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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 18 Recap

Xing Tianming told the doctor that his father’s fingers showed signs of movement. The doctor said it was just a nervous throbbing. Xing Tianming’s father showed no signs of awakening. Xing Tianming sat in front of his father’s bed and begged his father to wake up quickly.

In order to meet Liu Wenjing, Ye Hui ordered her red wine every day. Liu Wenjing advised him not to force herself to meet him in this way. But in order to show Ye Hui’s care for her business, Liu Wenjing wanted to invite Ye Hui to have a casual meal. The location was the garage barbecue stall where she invited him for dinner for the first time. In order to show her hospitality to Liu Wenjing, Ye Hui ordered all Liu Wenjing’s favorite dishes. Liu Wenjing was very useful, and the two talked very happily.

Seeing that his father’s situation became more and more worrying, Xing Tianming wandered alone on the streets of Shanghai in distress. Unexpectedly, he unconsciously walked to Liu Wenjing’s residential area, and happened to ran into Ye Hui who had sent Liu Wenjing back. He saw Ye Hui pull and pull at Liu Wenjing, rushed to give Ye Hui a punch, and then pulled Liu Wenjing away.

Qiao Haifeng followed Huahua’s mother to the tree network company and secretly recorded the sound. At a glance, Qiao Haifeng saw that investing in this company would lose everything. He persuaded Huahua’s mother to wait for him to post the report and look at the direction of the wind before making a decision. Huahua’s mother was very moved by the steady handsome man in front of her, and told Qiao Haifeng a lot of Huahua’s preferences, which Qiao Haifeng secretly remembered in her heart.

Liu Wenjing was asked by Professor Luan’s lover Xiaoyu to take care of Professor Luan. She came to the school to find Xing Tianming and dragged him to accompany her. The Shuwang stock that Huahua’s mother wants to invest in is indeed a scam. She is thankful that her daughter’s friend wakes herself up in time, and she has a more favorable impression of Qiao Haifeng.

Ye Hui wanted to use Weiwei to ask Liu Wenjing to come out, but Weiwei refused. Huahua saw that Vice President Fang of Deyi Company, where Weiwei was located, resigned due to the fact that Weiwei was summoned by the president and promoted her to vice president. The company is in a crisis of internal and external troubles. As a vice president, Weiwei is to catch the ducks on the shelves. She feels very troubled about the situation that she will face next.

Professor Luan’s situation is very dangerous, facing the risk of becoming a vegetative person, and the liver and hematopoietic cells have also failed. Liu Wenjing and Xing Tianming listened anxiously to the doctor’s speech, and did not notice that Sister Xiaoyu was about to give birth. Fortunately, they returned to the ward soon and called for help for Sister Xiaoyu in time. Sister Xiaoyu gave birth to a boy, and Xing Tianming took Professor Luan’s hand to announce the good news to him, hoping that his father would wake up soon after hearing the good news.

Qiao Haifeng chose Huahua’s favorite gift to confess to Huahua according to the instructions of Huahua’s mother. Huahua is very determined. She just wants to be friends with Qiao Haifeng, not a lover. Qiao Haifeng walked back to the company dejectedly carrying the gift. Mu Luomei stepped forward to express her concern. She picked up the gift Qiao Haifeng had thrown away and carefully preserved it.

Qiao Haifeng followed Jin Xiyan and photographed him walking into a certain community together with a woman acting intimately. Qiao Haifeng was about to leave and was dragged by his colleagues. They persuaded him to continue to wait to see if the woman’s true identity could be photographed. Qiao Haifeng didn’t want to film these celebrity scandals at all. He felt that it was meaningless, but he insisted on waiting for his work.

Sister Mei took Liu Wenjing to the art exhibition hall to take photos, and asked Liu Wenjing to send out the photos to attract customers’ attention. Although Liu Wenjing didn’t understand what he meant, she still obediently followed suit. Huahua reminded Sister Mei that the visitor was bad, and Liu Wenjing didn’t believe Huahua’s words.

Director Duan deliberately arranged Qiao Haifeng in front of the editor-in-chief, and Qiao Haifeng confronted him angrily. Liu Wenjing rushed to the place agreed with Sister Mei and found that Sister Mei hadn’t arrived yet, and they had agreed on a seat. At this time, there was a man sitting. According to the late sister Mei, it is Su Xiaomao, the president of Pulse.

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