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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 8 Recap

Nan Nan and Ye Xiu Du came to the training ground, but Ye Xiu Shu Du or let Nan Nan study. Nan Nan begged Ye Xiu to teach her own martial arts. Princess Xiangxiang arrived at this time, clutching Ye Xiudu and constantly acting like a baby, Ye Xiudu was cold-eyed. At this time, Yu Qingluo arrived and saw Princess Xiangxiang and Ye Xiudu, and Ye Xiudu directly dismissed Qing and Princess Xiangxiang. Yu Qingluo didn’t want to care about the relationship between them, and now she just wants to concentrate on disciplining Nan Nan.

Even though Yu Qingluo took out a broom to discipline Nan Nan, Nan Nan still insisted not to go to the academy. The hand came down to explain that Nan Nan was ridiculed by other classmates because he did not have a father. Yu Qingluo couldn’t help putting down the broom, watching Nan Nan run away with a sad expression.

Nan Nan lay aggrievedly in the room, Ye Xiu knew that Nan Nan had to fill in the news of his parents when he enrolled in school, and decided to bribe Nan Nan to fill in the roster by himself. In this way, Ye Xiudu became Nan Nan’s father in name. The next day, Yu Qingluo wanted to send Nannan to school in person. Who knows that Ye Xiudu sent Nannan to school personally, so he used a night guard badge to coax Nannan into compliance. Princess Xiangxiang heard that Ye Xiudu had filled in her name in the roster, and was so angry that she wanted to punish Yu Qingluo with a whip.

Yu Qingluo followed Ye Xiudu to the gate of the academy and watched Nannan walk into the academy obediently, but Yu Qingluo had nothing to say. The two were about to leave, and Princess Xiang Xiang brought someone to scold the street, and Ye Xiu cut the whip for Yu Qing alone. At this time, the imperial decree came, and Yu Qingluo was effective in curing Ye Haoran and was named the imperial physician. After hearing this, Princess Xiangxiang crooked her nose with anger, and she couldn’t tell if she was suffering.

At night, Yu Qingluo looked at the jade pendant in his hand, and didn’t know how to bring it up to Ye Xiudu. Ye Xiudu happened to pass by and once again launched an offensive towards Yu Qingluo. Unexpectedly, Ion Fan came to see him at this time, saying that it was related to Nan Nan’s biological father. Ion Fan said that this jade pendant was stolen from the Yewangfu at that time, so it was impossible to prove that Ye Xiudu was Nannan’s biological father.

Yu Qingluo was entangled at this time. Seeing Ye Xiudu’s appearance, Yu Qingluo simply raised doubts. Ye Xiudu said everything was just a misunderstanding, but even if Ye Xiudu was not Nan Nan’s father? Is Yu Qingluo’s emotions fake? Under Ye Xiudu’s compelling questioning, Yu Qingluo had to face her feelings again and had to run away.

Under Jin Liuli’s suggestion, Yu Qingluo decided to use salted chicken to explore Nannan’s attitude towards Ye Xiu independence. Unexpectedly, Nan Nan’s classmates brought their parents to inquire about the crime. Looking at the child with dark eyes, Nan Nan bluntly said that he was right, but he was punished by Yu Qingluo with a ruler. After Nan Nan fled violently, Luo Han Guo explained again. Dao, it turned out that Nan Nan and Yu Qing were rumored by the classmates, and Nan Nan was the one who was bullied.

Yu Qingluo came to Nannan’s bed with great regret. Looking at the wound on the palm of Nannan’s little palm, Yu Qingluo gave Nannan medicine and apologized to Nannan. Yu Qingluo understands how Nan Nan feels, but why doesn’t Nan Nan want to protect Yu Qingluo? Nan Nan knew that he was not Yuyang Jun’s son, and that he just wanted to find his biological father. After Yuqing listened, he decided to move into the Qingsang Pavilion of Jun Shangci.

Qingnang Pavilion is well decorated and has a beautiful environment. Everyone was very happy. Ye Xiu Du is preparing for the Four Nations Competition, and under constant hard training, Ye Xiu Du’s skills are constantly improving. Mo Xian followed Yu Zuolin’s movement and learned that Yu Zuolin had taken two new medicinal materials. Ye Xiudu decided to follow up, and learned that Yu Qingluo and others had moved to Qingnang Pavilion, leaving only one. Yupei, Ye Xiudu just sighed in silence.

After leaving Yewangfu, Yu Qingluo kept thinking about Yexiu independence. Ye Xiu followed Qingnang Pavilion alone, ignoring Yu Qingluo’s silent answer, but personally blindfolded Yu Qingluo’s eyes, and brought Yu Qingluo to a room filled with various medicinal materials and plants. . This is the Fallen Leaf Academy, a pharmacy place specially prepared by Ye Xiu Duo for Yu Qingluo, and Ye Xiu Duo even prepares a wedding room.

That shattered jade pendant, Ye Xiu handed out his rebuilt jade pendant, who would have caused Yu Qingluo to think of Ion Fan and Nan Nan, his ultimate goal was to find Nan Nan’s biological father. In this way, Yu Qingluo cruelly rejected Ye Xiudu’s kindness, and said that all her previous emotions were because she thought Ye Xiudu was Nan Nan’s biological father. Ye Xiudu’s true heart was disappointed, and he couldn’t help but stay where he was, unable to speak for a long time.

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