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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 17 Recap

In fact, Lu Xiao was ill deliberately, so that he could not go to the rehearsal. Lu Xiao allowed himself to alternate between cold and hot all night, and successfully made himself fever, but Lu Xiao could not go out to treat the illness when he had a fever, he could only call Lei Na came to deal with it. Su Lie and Roco pressed the emergency button and waited for Rena to come. Lei Na gave Lu Xiao a needle for infusion, and let Jiang Coke stay to take care of Lu Xiao, and she would come to pull out the needle two hours later.

After Lei Na left, Jiang Coke pulled out the needle for Lu Xiao and took him through the secret road. After leaving, he went all the way to the nursing home. Jiang Coke registered Lu Xiao and asked Lu Xiao to enter the ward to visit Auntie Grace, but because she was not an immediate family member, she could only wait outside.

Seeing Lu Xiao coming, Auntie Grace recognized him at a glance. Lu Xiao looked at her weak mother and felt very sad. He knelt by the bed and took her hand to apologize. Lu Xiao was adopted by Auntie Grace. Jun died because of drowning. Lu Xiao felt that he killed Cheng Jun. He secretly left because he was afraid of being blamed and hated by Aunt Grace. Aunt Grace did not blame Lu Xiao.

She always cared about Lu Xiao. Lu Xiao cried bitterly. Have a good conversation with the elegant aunt. After visiting Auntie Grace, there were only 27 minutes left to go back to the secret garden, but when the two went out to see, Jiang Coke’s electric car was gone. The two had no choice but to take a taxi, but there was a traffic jam on the way back.

Lei Na was in the office looking at Lu Xiao’s data with Xu Guanghan and found that Lu Xiao’s data was getting better and better. Lei Na and Xu Guanghan lamented that Jiang Coke’s arrival was very useful to Lu Xiao’s data, and Xu Nian’s data was even better. At 99.9%, it is almost perfect. Xu Guanghan is a little strange. He suspects that Jiang Coke and Xu Nian and Lu Xiao are in a love triangle.

However, according to Rena’s observation that Xu Nian and Jiang Coke do not have much contact with each other, the two people wonder if it is right. Lu Xiao caused Xu Nian’s emotions to fluctuate, and she wanted to go to the secret garden to observe it, and by the way, she would pull out the needle for Lu Xiao. Lu Xiao and Jiang Coke ran all the way back to the secret garden, and passed in front of Rena. After Rena left, Lu Xiao fell on Jiang Coke with exhaustion.

Here Guan Qianya couldn’t wait for Xu Nian to come over in the office, thinking that Xu Nian was really angry. She left the office but did not go home. Instead, she went to the secret road exit and happened to run into Xu Nian who ran out. Guan Qianya hurried to Xu. After reading an apology, Xu Nian kissed Guan Qianya, saying that he was sorry for her, and that he caused Guan Qianya’s company to close down.

Guan Qianya again said that she originally opposed Xu Guanghan for her company, but she later discovered this game. The harm to society has surpassed the psychological comfort to some people, so no matter what her company is, she must oppose Xu Guanghan and take Xu Nian to see it.

Guan Qianya took Xu Nian to the flagship store of the virtual lover, and there was a long queue at the door, waiting to buy the peripheral products of the virtual lover. After reading all this, Xu Nian felt a little complicated. When Guan Qianya sent Xu Nian back, he also gave him a gift. A mobile phone is convenient for future contact.

Jiang Cole took good care of Lu Xiao. After Lu Xiao woke up, he told Jiang Cole about his life and Cheng Jun’s story. He said he was a disaster star. The people close to him, his parents, and his friends were all dead. He He has been living in guilt all the time. He does not want to hurt the people around him. He also wants to keep Jiang Coke away from him in the future.

But Jiang Coke asked him how to explain that Xu Guanghan Leina and Grandma Fushun were living well, his parents and The death of a friend was an accident, and it had nothing to do with Lu Xiao. Jiang Coke tried his best to comfort Lu Xiao, saying that he would accompany Lu Xiao in the future. The next day, Jiang Coke deliberately boiled chicken soup for Lu Xiao, and Roco and Su Lie were not allowed to grab Lu Xiao’s soup.

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