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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 19 Recap

Liu Wenjing was still chatting and laughing with her classmates, and received the sad news that Professor Luan died of illness. She hurried to the hospital and saw only the professor’s appearance and Xing Tianming’s sad face. Her head was blank, and she didn’t know how to comfort Xing Tianming. She wanted to be with Xing Tianming when he needed someone the most, but unfortunately, there was someone else beside Xing Tianming, who was Nana.

After returning home, Liu Wenjing was stunned, expressionless, Huahua was about to complain to her, but found that Liu Wenjing, who had always been strong, was full of tears. Hua Hua hurriedly asked her what was wrong, Liu Wenjing choked up and told her that Professor Luan had left, Hua Hua was also silent.

Nana squatted beside the exhausted Xing Tianming, comforted him, enlightened him, and told him that she had invited celebrities from all walks of life to participate in the memorial service of Professor Luan, and hoped that Xing Tianming would perform well and expand resources for herself. Xing Tianming was surprisingly angry. He almost yelled at Nana and said, “Do you want me to socialize at my father’s memorial service?” Nana knew that she was wrong, and left angrily. Xing Tianming was sad and angry, and the whole person suddenly lost all strength. The departure of his father made him no longer able to make up for the regrets remaining between his father and his son, and he also warned him not to do things that he regretted.

The memorial service was held as scheduled. Xing Tianming presided over his father’s memorial service. He regretted his regret and expressed his longing for his father. He wanted to cherish his father’s memory quietly and talk to comfort his regretful heart.

Unexpectedly, Ye Hui, who came to express his condolences, was accidentally stuffed into his pocket by the reporter. The conversation between him and Liu Wenjing was played loudly at the memorial service, and everyone heard their voices. Xing Tianming, who was immersed in grief, was annoyed by the voice amplified by the microphone. He vowed to teach Ye Hui a good lesson and punish him for his rudeness at his father’s funeral. Huahua, who sensed something wrong, quickly found Ye Hui and turned off the microphone on his body. Liu Wenjing was very angry with Ye Hui. She knew that Xing Tianming should be comforted the most. She ran to explain to Xing Tianming, but Xing Tianming did not want to forgive her and asked her to leave the funeral.

Xing Tianming walked lonely on the street alone. From now on, he was alone, and no one cared about him, blamed him, or cared for him anymore. He walked in a muddle-headed manner and almost hit an oncoming taxi. Nana has been following him all the time, and she persuaded Xing Tianming to leave here and go to the United States with better development prospects. Xing Tianming didn’t want to talk about anything at this moment. He shook off Nana and continued to walk forward.

Liu Wenjing feels guilty and annoyed for destroying the last communication between Xing Tianming and her father. She feels guilty for Xing Tianming and hates Ye Hui. Huahua saw her crying with rain, but she didn’t know how to comfort her.

Su Xiaomao, whom Sister Mei introduced, pursued Liu Wenjing. Huahua was very suspicious of Sister Mei. She persuaded Liu Wenjing to stay away from Sister Mei. Liu Wenjing felt that Sister Mei was really good to her and didn’t listen to Huahua. Admonish.

Nana found Liu Wenjing and told her that Xing Tianming would go abroad with her. Liu Wenjing confirmed the news from Xing Tianming. She concealed her frustration and frustration. He smiled and said that he would invite Xing Tianming to dinner, and Xing Tianming agreed to her.

The two of them were shopping together the next day. They saw a vagrant singer who was carrying a guitar but not only singing. Xing Tianming told Liu Wenjing that he was better than a vagrant singer because he could play and sing. Liu Wenjing pushed him to give him a try, and Xing Tianming half-pushed and half-situ agreed.

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