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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 4 Recap

Zhao Xiaoqian took the peach blossom pastry to Zhao Mao to see and talked to Zhao Mao. He didn’t notice that the peach blossom pastry was actually eaten by Zhao Mao. He was very annoyed and punished it to grind it. Senior Brother Li went to the Yanniang, and Yanniang asked him when he would participate in Chunwei.

She knew that he was not happy with officialdom and unintentional careers, but why did he not participate in Chunwei to help her get rid of prostitute status. Senior Brother Li took Yanniang’s hand and said that the escape from the officialdom is not the only thing that can be solved, so she can rest assured that there will always be a way.

In the last class before the Ching Ming Festival, there will be another round of exams after the Ching Ming Festival, and the husband will prepare them. The three of Zhao Xiaoqian came, and the husband was very surprised. Didn’t he say that he left? Why did he come back? Zhao Xiaoqian said that this is not love to play chess with him.

The students were seated, and Zhao Xiaoqian sat opposite Xie Xiaoman to play chess with her. The exam papers of the Jingnv Pavilion last time have been preserved. Yang Shanchang was worried that they might be in trouble, so he decided to let them rely on policy theory, and the students of Jingnv Pavilion could participate selectively. During the two days of the week, Zhao Xiaoqian invited her to go to the house to help tuition.

Xie Xiaoman had some time to work at the Prince’s Mansion. He couldn’t do odd jobs all the time. Liang Ji suggested that they sign an agreement. In the next seven days, she chose four days to come, and he settled it for her on a monthly basis. Xie Xiaoman gladly signed the agreement. A few people tutored together, Zhong Ziyan stood and talked, and a few people sat and listened with their own thoughts. Zhao Xiaoqian made a cup of tea for Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman didn’t expect that he would still have a tea ceremony. After the others left, the two had a good conversation. I heard that there will be talks in Taipinglou tomorrow, Zhao Xiaoqian asked Xie Xiaoman to go with him, and she agreed.

Xie Xiaoman went out and took a carriage back with Ming Gu. When he opened the food box, he saw a note in the food box. It was written on the Taiping Building tomorrow. The peach blossom cake was delicious. Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu thought it was Zhong Ziyan for Ming Gu. Note. Ming Gu wanted to go to the appointment and asked Xie Xiaoman to help dress up as a silkworm girl. Xie Xiaoman agreed, and she asked Ming Gu to go and apologize for her the next day. The person Zhong Ziyan and Zhao Xiaoqian talked about has been arranged. He will not accompany Zhao Xiaoqian to Taipinglou when he is going to see his mother tomorrow.

The next day, Xie Xiaoman pretended to be a silkworm girl, Zhao Xiaoqian arrived at Taipinglou early, and Minggu was also on his way to Taipinglou. Aunt Ming saw Zhong Ziyan’s family quietly listening to them, and Aunt Ming heard Zhong Ziyan’s sister say that she wanted to eat milk cake, so she asked the maid to buy it for Zhong Yun. Minggu praised Zhong Ziyan for sending away his mother and his sister in front of Zhong Ziyan’s family.

Minggu said that she knew he had not had an easy life for so many years. He studied hard for so many years to make his mother live better. She also knew him. It must be uncomfortable to do accompanying reading Zhong Ziyan interrupted Aunt Ming and said that the curtain peeping into the wall is disgusting, and he doesn’t care about what happened today, so he won’t speculate on him in the future. Minggu learned from Zhong Ziyan that the letter was written by the county prince to Xiaoman, and she turned and walked back angrily.

Zhao Xiaoqian waited for Xie Xiaoman in Taiping Building but he didn’t wait for her to come. He was told that Xie Xiaoman might not be here today and hadn’t left yet. Zhao Xiaoqian went to Su Mansion angrily. Mr. Chang brought Senior Brother Li to the Su Mansion. Senior Brother Li saw Xie Xiaoman saying a few words with her, and when Zhao Xiaoqian saw him, he became even more angry.

Zhao Xiaoqian interrupted Xie Xiaoman and took her away angrily. Senior Brother Li borrowed troops from Lord Chang to encircle the prefectural palace. In the county palace, Xie Xiaoman refused to bow his head to Zhao Xiaoqian. When Zhao Xiaoqian learned that the mansion was surrounded by people, he ordered Zhong Ziyan to lead troops into the city, and the two sides confronted each other.

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