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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 51 Recap

Fu Shui took the opportunity to check the pulse of the prince in prison to prepare to kill the prince. After poisoning the prince, he confessed that he was the grandson of the former rebel leader Yang Yuan. His family was killed by the Tang army. He came to the prince to deliberately provoke him. Just to make the emperor’s family feel uneasy, the prince covered his throat and couldn’t speak. Fushui looked at the dying prince. He still couldn’t bear to feed him the medicine.

After Fushui returned to the palace, he found Yu’s attendant, Yu’s attendant To ask how the Fushui matter was going, the servant came to deliver the brocade that the emperor gave to Fushui, and said that he thanked him for saving the prince. After the servant left, Yunei slapped Fushui and said that he could not cover the water, so he came by himself. Fushui didn’t let Yu’s attendant kill the prince.

Sheng Chu Mushun took the mark given before and found the villa where Fushui was running the rebellion. Unfortunately, the people in the villa were dead men. After being arrested, he immediately took poison and committed suicide. Sheng Chumu asked people to continue the investigation, and his subordinates found pity. Yan’er’s body, although Sheng Chumu already knew that Lian Yan’er was a spy, he was still very sorry.

Fu Roulai reported to the emperor that she had packed up and could send Zhenfei to Qingxiu Temple at any time. The emperor said that King Qin was going to Ci’en Temple, and Ci’en Temple was not far from Qingxiu Temple. The emperor asked Fu Rou to take King Qin with him. At this time, a servant came to report that King Han was making trouble in the mansion and almost burned the house. The emperor was a little angry. Fu Rou spoke for King Han.

After thinking about it, the emperor ordered that King Han and the prince be locked together. Have a good chat. After Han Wang and the prince met, they remembered that their wife died because of each other. The two quarreled for a while to calm down. The prince asked if Han Wang did the saddle thing. Han Wang once again said that it has nothing to do with him, but the prince Still complaining that King Han did a lot of things that I was sorry for, the two complained to each other again. The two talked to each other about their dissatisfaction with each other, and then they found something wrong.

The two stayed up until the next morning, and the jailer came to deliver food to the two of them. When King Han saw the porridge spilled, he distributed his porridge to the prince. The prince was a little touched, and a little bit sorry for why the two of them had come to this point. The prince felt that there must be something hidden behind this, but if he thinks about it carefully, the prince will have a headache and can only take the medicine left over from the water to relieve it.

Fu Rou sent her concubine to Qingxiuguan on the way. Seeing that Concubine Zhen was unwell, she asked General Dugu to stop and rest for a while. Concubine Zhen took a breath and asked why Fu Rou had to speak for herself in the palace. She and Fu Rou usually There was no friendship. Fu Rou said that the palace was the center of the Tang Dynasty. If the palace was always covered by lies, allowing the innocent to be wronged and the traitors to be proud, the Tang would be weak, so she was just for the sake of the Tang Dynasty.

In the evening, Fu Rou and his party were going to rest at the station, but General Dugu found that something was wrong with the station. After a try, the other party showed his feet. General Dugu hurriedly led people to retreat, but Fu Rou accidentally fell alone and was surrounded by bandits, Sheng Chu Mu Lu passed by and rescued Fu Rou, but was accidentally injured.

The worried Fu Rou ignored that the two were still quarreling and quickly stepped forward to care. Fu Rou wanted Sheng Chumu to save King Qin, but Sheng Chumu made her worry first. Worried about herself. On the other side, Sheng Chumu’s men rushed to support General Dugu and successfully rescued King Qin and Concubine Zhen. General Dugu found that Fu Rou was missing, so he hurriedly sent someone back to find him.

Fu Rou took Sheng Chumu aside and inspected Sheng Chumu’s wound, and found that Sheng Chumu was flowing black blood. Knowing that Sheng Chumu had been poisoned, she quickly fed Sheng Chumu the Poison Pill. Sheng Chumu refused to accept it, and said that if she died, Fu Rou could be with King Zhou. When Fu Rou heard this, she knew that Sheng Chumu was jealous and deliberately stimulated Sheng Chumu. After one night, their relationship eased a lot.

Late at night, when the emperor was walking in the palace, he saw that King Zhou was still dealing with government affairs. He was a little relieved, so he walked into the King Zhou room to condolences, and told King Zhou that the throne is supreme, but it is not so easy to sit on. To whom did he pass the throne, he loves every bone and blood in the same way. After hearing this, King Zhou understood that the emperor’s choice for the crown was definitely not himself.

The next day the emperor drafted several edicts and distributed the seals. After finishing this, the emperor summoned Yan Fei and Yu’s servant to talk alone. The emperor and Yan Fei said that King Zhou should be returned to the fief. The edict could not enter the capital, Yan Fei was very disappointed, and asked the emperor why he refused to consider the king of Zhou, but the emperor said that he needed to take care of the overall situation of the world, and said that the emperor suddenly vomited blood and fainted to the ground.

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