shu asked Chunyi’s painting boat to be ready, and ensured that Zhao Xiaoqian would not be able to get out when he entered.

Xu Shu went to Zhao Xiaoqian but only saw Xie Xiaoman. He told Xie Xiaoman that Yan Boyang was trapped in the Spring Festival and asked Zhao Xiaoqian to save people quickly. What if Yan Boyyang was trapped for a long time and had an accident? Let Xie Xiaoman quickly notify Zhao Xiaoqian. Xie Xiaoman went to the Chunyi Painting Boat to find Yan Boyang alone. When the two girls heard her, they thought it was the person Xu Shu said, and they enthusiastically stepped forward to greet him.

Shen Yan also came to the Chunyi Painting Boat with some people, and turned around to ask Xu Shu how was it going. Xu Shu said that he saw Xie Xiaoman and asked her to inform Zhao Xiaoqian that he would have been suspected in the past, but Shen Yan can rest assured that as long as Zhao Xiaoqian enters the Spring Festival painting boat, there is nothing wrong with Zhao Xiaoqian.

Yan Boyang played three rounds of chess in the painting boat of the Spring Festival and was flabbergasted. Shen Yan saw that he was going to play two games with him. Xie Xiaoman was entangled by the two girls and forced to drink. He saw Li Su and Yanniang standing together, watching them play the piano and sing. Xie Xiaoman left with a bit of annoyance and force.

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