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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 18 Recap

After Jiang Coke made the soup, he carried the bowl and brought the soup to Lu Xiao’s bedside. Lu Xiao asked if the others had any soup, and said that he would share the soup with others. Jiang Coke agreed, and the two went out. When he saw that Roco was stealing Lu Xiao’s chicken soup, Luo could see that he was caught by Lu Xiao. When he was tremblingly defending, Lu Xiao kindly said that they should drink it.

Roco was a little scared. Somewhat uncomfortable with Lu Xiao’s attitude, Jiang Coke said that Lu Xiao had changed, and he personally squeezed Lu Xiao’s face to show that Lu Xiao would not be the same as before.

Manager Cui found Guan Qianya angrily and said that Qi Chuan released a new song to insult Guan Qianya. Guan Qianya didn’t want to pay attention to people like Qi Chuan. After Manager Cui left, Guan Qianya sent a text message to Xu Nian, and Xu Nian did not close the message notification. Xu Nian’s voice almost exposed her cell phone. Xu Nian went back to the room to check the message. Guan Qianya told Xu Nian to hide her cell phone and remember to delete the message.

Lu Xiao was rehearsing today. He didn’t have time to go to the nursing home to visit Aunt Grace. He gave the little bear to Jiang Coke and asked her to help transfer the bear to Aunt Grace. Jiang Coke went to the nursing home but found that Aunt Grace was not in the ward. She was shocked. , Worried that Auntie Grace had passed away, the nurse told her that the patient was sent to the rescue room.

Jiang Coke rushed to the door of the operating room and found that Grandma Fushun was waiting at the door. The two chatted a few words, and Grandma Fushun invited Jiang Kele tomorrow Come to your own home. Aunt Grace came out of the operating room, Jiang Coke gave the little bear to Aunt Grace, and Aunt Grace asked Jiang Coke to hand over a pocket watch to Lu Xiao, saying that Lu Xiao would understand after reading it.

Lena came to the secret garden to disinfect everyone’s clothes, but she found Xu Nian’s clothes from hidden in the closet. When Lena was questioning Xu Nian, Jiang Kele suddenly jumped out and said that Xu Nian stole her clothes. Lena was a little weird. Why did Xu Nian steal Jiang Coke’s clothes? Xu Nian explained that she might have taken the wrong clothes. Leina remembered that she had guessed with Xu Guanghan whether Xu Nian and Jiang Coke and Lu Xiao were in a triangle relationship. Seeing Xu Nian stole Jiang Coke’s clothes. The clothes made Rena feel that her guess was correct.

Lu Xiao saw that the dress was not Jiang Coke’s, and Jiang Coke told him about Xu Nian and Guan Qianya. Jiang Coke took an opportunity to hand the pocket watch to Lu Xiao. There were photos of Lu Xiao’s parents in the pocket watch. Lu Xiao looked at the photos and his eyes were a little wet. Jiang Coke hurriedly comforted Lu Xiao and talked about the situation in the nursing home today. Xu Nian returned her clothes when she went out on a date with Guan Qianya.

When the two chatted, Xu Nian talked about her being brought up by Xu Guanghan and signing a contract, but Guan Qianya felt that the contract Xu Guanghan had signed for them was illegal. She told Xu Nian that she wanted to make the real existence of the four of them public and completely defeat Xu Guanghan, but because Xu Nian had not yet exposed Xu Guanghan, Xu Nian asked Guan Qianya to give herself some time to think about it.

After Lu Xiao’s personality changed, Jiang Coke wanted to confess to Lu Xiao, and even came to learn from Guan Qianya. Guan Qianya talked about the process of confessing their hearts with Xu Nian. She asked Jiang Coke to take the initiative, Jiang Coke. After hearing that he was about to leave, Manager Cui came to Guan Qianya to sign the employee’s payroll. Jiang Coke then knew that Guan Qianya had mortgaged the house and car, and Guan Qianya asked Jiang Coke not to worry.

Before Jiang Coke went to the secret garden, he went to see Fushun’s grandma. The two chatted for a while, and Jiang Coke curiously asked about the secret road.

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