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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 3 Recap

Xie Xiaoman’s brother was bullied, so he came to Xie Xiaoman to let her go to school and send him home. Xie Xiaoman asked Brother Li what kind of snack he likes to eat. Brother Li said he liked the chestnut cake her mother made back then. Xie Xiaoman and several girls brought food boxes to see the boys Cuju, Xie Ruying asked her to ask the prince what flavor he likes to eat. Aunt Ming also helped Xie Xiaoman speak, Lady Xue spoke out to defend Xie Ruying, and Aunt Ming told Lady Xue to stop her prejudice and chew her tongue to her father’s place.

Even if the little women quarreled with each other, they could deduct the official silk of their house. , Xie Xiaoman heard here saying that he would go. Xie Xiaoman walked towards the boy, Zhao Xiaoqian kicked the Cuju, and the Cuju hit Xie Xiaoman’s head. Xie Xiaoman was knocked to the ground. Xie Xiaoman woke up on the bed and suddenly got up and bumped Zhao Xiaoqian’s head. The two enemies started to fight, but Xie Xiaoman didn’t ask what kind of snack he liked in the end.

When Shen Yan and others saw Zhao Xiaoqian and the others shooting the white flag at Wujiang Mansion, he took the people and decided to retaliate against Zhao Xiaoqian and others. He prepared croton flour and prepared it for Xie Xiaoman’s snack. Xie Xiaoman had finished making dim sum and had already left school. Then she remembered that her brother was waiting for her.

His brother was said to be a Cun Mang and a butcher. He took out his official seal and explained that Xu Shu saw the past and drove them away. Xie Xiaoman came out and saw Xu Shu grabbing the official seal from his brother, threatening Xie Xiaoman to put the croton powder into Zhao Xiaoqian’s meal.

When Xie Xiaoman went to work in the county mansion, Zhao Xiaoqian asked her to stay for dinner at the county mansion. Before seeing that she was too thin, she kept picking vegetables for her. Xie Xiaoman was absent-minded when she was eating because Xu Shu asked her to have bean noodles. Knowing from Liangji that the consequences of losing the official order would be serious, the next day she decided to lay down the croton flour according to Xu Shu’s request.

Seeing that Zhao Xiaoqian was about to eat it, Xie Xiaoman couldn’t bear to pat off the cake in his hand, and Xu Shu in the distance also saw it, which was a pity. Xie Xiaoman quickly took out another plate of biscuits before Zhao Xiaoqian became angry. Zhao Xiaoqian took a bite and said that they were really delicious. As Zhao Xiaoqian did not eat chin bean flour, Bailu Academy successfully won the first half of the game.

At the end of the first half of the game, Xie Xiaoman went to Xu Shu to retrieve the official order, but he saw the scene where Xie Xiaoman waved the cookie before. He naturally refused to return the official order to her. During the two quarrels, Zhao Xiaoqian was arrested. Saw. As soon as Zhao Xiaoqian came to Xu Shu, he stammered, and under his threat, he quickly and obediently returned his waist card to Xie Xiaoman. Zhao Xiaoqian learned that Xie Xiaoman had just given him chin bean flour, and left very angry.

The second half of the game began. Zhao Xiaoqian went on the court with emotion and did not kick to the goal. Instead, he kicked Shen Yan and hit Shen Yan several times. Therefore, Wu Jiang Fu Xue won the second half. After the match, Zhao Xiaoqian accepted the punishment, and Zhao Xiaoqian took the lead from the two academies’ Cuju teams to fight. After a fight, Zhao Xiaoqian asked Guan Jia Liangji to pack his things and return to Biandu.

Xie Xiaoman wanted to apologize to Zhao Xiaoqian. On the way, he saw Su Wei knocked down on the ground and the peach blossom cake was also soiled on the ground. Xiaoman went to help her pick it up and used his food box to help her fill her with peach blossom cake and give it to Zhong Ziyan. Xie Xiaoman knocked on the door, and Shi Deng’er opened the door. From him, he knew that Zhao Xiaoqian was very angry and lost her temper in the room and refused to see anyone. She handed the food box to Shi Deng’er and asked him to pass it to Zhong Ziyan, saying it was in the college.

It was given by a little lady in Shi Deng’er and asked Shi Deng’er to bring a sentence. She knew that she was wrong this time, but asked him not to fire her and she wanted to continue working. Shi Deng’er had forgotten who Xie Xiaoman was talking about, and it suddenly dawned on him that the one she was talking about was Young Master Zhao. Shi Deng’er gave the things to Zhao Xiaoqian, and Zhao Xiaoqian mistakenly thought that Xie Xiaoman showed his love to him, and he decided not to move it.

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