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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 17 Recap

Qiao Haifeng’s troubles were resolved, and everyone was relieved. Ye Hui sat across from Liu Wenjing, smiled and ordered a few dishes, all of which were chosen according to Liu Wenjing’s taste. Weiwei was upset, but didn’t show it, but it was obvious that Ye Hui’s feelings inevitably affected the friendship between Weiwei and Liu Wenjing.

The editor-in-chief asked Qiao Haifeng to issue a statement stating that the previous case of cultural relics smuggling was an untrue report. Qiao Haifeng was very reluctant. The editor-in-chief pointed out that Qiao Haifeng’s chain of evidence is not informative, and if he refuses to accept softness, it will drag the entire newspaper into a lawsuit with Lin Wenwu. Qiao Haifeng said that he will continue to follow up the investigation and collect enough evidence.

Liu Wenjing went to the hospital to visit Professor Luan, but met Xing Tianming’s ex-girlfriend Nana, who was taking care of Professor Luan. Liu Wenjing looked at the situation in front of her with confusion.

Qiao Haifeng organized a wine bureau to thank his friends who really helped him in this crisis. Weiwei mocked Liu Wenjing in a weird manner, saying that she had a lot of face, and Liu Wenjing had taken care of things that she couldn’t handle by herself. Liu Wenjing didn’t know what to answer, Huahua hurried out to make a round. Liu Wenjing left her seat to greet someone she knew, and Huahua took this opportunity to enlighten the enraged Weiwei in her heart. Weiwei has always had a prejudice against Liu Wenjing. She always thinks that her bag was replaced by Liu Wenjing. Huahua wanted to explain, but was interrupted by a waiter, and her courage was discouraged.

Liu Wenjing’s younger brother took money from Liu Wenjing on the grounds that his home was flooded. Liu Wenjing had to take care of both heavy schoolwork and busy work at the same time, which was miserable. In order to relieve everyone’s depression, Huahua organized a weekend board game. When I was playing the game, I happened to see the TV station playing a blind date show that Qiao Haifeng participated in. In the show, Qiao Haifeng admitted that he had always pretended to be a girl in his heart. Huahua knew that this girl was herself, and ran away awkwardly. Weiwei persuaded Qiao Haifeng to confess, and Qiao Haifeng accepted Weiwei’s suggestion after a psychological struggle.

Qiao Haifeng asked Huahua to meet at the restaurant. He frankly confided his feelings to Huahua, but Huahua said that she could hardly accept Qiao Haifeng anyway, and she was unwilling to try to change her relationship with Qiao Haifeng into a lover. Qiao Haifeng was heartbroken. At this time, Mu Luomei came to interview Qiao Haifeng. She looked at Mu Luomei with dazzling eyes and signaled to Qiao Haifeng that happiness is by his side, and I hope he can take it well.

Liu Wenjing was invited to participate in an event. The person who invited her was Liu Wenjing’s manager when she was working in a bar. Mei, who saw Liu Wenjing’s changes nowadays, was very surprised. Sister Mei taught Liu Wenjing that the most important thing in business is resources, so she hopes that Liu Wenjing can improve herself from the external aspects such as appearance and rhetoric, so as to expand her resources a lot. Liu Wenjing was very grateful for Sister Mei’s sincere advice, and she raised her glass to express her gratitude.

Huahua was rejected for a job, and she had no inspiration to write a novel. She was emotionally broken and she didn’t know where to go. Back home on the weekend, Huahua asked her mother to borrow 10,000 yuan to pay the rent, but Huahua’s mother wanted to use her savings to invest in a tree network financial management. Huahua is very worried about her mother being deceived, but she can do nothing. Dad chased it out and gave his private money to Huahua. After being moved, Huahua warned his father not to let his mother be deceived, and his father nodded repeatedly.

The more Huahua thought about it, the more things went wrong, she asked Qiao Haifeng to investigate Shuwang to prevent more people from being deceived. Xing Tianming’s father showed signs of awakening, and Xing Tianming hurriedly sought a doctor to see what happened.

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