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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 16 Recap

Qiao Haifeng and Mu Luomei worked in the restaurant. Mu Luomei greatly appreciated Qiao Haifeng’s work attitude and ability, and made Qiao Haifeng happy. Qiao Haifeng and Mu Luomei told about their recent troubles. He wrote several exclusives, but the director did not send them to him. As a result, his normal workload was not up to the standard. Mu Luomei suggested that he directly submit the manuscript to the editor-in-chief for review. The editor-in-chief saw Qiao Haifeng’s manuscript and admired the talent of the young man in front of him. Qiao Haifeng’s hard-wrote manuscripts finally passed, and he was both gratified and happy.

Ye Hui wanted to sneak out of the house, but unfortunately his father was waiting for him in the living room. Ye Hui’s uncle was Lin Wenwu who had contact with the tomb thief. His father painstakingly advised Ye Hui not to contact Lin Wenwu too much, and Ye Hui agreed dubiously.

The director was very angry that Qiao Haifeng passed the press release to the editor-in-chief. Moreover, Qiao Haifeng sent a piece of news about Lin Wenwu’s suspected cultural relics smuggling, which made Lin Wenwu very dissatisfied. He just took 30 million yuan to photograph a Tang Dynasty cultural relic and donated it to the country to conceal the public’s attention.

The response from the society is also very positive. So he must suppress this report of Qiao Haifeng in order to restore his reputation. Lin Wenwu asked a lawyer to come and negotiate with the newspaper. If Qiao Haifeng does not withdraw the news, Lin Wenwu has reason to ask the newspaper to compensate him for his reputation loss of 30 million yuan. Qiao Haifeng is willing to take responsibility for his own news, but he is also a little dazed about the consequences he has to bear.

Qiao Haifeng and Huahua got together to discuss how to resolve this emergency. Huahua wanted Qiao Haifeng to ask Lin Wenwu to withdraw the lawsuit. Qiao Haifeng disagreed. At this time, Mu Luomei appeared. She stood on Qiao Haifeng’s side and supported Qiao Haifeng in adhering to the truth. Huahua looked at the girl who was obviously interesting to Qiao Haifeng in front of her, feeling uncomfortable in her heart.

In order to solve Qiao Haifeng’s crisis, Huahua came to ask Weiwei. Weiwei was the middleman who took Qiao Haifeng to see Lin Wenwu. Qiao Haifeng’s report put her in a very embarrassing situation. She was angry at Qiao Haifeng’s recklessness, but she knew that Qiao Haifeng was upright and couldn’t bear the pleading, so Weiwei decided to ask Ye Hui for help. Seeing that Huahua is so caring about Qiao Haifeng, Weiwei wondered why Huahua didn’t accept Qiao Haifeng’s pursuit. Huahua said helplessly that she didn’t feel in love with Qiao Haifeng, so it was impossible for the two to be together.

Weiwei went to Ye Hui for help, but Ye Hui rightfully refused. Lin Wenwu was criticized by the newspaper, so Ye Hui was strictly forbidden from contacting Lin Wenwu by his father. Huahua was very disappointed when she received the news that Weiwei was unable to help. Liu Wenjing, who was sitting on the sofa, was anxious. Huahua suddenly thought about it. She remembered that Ye Hui was pursuing Liu Wenjing recently, so she begged Liu Wenjing to ask Ye Hui. Liu Wenjing couldn’t help Huahua’s pleading, and agreed to find Ye Hui.

Ye Hui hesitated, neither saying to help nor saying not to help. Liu Wenjing waited anxiously. Ye Hui explained his purpose. He wanted Liu Wenjing to be his girlfriend. Only when Liu Wenjing promised him would he help Qiao Haifeng. Liu Wenjing disagreed with Ye Hui’s request to exchange his feelings, and walked away. Looking at Liu Wenjing’s back, Ye Hui became more and more interested in her. Ye Hui finally went to Lin Wenwu, and Lin Wenwu gave Ye Hui full authority to handle the matter. Ye Hui happily called Liu Wenjing to plan to ask her for credit.

Sitting next to his father, Xing Tianming recalled that he refused to communicate with his father in the past, which caused the misunderstanding between the two to last for so long. He regretted it and planned to resolve that after his father woke up, he would get along well with his father.

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