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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 7 Recap

In the Fulong Inn, Yu Qingluo finds Jin Liuli and tells her all about her past. Jin Liuli also inquires about the Han family. Yu Qingluo is indeed the only daughter of the Han family. But Yu Qingluo still feels that everything is not so simple. Now the most important thing is to find Nan Nan’s biological father. Jin Liuli thinks that Ye Xiu-independence is the best candidate to be Nan Nan’s father, but Yu Qingluo still believes that he will cultivate independence overnight.

Jin Liuli persuaded Yu Qingluo, even if he finds the so-called biological father, the man who has never found this mother and son is not necessarily more reliable than Ye Xiudu. Yu Qingluo has been silent before. Jin Liuli took the opportunity to ask about Ye Haoran, and Yu Qingluo realized that Jin Liuli had a different feeling for Ye Shangshu.

When the Moonlight Festival came, Yu Qingluo took the initiative to prepare dishes for Ye Xiu Du and Nan Nan. The three of them had a sense of seeing as a family of three. After Nan Nan fell asleep, Ye Xiudu took Yu Qingluo’s hand and wanted to take her to another place. Jin Liuli refused Yu Qingluo’s invitation to meet, but went to the palace alone to visit Ye Haoran. Ye Xiudu took Yu Qingluo to see the full moon. Under the shining moon, Ye Xiudu gave her mother’s jade pendant to Yu Qingluo.

Yu Qingluo looked at the jade pendant she was thinking of, and doubts arose in her heart. Is Ye Xiu Duo related to his own memory? Ye Xiu Duo is to hug Yu Qingluo tightly and make a promise of love. Yu Zuolin secretly followed the two of them. As soon as he saw Yu Qingluo, Yu Zuolin thought of Han Jiangxue who had sent someone to flood the Baihe River with a bamboo tube. He didn’t expect Han Jiangxue to be so hard on his life, so Yu Zuolin sent Shuangke and others.

Ye Xiudu sensed the danger, and fought Shuangke first. Yu Zuolin shot a sharp arrow in the dark and hit the jade pendant in Yuqingluo’s hand. Yuqingluo fell off the cliff, and Ye Xiudu hurried to find this. Only after finding Yu Qingluo and Yu Pei beside the stream, Yu Qingluo injured her ankle, and Ye Xiu carried Yu Qingluo on her back to the hidden cave, and the two of them just made up for the night. Ye Xiu Duo helped Yu Qingluo to heal her injuries.

Yu Qingluo couldn’t help but let go of her guard as she watched Ye Xiu Duo close her eyes and did not cross the boundary. When asked about Ye Xiudu’s jade pendant, Yu Qingluo discovered that Nan Nan’s biological father was in front of her. Ye Xiudu confessed that he had concealed his identity. When it came to the relationship with Nan Nan, Ye Xiudu believed that the two People are already sympathetic to father and son. Under Ye Xiudu’s pressure, Yu Qingluo still didn’t respond positively, but she already had the answer in her heart.

Early the next morning, Yu Qingluo found that Ye Xiudu was lying next to him again. It turned out that the thunder was making loud noises at night. Yu Qingluo was so afraid that he hid in Ye Xiudu’s arms, and Yu Qingluo had to cheat. . Sayuri found Yu Qingluo and the others returned to the Night Palace. Yu Zuolin told his wife that the ghost doctor was about Han Jiangxue.

The wife persuaded Yu Zuolin to get the medical book and let Yu Zuolin concentrate on preparing for the Four Kingdoms competition. As for the medical book, it was up to him to think of a solution. Ye Xiudu and Yu Qingluo felt that Yu Zuorin must use medical books to study the new pharmacy. Ion Fan proposed that Yu Qingluo move away from Yewang’s Mansion, but Ye Xiudu said that Yu Qingluo has accepted his token of love. …

Jin Liuli wondered why Ye Xiudu was Nannan’s biological father, and the relationship between Yu Qingluo and Ye Xiudu made Jin Liuli curious. Nan Nan will enter the academy to study in two days. Yu Qingluo intends to use this time to test whether Ye Xiu Duo is interested in Nan Nan. On the other side, Ye Haoran ran into Jin Liuli and immediately recognized Jin Liuli’s appearance. Jin Liuli claimed to be Yu Qingluo’s friend, but Ye Haoran held onto Jin Liuli, and Jin Liuli had no choice but to stun Ye Haoran with a palm.

Ye Xiu was very considerate to Nan Nan, and Sayuri and Mo Xian felt very moved as they watched. Two days later, Nan Nan was about to go to school, but Nan Nan was very unwilling. Watching Yu Qingluo and Nan Nan quarrel with each other, Ye Xiu Duo just came along, who knew that Ye Xiu was backed by Nan Nan. Not going to the academy at all, Yuqing was so angry that Nan Nan was directly taken away. When it came time to Shen, Yu Qingluo was about to come to the academy to pick up Nan Nan from school. Who knew Nan Nan sneaked away in the second class…

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